Gateways of Infinity Open, Harmonics of the Epiphany of Light in Union, Galactic Source, the Power of Creation

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tr by Sandra, ed. by Sean, Judith, M.

(Judith in Denver 5:00 am)

(Postscript:) On the 3-13-13 there will be an opening of a great prana system on the planet. This is the key to the prana system.


From the Source of Eternal Oneness, the Epiphany of Light, Harmonics of Creation and the Infinite Source of Divine Knowing

Through Judith K. Moore


I've just had an experience where I started getting information through a semi dream state, I think. I was conscious of it but I wasn't awake, and then I drifted off and then I came back in, and so this is particularly powerful. It's 5:30 in the morning here. It's particularly powerful because I started receiving this transmission when I wasn't awake, and there's a time between awake and asleep that's extremely powerful. So this information started coming in in that zone, you might say.


J: Now I'm going to open to the Sources of Eternal Oneness, the Epiphany of Light, Harmonics of Creation and the Infinite Source of Divine Knowing.

This is the speaking of the sacred centers on the Earth that are located in power regions of the planet, and in fact this is true of all the sacred sites, but particularly the power of this is particularly strong in the places that are Infinity Gates, Gateways to Eternity, sources of power and prophecy and consciousness.

(Strong, high pitched electric, but very high pitched energy and very strong frequencies coming in in my crown, not just the crown chakra but the whole crown of my head.)

Each of these centers for prophecy and enlightenment, these sacred, sacred places on the planet have what you can understand best as prana tubes, just as you have a prana tube that when you connect through meditation, the prana tube opens, and there are spheres of energy that fill your field with light. Each of your chakras have specific tones and spectral light frequencies that respond by opening the chakra when the prana tube is opened from the crown through the root chakra. The prana tube may then be opened and extended into the core of the Earth and be a sacred axis or sacred pole of light, corridor of light that extends into the cosmos.

Each individual has specific astrological configuration to points on the Earth, the electromagnetic grid, and the alignments through the configurations of gateways of light in the heavens. Your astrological chart has everything to do with epiphany times in your life because your chart aligns with the configuration of power points in the cosmos, power points in the Universe, power points in your own solar system, in your galaxy, and this, you cannot understand this by analyzing your birth chart. This is a greater astrological alignment to Universal Oneness and the points in the Universe that are highly charged with Creation energies and the Power of One. Just as you have power points on your grid of the Earth, your body has power points and the Universe has just corresponding Gateways of Light. For prophecy to be received, there must be a configuration of energies that align the powerful times on the planet because she herself has such alignments such as NOW.

When she is aligned with the Gateways of Infinity, sources of eternal Oneness, through her configuration, yours and the grid, the celestial grid, cosmic grid and the Earth grid, imagine the dynamics of this, constellations of light that align in the Heavens for the Epiphany energies to be received through the consciousness of Divine Source and human consciousness. That is why you are drawn to certain power points. During equinoxes and solstices and days of great significance, the Harmonic Convergence was an opening of configuration of light for the Earth as she prepared to move into the Harmonic resonance of zero point energies with the Galactic core.

As we will return to the understanding of the prana tube, you may understand this by understanding the power of the yogi, the power of, for example the Shambhala monks, or the yogis or the shamans in the Altai. These individuals are in a region that is highly charged with, they are calling it miasmic frequencies. The energetics are pure there because there is little distortion from the, in remote regions there is little distortion from the electromagnetic energies of chaotic resonance from mind distortions, human mind distortions, and, of course, now the contamination from electricity, and these, just as Moses stood on Mt. Sinai, and that's a perfect example. He had to be compelled into the desert to stand in a point where the prana tube from the sacred harmonic resonance of the sacred mountain, Mt. Sinai, opened.

Please, use your imagination, go back and think of Moses on the Mount or a yogi in a cave or a shaman on the Altai. Think of how the prophets climbed mountains with their staffs, stood upon the mountain and lightning flashed around them. These are just some examples that will help you to understand what is coming on the 3-13-13. And the energy frequency of this is opening today, 3-3-13.

This is Judith. This is getting overwhelming. Okay, breathe.

Now imagine, imagine the persona of the Sacred Mountain, Ayers Rock, it's not necessary to list all of the points, but the power of these points has really been protected from civilization in the desert, in the jungles, high on mountains. We will call these the sacred resonance gateways for the Earth grid. Now, go back to imagining, the people made their Exodus from a place that is so filled with discharges from the Mind of all those thought forms of Egypt and oppression and civilization is as a whole, and they go to the desert, and because they are on a pilgrimage together, because they're on a flight from, on a journey to, called by God to find freedom, they have the companionship of each other, of the power of miracles that drives them, compels them, that they must be at a certain place at a certain time, and the people held this space like a disc of light.

