~Great and wondrous changes are going to come about~

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a Message from MotherGod through Bob Greenwalt

I am Mother God. It is with the greatest of joy that I am here today to deliver this message to all of humanity.

Many times we have told you that love is the key to everything and simply being the love that you are is all you have to do. These words are so true. When you are the love that you are your truths become very clear to you. Sometimes people will try to deny these  truths because they do not fit in with the majority. As you are being the love that you are you find that it is very difficult and really impossible to deny what you truly understand. This is simply because it is who you are.

I ask you today to search within the intelligence of your heart to find your truths. This is truly your journey and it always has been.Speak only Truth which you find will serve you and to let go of those beliefs that will limit you. Once again, these words are so true.  Belief systems on earth today have come about in order to limit and control. Many, many human beings are beginning to see that these belief systems no longer serve them. The belief systems that teach you judgment, that teach you that you must experience through pain and suffering, and that teach you that their belief is the only truth no longer serve the human race. Even I, the feminine aspect of God have been forgotten.

It is time now for all to remember and to reawaken to who they truly are. You truly are Spirit and you truly are experiencing in the physical dimension and trying to see yourself manifest in the world around you. In the days, AND months, ahead in the physical time that you have created on earth great and wondrous changes are going to come about and this will simply happen because more and more human beings are reawakening to the Spirit that is within them. As Ezekiel has told you, "compassion consciousness is the new way and the true way." More human beings are reawakening to the great compassion that is within them. This great compassion that is their true nature. Where there is compassion there can no longer be judgment. Earth is truly moving towards what you call "the end of days." This is not the end of the earth as many have predicted this merely is the end of the days of judgment. Many human beings live their lives and create their experiences through fear. The days of creating your experiences through fear are also coming to an end. This whole lifetime that you are living right now is simply about the choices you make. You can choose to create from fear, judgment, hatred, anger, competition, and comparison or you can choose to create as the love that you are. So in reality all of your choices come down to one of two choices, judgment or love.

As many of you begin to learn to create as the great love that you are, you will begin to see that your creations are much more pure and by pure I simply mean without distortions. Much of what you have created as human beings up until this point in time has been very, very distorted. This is truly the grand illusion that you have created. From this point forward, many will begin to see and create the true reality. This is what you have asked for and this is what you shall receive. Your Father and I are simply granting your wishes as we always have.

As you move forward in your time, I ask you to please look forward to every new coming day with great anticipation, with great hope, and with great love. Every day that you are alive in the physical dimension is another day for you to be able to become the Divine Human Being that you truly are. All of you are Divine Beings and all of you have the opportunity to be Divine Human Beings. This is truly your Spirit becoming manifest in the world around you. You are all here growing in your Divinity. You are here in the physical dimension growing as the Divine Beings that you truly are. What a wonderful opportunity for all of you. Life is a beautiful, beautiful opportunity for all of you to grow as the Divine Beings that you are.

Your Father and I are always with you. Call on us, speak with us, and know us for this is what we truly wish. We do not wish to be worshipped we simply wish to be known. As you know your Mother and Father in the physical dimension, we wish for you to know us for we are your Mother and Father throughout eternity. Our love for each and every one of you is unconditional. This is true now as it has always been true. There are no conditions upon our love for you.

This is such a glorious time on earth and on the Other Side. We ask all of you to join us in this great celebration as human beings take this great leap into a changing consciousness. Compassion Consciousness is becoming stronger and stronger every day in the physical dimension. It is time to release the old ways and accept the new ways. It is time for all human beings to remember that they are love, that they are Divine Beings, and it is time for all to awaken to their Spirit.

It is such a joy for me to speak with and I ask that you all learn to speak with me also. Just call upon me and I will be there. You will not find me outside of you for I am within you and this is where I have always been. I love you all. You are my children. I am Mother God.






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Thats A Very Clear Message


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