Happy Valentine’s Day – Transmission

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Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day!

Beautiful Souls, I wish you all a magical Valentine's Day! Today I have a special Surprise for you. Multiple Beings of Pure Love came & come forth to assist us on this special day in integrating fully more of the attributes of the higher love consciousness for ourselves, our soul family and the collective of humanity itself. Here are the exciting messages that I have received today:

Channeled Messages:

“ Greetings. Greetings. Greetings Beloveds. I am Kuan Yin and with me is Master Kuthumi. We are here to assist you in awakening your inner wisdom and truth. We will lovingly guide you onto a healing transmission, where you will receive an incredible download of light. This powerful light holds deep wisdom and consciousness of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Dimensions. We will lovingly assist you in revealing to you what is true for you in the very moment of the now. Valentine's Day is a very special day a the Portal Of Love opens. You will be invited to walk along with your Guardian Angel through this portal. What you will perceive as an individual may differentiate, however you are receiving a full heart chakra activation assisting you in accepting yourself for who you truly are. Increasing your Love & Light Quotient within your conscious self, which results in being more in harmony and balance with self and loved ones. Your relationships will shift into a more aligned harmonious way of speech, through the words of love, and action - through gentleness. We are here to Illuminate the shadow aspects of self, that is ready to shift into the light and we will clear any Karmic Bonds that hold you back as a Soul Collective by stepping into you Ultimate Multifaceted Self. We share our inner most felt Love with all of you, Beloveds. Namaste. Adoni. “

“ Greetings, Greetings, Greetings Beloveds. I am Your Love & Star Being from Venus. I am a High Priest. I come forth at this beautiful time of inner change to assist you in emanating pure love relationships within oneself. It is through the heart that we find inner peace. I am here with my team of Angelic Beings to help you further grow as a collective through expanding your heart and fill yourself in with the pink ray of infinite possibilities into all aspects of your benevolent life. I will be working closely with Kuan Yin the Goddess Of Compassion. We have created a special template for you that allows us to work directly on your soul imprints that nourish your holy spirit and therefore connects into all parts of your being. We are here to invite you in taking this opportunity fo soul sovereignty. We love you very much and feel deeply honoured to have this chance in working one on one with you feeding your beloved unconditional self. We clear any lack consciousness that creates limiting beliefs. Join us and allow yourself to be taken on a deep experience of cosmic love. Namaste. Adoni. “

“ Greetings, Greetings, Greetings Beloveds. We are the Fairy Realm and we come forth with our Romance Fairies to integrate the vibrational frequency of Romance for Self, Family and Adventures. Yes, in deed, we want you to increase the romantic love vibration that you feel for going on adventures. Adventure can be new relationships, new career, new places, new situations, it is a term that we use in order to allow you to feel that your life is an adventure and therefore it is important to feed yourself with more romantic thoughts and emotions for life itself. We are very excited and look forward to work with you, Beloveds. In this time of great inner change, we adore the new vibrations that lie hidden from your conscious sight and we wish to assist you in bringing them alive as they seem to sleep deep within your cellar structure. We are so excited, happy and joyful. Namaste. Adoni. “

“ Greetings, Greetings, Greetings Beloveds. We are the collective consciousness of Telos. I am Adama and I wish you to speak to you as a representative of the Telos Family. We have gathered to join you on Valentine's Day for a group healing, where each one of you will receive inner wisdom, guidance and healing. Our love therapy is designed to assist you in listening to the core power of your soul and eternal flame. We invite you to applaud for yourself as you are about to go on a journey that creates a drastic shift in you on all levels of your being. We will use our most profound healing techniques to create space for a higher collective love relationship. I am Adama the High Priest Of Telos and I feel deeply honoured to speak to you through this channel. I am astonished how fast humanity is waking up and I assure you that we have technology that measures the love vibration of humanity. We all look forward to finally meet you. I am Adama and I send you my love and regards. Namaste. ”

“ Greetings, Greetings, Greetings Beloveds. We are the collective choice of infinite Power. We come forth to assist humanity in surpassing duality. We are dragons and enlightened beings of different star races that hold pure love intentions for the ascension of planet earth. We love to share our wisdom and healing for the mental body, as it is that thought patters create a lot of imbalance within your internal system. We as a collective of specialists, will clear these unloving thoughts, heal and balance the mental body, as well as integrate a higher thought process system. I am Ruby Ray, one of the collective choice of infinite power and I wish to explain to you the importance of duality. Through duality you raise your soul sovereignty by developing a trust system of inner effort and knowing. This can be very challenging for the mastery of surprising duality patterns. The benefit gained out of this experience is benevolent. I am here, to assist you in lovingly praising your self through divine love. I feel that within the collective of humanity the words praise have a “ bad taste “ attached to it. This we will clear and show you the true nature of the vibration of grace and praise as they are both linked together. It has been my honour to be able to speak here through this compassionate soul / channel. Thank you very much. In infinite ways our hearts will bond. Namaste. Adoni.”

I personally feel so bless to be able to offer this to you and myself. I am so grateful for the new connection of being that wish to come forth on Valentine’s Day. I am preparing this healing Transmission one day before Valentine’s Day, so you can listen to it on the actual date. As we work with Light beings and Energy, we are not bound to time nor space, therefore it is easy for us to travel back and forth in time. I feel very excited about this.

Transmission is ready for download! OMG What a powerful healing. This is a very intensive 2h healing journey. When you feel ready, buy your recording and receive the download of Infinite LOVE!

Download here.