As Moses ascended the mountain and the prana tube opened in the sacred mountain and opened to the Gateways of Infinity, and imagine that configuration as the prana tube opens, and just as your energy body opens when your prana tube opens, like a great torus pattern opens in your field as spheres of light and the chakras open and your consciousness is receptive to the sacred resonance, you enter a state of Divine attunement then.

Now imagine that configuration aligning with the gates of Harmonic Resonance through a greater astrological/astronomical plane, and then what is received at that moment affects human consciousness on every level because, you might say, it opens a Library of Light for the sacred information, the Word of God made flesh, to be manifest in the psyche of the seekers. Imagine this library being the archives, that are called the Archives of Ibis in this Library of Light, which have been described to you as the sacred divine archives of light of every culture, every ideology of The Way.

In human experience, do not allow your left brain to try to analyze this. It's not possible. It's far too vast and incomprehensible.

The Earth is aligned to receive the Divine Consciousness of the Living Word. She aligns the power of the Heavens, and at that time, the Gateways of Infinity open, their prana tubes open.

Excuse me, this is Judith. This prana tube information is what I was receiving in a semi dream state where I could see, for example, the inscription stones, and I could see a tube that we could step into. They were speaking of stepping into the prana tube. As the prana tube opens, that you could actually feel the difference in the area where the prana tube opens, as a vortex system opens, so that's what awakened me was this information about the prana tube in the vortex systems, star gates.

I'm burning up now.

These Divine centers become highly charged with frequencies, spectral light continuums, a conscious energy that is the Consciousness of One, transcending the earthly realms like a power tube to the intelligence of the Universe and the Cosmic Oneness. The mountain above Machu Picchu and the beauty is that when the prana tubes open in the Gateways of Infinity, there is a pattern on Earth, a formula. The opening of one gate and the connection of consciousness in that gate connects the harmonic resonance to the sacred high harmony points on the Earth. These are places that are constantly feeding manna and prana into the Earth and giving forth from her Divine consciousness harmonic energy frequencies into the cosmos. It is a giving and receiving of the forces of Creation. The sacred mountain in Turkey is one such a place, in Ethiopia there is just such a place. There is a formula.

Think of your seven chakras. Now remember Gaia's chakra light body has three such systems, all of them are 13 chakras, just as you have 13 chakras, the above and below Mother/Father/God system, seven chakras within your living body. Holy cow. Your chakras become highly attuned to when your prana tube opens and especially to specific astrological/astronomical formulas, and that is the calling of souls to experience harmonic resonance together at these axis centers for the Gateways of Infinity on the Earth. Then when the prana tube opens, you are part of the geometric formula of light, because you are called there, just as the children were called out of Egypt to hold a lens of consciousness.

The formula must be spoken of, thus within the configuration of the Earth and the power points, there are, of course, the temple zones and the sacred Earth temples. We are speaking of the sacred earth temples now. Of course that which is received from the Cosmos from the sacred earth temples fill the temple grid system charging all of the temples with powerful energies. But now we are speaking of the Earth temples, the places in the wilderness, the places away from society. That is the focus of this transmission.

Excuse me, this is Judith. This is so powerful, I can hardly form the words. I'm starting to have my heart, I'm monitoring my -- my heart is beating fast, vital signs are speeding up. I did take my blood pressure, and it's very good, 108 over 70, so I'm not worried about high blood pressure with this, but it's really affecting me neurologically. I'm just thinking of the Ascended Masters, Enoch and the Prophets of the Ages of all of the people of The Way, asking them to help me, please help me do this, please. My God Source, I can't do it of my own volition, it's too much for a person. I'm creating just a balance of my energy. So much is flowing through me right now. I just wish my heart would calm down.

I see an image of myself on Bald Mountain. As a child, I lived off the grid in the summer. There were these high points overlooking the canyons, and I used to go stand up on them, and I would extend my hands up to the Heavens and just connect to these granite rocks, the power of Creation, just when I was a little girl. They are showing me that now. When I was a young woman, and even now when I breathe at night, I go to my sacred place and image that I'm connecting to the granite stones there in sacred Charm Springs high on a mountain outside of Denver, off the grid. It's been green belted now, it's so sacred. They are showing me this so that I can call my power in, so that I can call my power in. Okay, it worked. I'm stable. Okay.

