~Greetings from Alpha Spaceship! ♥~

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~Greetings from Alpha Spaceship! ♥~

Until now you had been raised to think, at the most, whether God exists and He created the Universe, or whether it formed itself from a big explosion. This is the deepest divide you can have in your actual state of consciousness. However, when you have ascended beyond the third dimension or the density in which you live, no longer will there be any more questions like this, since your connection with your Higher Self, being accentuated and improved, will give a capacity of understanding of who you are, where you come from, what are you made of, and where you come from, more in keeping with the truth.


Your philosophical, medical or scientific approaches will come to a total and absolute turnaround; not 180, but 360 degrees – to give you an idea of how you are going to change internally. You will become the closest you have to angels represented in your terrestrial archetypes, as they move on to become beings of great purity, wisdom and love.

Can you imagine what it would be like, to travel to any part of the planet, or even the Universe, simply when you want to? Are you aware of how you are going to progress, being able to contact us and many other inhabitants of worlds like Earth?


Can you get an idea of the state of inner happiness that you will feel, knowing that you are always fulfilling the instructions of your inner God, who will tell you at every moment how to act and when?

And when that happens, when that time comes, and believe me it is already very close, then you will become members of the Galactic Federation, and thus enjoy all the benefits and rights of being a member of the Federation. mIt’s like when you walk past a public pool, but you are not club members and therefore you can not access it; but one fine day you decide to become members and, after paying your admission fee, you are granted the right to swim in the pool whenever you want. Of course, in accordance to certain standards that have been set by the management of the public swimming pool, such as available times
for bathing, if you can eat and drink while bathing, or whether you should be clean [before entering the pool].


Already there are many people on this planet who are becoming aware of the step they are about to make, hence our presence in these times of great change for all of you, to help as many men and women as possible to learn about the quantum jump you are about to experience, and you can in turn help other human beings to understand it and to give it to them, without any trauma and with the knowing that whatever happens is necessary for this evolutionary leap that you
will live and enjoy here and now.


I pray that most of you manage to take advantage of the enormous impulse that the Heavenly Father is sending from the sacred place from which light energy is
projecting to you from His Being.

I embrace you all, dear men and women of this wonderful blue planet,

♥ Peace & Love ♥

Source: Commander Sohin