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There is great quaking occurring within many just now, planet wide. So,if there is no planet, if it is only vibration translated as a planet, what does this really mean? Removing all stories, all historical contexts here, purely on an energetic level, we can discuss this. But first, let me preface that all the translations of vibration that you see are but symbols, symbols many share and many more individual symbols as well. Earth is a symbol you all share. Earth serves as a symbol defining the energy, the consciousness of a being, a sister to you, you call Gaia.

Much changes on this body, Earth, as Gaia’s energy changes, as her consciousness changes. This affects all energies that are blended with her energy. This blending can be referred to as holographic; meaning a change in one is a change in ALL. So, as each of you change in your energy, your vibration, your consciousness, ALL are changed. As these changes occurs your symbols change, such as weather patterns, earthquakes, solar flares, etc. All of these occurrences are symbols of change. It is good to think of the elements here, fire and water. Fire, transformation; water, liquid light, light condensed into water. Fire and water share many attributes, but one major difference is temperature, hot and cold, water/cold/frozen…fire/hot/liquid in their most extreme effects.

Both of these elements blend within the air, the atmosphere, where they are more elusive to the human as they seem to lose visual and physical form. Wind is created from the dance of water and fire. Think of these things as you view the weather patterns and such, and see the messages they have for you, both collectively and personally. Any weather patterns you personally experience you have either created on your own, within your own personal Universe at the time, or collectively. There is a message there for you as to what is going on within you. Many times this will be obvious to you, other times less obvious. I urge you to begin to relate to the weather as an indicator of your releasing of energy and of your expanding consciousness. You will come to know the very personal dance you play with each other, the way in which you interact with the elements and master them in your creations with them.

Solidity is an illusion, symbols your mind has used to translate energy into form for you. Begin to observe what appears as solid in a more symbolic way. There is no need to analyze, just simply observe. Remember you are the magician, the conductor of these things. Do not take them for granted. Observe more in a symbolic way. See the world as your painting on a canvas. Today you choose the color blue, yesterday it was red, for example. Look at what you have come to know as the world and begin to recognize what you are using to paint a certain picture. Come to recognize it as the reflection of you that it truly is. Have you painted mostly smiles, or angry frowns upon the faces of your brothers and sisters? It is enough to just simply observe this, however know that as the artist you can change the components. To do this, simply intend it. Intend to see more smiles in your painting. See how you affect the reflection and the reflection affects you. It is a wondrous dance you do as the magician of your Earth reality. Remembering this, recognizing this squarely puts you into the creator mode, far away from that of victim. It also elevates your perspective of your Self and aligns you with a more Cosmic view.

You are an artist and you are painting your world, your way, and in every moment. It is not for you to learn to do this, for you already are doing it, but it is wise for you to start to recognize this, become aware of it. It is YOUR reality and you can paint it any way you so desire.

We are One. I am Jeshua, known to you as Jesus, but in Truth I am you, for you are Christ, in Oneness we are Christ Consciousness.