Global Resistance and Rising Anarchism - The New Politics of the 21st Century

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Activist Post - 12/07/13, Devon Douglas-Bowers

These protests show that the people will not sit idly by and let the government serve them on a platter to corporations, or, even worse, neglect to uphold the promises they took to protect the population. These movements represent a mass awakening of humanity which has the potential to radically change the entire landscape of society on a global scale.

We must be willing to fight for as long as it takes to alter society so that rather than serving industry or a small societal elite at the expense of the many, society fosters a climate of peace: peace with each other, peace with the environment, and encourage education and cooperation for the good of all, while respecting the autonomy of the individual. Most importantly, though, we must foster peace within ourselves and not be afraid to engage with those in our immediate area on the issue; for if not, we will risk the continuation of this broken system and lose what may have been a great chance to change the current situation for the better.