Gathering Intel, for the Knowledge Implied within the 5th Book

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Here came great excerpts from the summed up (Amount) of informational grid tracks (Downloads) - Acquitted for Beings of Higher technological Mappings.


The requirements of what is disposed or displaced (On occasions) can become abrupt, by decision making, and also allowing for different feeds (Allocations) of Frequency emissions, Equatorial to changes in transparent modulations held by A, or captive intents/Movements.


The captive Intents are the problematic understandings held from our genomes augmentations (In day’s to Come) - There is great, and many problematic Understandings which may be held from ingrained Idealistic principles of thoughts… Which by exchanges (Sharing this content) we can allocate data in precipices of your advances to a higher malleable state of being, or incorporated structure for well being and hyper dimensional shiftings upon delocalized spaces of existence.


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