(Long pause.)

The Gateways of Infinity are configured with the seven sacred points on the planet and 13, not seven and 13, but seven plus six, three above and three below, 13 cosmic chakras, seven chakras of the living body. Through the Thaedra field initiations I've shown people the 13 chakra system which is three of the entrance of the Mother/Father/God above and below, that's what they're speaking of right now, the Thaedra field. They are showing me a configuration of a formula on the planet, like seven chakras, seven Gateways of Infinity, and the three above and below are the three chakras of the alpha and the omega, the Mother/Father/God chakras, which are non-physical locations. Call them the Gateways of Heaven, the alpha and the omega, the six.

The Masters are showing me a globe of the Earth. They are showing me the opening in Ethiopia, the opening at the Inscription Stones. Those are two of the seven that are on the planet. Where are the other five, I ask? Oh, Waimea; Oh, Haleakala;

I see Haleakala, the cosmic egg. Haleakala. Okay, they are showing me, for example, Haleakala, and then in the islands there are points around it that are like a star constellation, Waimea is one of those. Wow. Oh, this is so beautiful, they show me Haleakala and the prana tube opening and then the constellation of light, you know, in the island system, like Waimea and on the big island, the mountain, and volcano.

There is the core axis point and then there will be six around it. Oh, how beautiful, forming like a Star of David like that. Oh, the Mother/Father/God like the Star of David with the point in seven in the center. Oh, how beautiful. I can see it now, these geometries, star constellations. Okay, I need to know the seven points on the planet. We know three of them. Haleakala; I don't have the name of the mountain in Ethiopia or the sacred site, but I know it's there, I just don't know where. I'm not familiar with the geography of it well enough, but someone else will know. I think Ton will know. Then the Inscription Stones; there are four more. Of course, the Altai, Shambhala systems, star tetrahedron system, Shambhala system, my God, I think I'm going to catch on fire. I'm going to be a living, flaming bush, guys. I'm so burning up. My heart is okay now. Okay, that's four, the Altai.

Oh, of course, the mountain above Machu Picchu. Five. Okay, we have Haleakala; the mountain above Machu Picchu; sacred Epiphany point in Ethiopia; the Inscription Stones; the Altai. One is going to open up on Mt. Shasta. I'm just hearing all these sacred mountains like Kilimanjaro, Fuji, earth temples, seven places where the Gateways of Infinity will open, and they're star tetrahedron formulas, they are telling me that these are identity points.

But remember the Earth has seven, three chakra light bodies. Whoa, this is the seven and the seven and the seven. These are trigger points is all we need to know. We need to know that because a woman in our group has worked extensively with Ethiopia and the Altai. There's a configuration within the group going to Sinai. Of course all the sacred groups that are doing this grid work right now, but what I'm to focus on is the Trinity: Haleakala, Ethiopia, and the Infinity Gate at the Sinai, the Inscription Stones. And imagine around each of these prana centers the configuration of six power points. Wow, and of course the whole system is connected then to the alpha and the omega to three above and below, Divine power cosmic chakras. Wow.

They are showing me these beautiful patterns of light, the Trinity, Haleakala, Ethiopia, and the Inscription Stones, the opening of the 3-13-13 and the Gateway of Harmonic Resonance to the Gateway of Infinity and the astrological/astronomical configurations of the planet to open the Archives of Light. Of course, the Aquarian Archives of Light. I can see all this energy flowing from the Infinite Oneness, from the Source of Universal Intelligence, Mind of the Universe, the cosmos, consciousness, to these Epiphany points, and the configuration of the seven and the seven and the seven.

Seven, seven, seven; 21.

I'm asking what's the Master Code? One point of light, the inner Earth that unites them all, the Telos, the Telosians will work with the inner grid, the crystal grid, the point within the core energetics of the Earth where the seven and the seven and the seven become one. Again, there was a transmission some time ago about the chakras of the Earth being three chakra light bodies or having this system of three chakra light bodies, seven chakra systems, seven, seven, seven, the crystal core, 22 unites everything, crystal core of the planet, crystal core of Earth, Telos carries the key to the crystal core, old man Shasta; Telos portal in Mt. Shasta. Okay, Caroline (Carolyn) that's your call. Lori, Ton, and I, that's the soul configuration. Oh, Wow! Beautiful! I see the Trinity go to the four directions, such a power system, the one of Creation becomes the alpha and the omega, Divine, two to the Trinity to four, creates the Universal Gateways of Light. It's a configuration on the 1313 when the prana tube opens in Egypt, these sacred points on the planet and three others, the seven in one and the seven and seven of Creation.

