Giant UFO Vailixi Emerging from The Sun, July 27, 2012.mp4

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Published on Jul 27, 2012 by EriGIA007

Vailixi Géant OVNI émergents du Soleil, 27 Juillet, 2012
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I showed this to a

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I showed this to a climatologist, which is a friend of mine, and he said it looks exactly like a comet. Very amusing to see though :)


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That's interesting. Did you ask him to show you pictures of comets that look exactly like this? Because I haven't found one yet...

He studies the sun. It is his

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He studies the sun. It is his job to know what's going on.

I really don't know what it is. I'm not calling it a UFO or a buddy did though.

I have no doubt there are UFOs and aliens. I have seen a UFO outside my house

Are you meaning to tell me

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Are you meaning to tell me that you can tell what a UFO actually is that is by the sun?

My buddy actually looks at the sun everyday for his JOB. To me that has more credibility than someone who thinks they know about ufo's and claims they are a "scientist.". That's the thing. They are unidentified flying objects. To claim this is an alien spacecraft, without proof, is speculation. How could anybody determine what that object is with just photographs???

Vailixi UFO

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This in so obviously NOT a comet.

If you have good vision, you can see the REST of the spaceship to the right, extending out from the part that is lit up.

It is shadowed, but it is there.

It is a large, long rectangle shape (from this sideview anyway. It is likely a wide oval, or circular shape in reality.)

This is clearly a large mothercraft exiting the sun, as we know it is hollow, and most likely a home base for this ship.

CLEARLY... All I read from

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All I read from that is bs. There is not any way you could prove this is a "UFO"