The Grand Irrationality Continues.

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The Grand Irrationality continues.  It is with a heavy heart that I write this but I feel that I must.  As much as my heart just doesn’t want to go there, I have to bring a current event to the forefront and let the ramifications settle upon us now and over time.  Lightning Medicine Cloud, a rare white buffalo and his mother, Buffalo Woman, were killed on April 30, 2012.  The baby was murdered just shy of his first birthday.  He was slaughtered and skinned.  His mother died a day later, taken down by the poison from an arrow.  It was a slow death.  The white buffalo calf, a “Messenger of God” in the animal realm, is sacred to the Lakota people. He was not an albino white buffalo which made him even more rare.  The chance of a white buffalo birth is said to be one in ten million.  He was not only a symbol of hope for all nations but held the promise of a new day in a new world.  He was a living prayer and now the unthinkable has happened.  He was taken down by someone so far out of alignment with themselves that I feel a collective “pause” is warranted.  This news just shook me to the depths and went though every level of understanding that my mind could throw at me.  There IS no sense that can be made of this from the mind.  If the killings were symbolic and with the intention of trying to stop the light, it hasn’t nor will it.  The darkness has had it’s day and nothing will stop the awakening now.  If it wasn’t done by someone who truly understood the white calf’s meaning and was killed for it’s rare white pelt, then greed is the issue.  In trying to understand the person or persons accountable for these unconscionable acts, one could spend days analyzing the motives, the dis-connect and dis-ease at the core of this conflicted human.  It can only be understood more deeply from the heart space.  It is hard to come to terms with what the eyes see.  It’s only from the mind’s eye that I can truly understand and feel compassion.  I trust that on some level of awareness this story has become more prominent because of the calf’s death.  Why is it that shock still seems to be a way of getting our attention?  Not a lot of people even knew of his birth or what it meant.  Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother have not died in vain.  You cannot know of these murders and simply walk away without feeling something.  It could be easy and understandable to  feel that with this calf’s passing, so too passes the hope and the spirit of unity that was ushered in by his birth.  The killings certainly do not bode well for the idea of peace among nations and the peoples of this earth.  So what are we left with?  Another example of one step forward, two steps back?  Maybe ... and in this particular case it’s hard not to feel a sense of futility ... there was just such a sense of promise ... the happy ending that we all wanted.  That happy ending is going to have to wait a bit longer I guess and our transformation might have to take a few more hits to the heart before all is said and done.



nature always continues :)

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even through death, Life always continues.

life creates life, life inspires life.


the calf has no resentment and nor should we. the process is unfolding as it should.


Our hearts will be put to the test, but only because this needs to happen for us to find out what we really believe to be true.


the world is getting to the 'heart' of the matter,


and we will soon find that we all share that same heart.


Lightning Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Woman are spirits of nature, and nature always prevails and show's it's self the best way, even if it unfolds in unexpected ways.

to trust ourselves is to to trust nature.

At first my heart rings out,

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At first my heart rings out, "how could anyone do this"? But then I have to understand that there are still many so deep in slumber that the people who did this haven't a clue that it's wrong and are possibly celebrating the victory of a rare kill not knowing or realizing it's symbol so we must find it in our hearts to forgive them rather can create another separation of negative energy. And if perhaps they do know what they did then we can without a doubt still let it go while recognizing the karma they will reap for their actions. Either way, we must find forgiveness in our hearts so that we do not bring any negative energy into our awareness that could cause a set back to our journey. Love, Light and blessings. 

Taken down with an arrow....

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Taken down with an arrow.... so to seem like it was from an Indian.  The dark is so slick.  This action is not simply from a crazed individual, my friends.  I am weary of hearing rationalizing of evil. What is YOUR particular lesson in this? Is it really still about forgiveness?  I doubt it. Remember we almost lost it ALL if we hadn't had help rush in. 


Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin

I can certainly feel the

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I can certainly feel the anguish from many people since I wrote this entry. As I said, it was very hard for me to write this and try to understand such a senseless act. This is what I feel; to reciprocate in kind to this distorted individual only perpetuates the imbalance in this world. ALL of life is precious and maybe this act of the unthinkable has cut to the hearts of people and opened some eyes that were once closed. If Lightning Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Women could communicate through the ethers they would say; "Think of the others still left here. Think of yourselves. Honor all of life and let us be a symbol of the preciousness before you." As hard as it is to understand from our perspective, we never know why some things occur and though the actions can appear so vile as to be incomprehensible to us, all of life serves as learning. We live in a world of light and dark, contrast.  Give thanks to these two that have opened the eyes and hearts of some. Their deaths are not in vain. Honor them for the essence that they have shared and if possible, try and look beyond the way they were taken from this earth. I feel that the greater lesson is in what they represent and the gifts of life and compassion they've left behind.  



Understand, loved one, that

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Understand, loved one, that messages are written here to the ALL.  

Everyone should live on a reservation or in Africa for at least a year.   You know, to get a different view. 


I don't understand why it was difficult for you to write, though... cannot get that one, sorry. We need to do whatever we can TO GET PEOPLE TO FEEEEELLLLL .  THAT IS WHAT'S NECESSARY. We have become an unfeeling world.... part of the design. If we REALLY WANT TO WIN.... WE HAVE TO START FEELING AGAIN! 





All of your comments make me

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All of your comments make me enormously proud. The depth of honest emotion and grace are a sight to behold! Even through the angst and grief of this story, the Love and Light quotient has been raised -by you ALL!