There are 6 women in our group and 1 man. Okay, that's all bringing it into consciousness. Now they are flat out showing me these infinity gates opening. Now I feel an edge of almost gold copper, the prana tube opens in the sacred core axis. The configuration of light opens with the star tetrahedron pattern. And of course the alpha and omega points of the Thaedra cosmic chakras open, and it's a whole chakra system. Then to the Earth, each star tetrahedron pattern in the sacred site opens. Then to the seven and the seven and the seven on the Earth makes 21, and, of course, we've identified that we're going to be on four points. Oh, geez, 13th, star axis, they are calling it a star axis.

This transmission initiates the grid, the chart. At these times the power of Prophecy is the union of the mind of Man with the mind of God, attainable only through the energetics of the heart and the High Mind. Then each individual, at that moment, elevates their consciousness to be God beings. There's a clear distinction between a demi God who does so out of ego and a God being, because a God being is a fully actualized enlightened being that receives the blessed harmonies of Source through enlightenment, gives forth this gift of light and love to others through the power of the quantum mind. Be prepared because this is, you might say, a very enlightening experience, and the connection to the Lens of Ibis, the 131313 on the planet.

Remember, that is not limited to the people in the Archives of Ibis, Chronicles of Ibis, Records of Creation, but that's just a focal point through myself as a Cosmic Oracle and the greater collective, which we have a very powerful configuration of light with the Lens of Ibis, the 131313 and the soul group of the Records of Creation. But, of course, there are many people in our soul group that we have never met or never even know about the Records of Creation or myself as a Cosmic Oracle, but they are all configurations like the group that traveled with Moses.

The soul groups have been called to the points of the Infinity Gates to commune with the cosmic resonance as the prana tubes open in the Gateways of Infinity, they step into the power of the prana tube. At that moment when you step into the prana, you just become one with the Power of Source; the Epiphany of sacred harmonic resonance, the Epiphany of Light for the entire planet.

Now they show me a globe of the Earth and all these light centers activating in the Sacred Seven of the Seven of the Seven chakra systems of the Earth because these are the prana points that open, just as when we meditate our chakras open. When these prana centers, Gateways of Infinity open, it opens the chakra systems on the Earth flowing energy in from the Cosmos and out from the harmonics of Gaia Herself. Her light body opens as ours will in response to the power of the 13 of the 3-13-13. This is the power of Quantum energetics, quantum consciousness, the union of the quantum mind with the Mind of Creation and the Mind of God, pure love, limitless love.

The Aquarian Gates of Light (are) feeding and receiving the Aquarian forces into the Earth, into the Earth grid, into the Archives and right into the Akashics, right into the Akashics opening the Aquarian libraries of light in the Akashics, for the Ages of the Ages of greater knowing I AM Oneness and the pure power of love that is sustainable because it comes through the Force of Infinite Oneness and not through the age of dichotomy. We will be in the 5th-Dimensional Earth. Prepare for connection to 5th-Dimensional energies.

Many of us have ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Earth already, feeding light into the transition of the 3rd-Dimensional earth. Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful. Thank you. Now the configuration is in place in my living geometry, in my light body. Codes of light have activated the quantum energetics because I've received the download, not just transmitted the message, but I've received the download, the formula of the sacred seven of the seven of the seven, and of course the four, the four Gateways of Infinity. I will repeat that, the seven of the seven in Hawaii, around Mt. Shasta, Ethiopia, and then of course the Altai, but I don't know anybody who's going to be in the Altai, but the Gateway of Infinity ** the Inscription Stones.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

Thank you Masters and Guides, thank you. Thank you, I'm so happy about this. I know this is an Epiphany of Light for the whole Earth, and I'm so grateful for this message. I don't know how, but somehow we've got to get this into a web, into email web. My website is down, but somehow we've got to get it out into a tree so that people are aware of this miracle that is coming. Even if we don't get it out into the internet, on a deep psychic plane, they tell me, we all know already. That's part of why this breakdown in my website, I think that because I could send it out to the 131313, that everybody is going to get it, when they already have it.

The moment I receive it, the consciousness of it is in place, and even if they don't understand the logical information, the energetics is dynamic and is activated. How beautiful is that. Alright. Oh, Mary Magdalene is bringing in a mirror. I can see Mary Magdalene with the Mirror, the Mirror of Creation she said, and she is smiling, Mirror of the Beloved Union. Wow, thank you, Mary Magdalene.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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