Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Current Cosmic Events – 14 October 2013

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Good golly miss molly here we go again. its going to be a ‘hail Mary’ kind of autumn as we all walk the tight rope, one side fire one side hope. What was I thinking last year when I booked the SHE CONFERENCE? We have eclipses coming like a mad yellow jacket, wrapping there changing energies around l us like ivy. They demand we listen with every part of our essence no questions asked, and no questioners answered.

This next lunar eclipse October 18, 2013 asks us to be balanced in the face of collapse. It asks the Great Spirit within to come forth. An empty seat awaits in the stance of honor. Placement of personage does not always deem one honorable. Earning a wage is simple compared to earning honor and trust.   Keeping to ones words is more than most can handle at this time of stress. as we continue to give our power away to those that seemingly sit in  power.

This full moon eclipse of 10-18-2013 is aligned with the sort of blood oath honor that held the secrets of the brotherhoods and sisterhoods thru time. A blood oath of sorts, a DNA oath. This DNA Oath still runs in your veins, “What did you promise to do that still pumps within your heart?”. What unfinished task or learning awaits your inner and outer sight? Can you continue to turn a blind eye to anything? This powerful eclipse conjunction asks you to stand tall in courage and promise.

The solar eclipse that follows on the ‘heals’ of the lunar is November 3, 2013. It secures the learning’s of the first eclipse and energy surge. It corrals your thoughts and intentions and asks you to look at them point blank. If seeing is believing this is a powerful moment for many. Many frailties from the past surface and you feel like a child in the school yard again. Feeling alone different and vulnerable. This eclipse shines the light on you, like you were solo in a 3rd grade play. You can hear the hush. Get ready to be seen.

This 11:11 2013 gateway ushers in completion and a doorway of conversion.  The molecules of all matter on earth (man made or god made) shifts within themselves seeking a higher modality of evolution. All things will change form, whether forced or natural.  Finding the worth and  the treasure in the relics of the past/ whether real or remembered come to the surface of the human.

The autumn speaks of the essence of change a deep melancholy surfaces as do the haunting sounds coming from the sun. All material thru space and time shifts and halts to hear the next command of the Source. Like lemmings humanity seems to be walking off a cliff swimming to a faraway island that des not exist, except in a genetic memory. Time to wake up.

There is no future in chasing our tales of ‘woe is me’ any longer. Our great button pushing teacher mercury/ Hermes/Thoth/ trickster energy/ comes forth like a red sand dust devil just to pause and take 2 steps back. Forcing  one to observe the path already taken from a different angle and perspective. In mercury retro (October  21- Nov. 10, 2013) you are asked to look up-close and personal at past blunders and past missed opportunities. What if you had of taken that path, made that left turn, or married that person?

Life is queer with its many twist and turns as most of us have already learned. The will of the past to make things change and obey has submerged itself again in emotional seas. One learns the hard way, divine will comes first at all defining moments. You stand on the cliff of the past looking over regrets like a forlorn lover. Know this dear ones that All aspects of your ‘what ifs’ live on in other dimensional. Energy is always redistributed, have no regrets at your choices. Anything you have pondered for more than a 7 minutes has taken form on some level. All of you lives on no matter what choices and costumes you wear in this lifetime. / link to original article