GFP Newsletter - 4/16/2014

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At This Party

I don't want to be the only one here
Telling all the secrets -

Filling up all the bowls at this party,
Taking all the laughs.

I would like you
To start putting things on the table
That can also feed the soul
The way I do.

That way
We can invite

A hell of a lot more


5 Amazing Things Scientists Have Discovered About Psychedelics -


Psychedelics have the potential to treat cancers, addiction and psychological traumas.

Here are some of the coolest things scientists have discovered about psychedelics over the years.

1. LSD can mitigate end-of-life anxiety.


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Remove Your Masks - Mayan Messages


REMOVE YOUR MASKS   Many of you seem to be happy, yet inside are crying deep tears of sorrow. Many of you are confused, yet go out of your way to pretend to be fully understanding of issues you know nothing about. Why is this?

One reason is that you are afraid that it will be known that you are not perfect. Sadness is considered to be weak; lack of knowledge is considered to be a sign of ignorance, so you put on costumes and masks to hide what is going on inside. You have become so engrained with these thoughtforms, that over time, you believe the scenarios you have created.

There is an adage, “What you believe, you will become.” There is much truth in this, for when your emotions are aligned with the scenarios you are role-playing, it becomes your reality.

In order to break through your belief codes, they must be addressed. You will need to go within and to find what you are aligning your truth with. Look for habits you have that make no sense to you. When you consciously become aware of what you think, say and do, you will begin to notice these discrepancies. Once you find one, take a closer look and decide how you wish to react in future similar situations.


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On Your Way - Heavenletters


God said:

Everything in life is for your good. You are gaining from life. What you call trouble as well as good fortune is furthering you. When you experience upheaval, consider it like living in your house while it is being remodeled. It’s not easy, yet it’s worth it when it’s done.
You have a great Designer. A great Interior Designer. Naturally, you would like to be in on the design more. You would like to be consulted with. You want to know that you are noticed and heard and that your thoughts are taken to heart. I take you to heart, beloveds, more than I take your thoughts to heart. Do you see the difference? I definitely consider you.


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 16, 2014 - Trinity Esoterics


By embracing the peace and contentment of the present, your content and peaceful tomorrows will be pre-sent. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Our Power - Knowing Whispers


The power of making things right has been given to us.  We have to stop looking elsewhere for that power and for the answers.

When we see ourselves differently, we can claim our identity in consciousness where it springs forth from the heart and soul. Then we can put away the torn and damaged garments of our mind and ego.

Only when we let go of control and allow the innate wisdom within us to blossom, can we allow our higher power to sit on the throne of our undivided identity.  From there the truth is obvious.

Question and doubt come only through the mind and ego.  In our hearts, we know it is true.



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Busy, Busy, Busy - The Creator Writings



Part of your Earth plane existence is to engage in clearing age-old patterns that have kept you stuck right where you are ~ not moving forward, not moving back. The urge to busy yourself with unnecessary “noise” and “things” may have kept you safe to this point, but they are no longer serving you. Now…NOW is the time, my love, to understand that only you can change these things for yourself. Releasing them need not be arduous work. Make it fun, make it play, make it exciting! You have that ability……….use it! ~ Creator


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Communing with Nature


If you're feeling overwhelmed in your life, there's one thing I highly recommend, breathing. Deep, full, conscious and thankful breaths can do wonders to calm you down and get you grounded. If you're feeling anxious at all, pay attention to how you're breathing. Chances are it's short, shallow breaths, and breathing that way actually helps to feed into feelings of anxiousness. Slower, deeper breaths are highly recommended.


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