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AUGUST 17, 1987
What was it?



The period in history known as Harmonic Convergence was defined by Jose Arguelles as:  “the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt, and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences.”  It was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, known as the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells.  The prophecy stated that following the ninth hell, humanity would know and experience an unprecedented New Age of Peace.  The Hell cycle ended on August 16, 1987; the Harmonic Convergence began on August 17.  Thus began the projected twenty-five year culmination of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of History, as well as the 26,000-year cycle of evolution, both slated to end in 2012.


The Harmonic Convergence was an announcement of the forthcoming end of time as we know it and a preparation to move from third-dimensional reality of space into fourth-dimensional reality of time.  Contrary to popular belief, it is time rather than gravity that keeps everything in the universe in order.  Time is the mathematics of the universal laws of nature, the unifying force that holds everything together.  The Mayans knew this, basing the Mayan calendar on the universal mathematics of the fourth dimension.  The frequency of time is the 13:20 ratio on which the Mayan calendar is based.  Humanity is now in the process of changing the old 12:60 (twelve months in a year, 60 minutes in an hour) timing frequency to the timing of natural law, thus taking us out of time as we know it and into fourth dimensional awareness.  When we have accomplished this transformation, we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the cycles of the universe.  Some call this “Heaven on Earth.”
Energy And The Magnetic Field
Since the initiation of the Harmonic Convergence, there have been measurable increases in the energy of our planet Earth.  After resonating at a base resonant frequency of 8 Hz per second for thousands of years, during which Earth has essentially been asleep, her frequency is now rising.  She appears to be rising to a fundamental vibration of 13 cycles per second, as predicted by the Fibonacci series (mathematical proportions based on the Golden Mean, also called the harmonics of the universe).  Accompanying this energy boost is a rapid decrease in the magnetic field that surrounds the planet.  Our magnetic field has served us in the past by creating an illusion of separation and protection from energies outside ourselves.  It will eventually reach zero when there will be no artificial barriers, so it is essential that we take our power individually and collectively, honoring others and ourselves in the process.


Zero Point
Gregg Braden refers to our planet’s point of maximum energy and no magnetic field as “Zero Point.”  “To an observer, the world at Zero Point appears to be very still, while the participant experiences a quantum restructuring of the very boundaries that define the experience.  Earth and our bodies are preparing for the Zero Point experience of change, collectively known by the ancients as The Shift of the Ages. - - - The Shift represents a rare opportunity for collectively repatterning the expression of human consciousness.”  (Awakening to Zero Point, p. 195)

For further information, check out Gregg Braden's book
Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation

This is the shift that will take us to higher dimensional realities; this is the Ascension that has been prophesized by cultures all over the world for thousands of years.  We are receiving wake-up calls telling us to speed up our personal processes of spiritual awakening that we may prevent self-destruction of the planet.  We are being asked to look inward and heal ourselves during this time of purification.

Lee Carroll, who has channeled Kryon three times for the United Nations, reminds us:  “Always being in the now when you reach a fork in the road is what is important.  You can’t do anything about it until you are standing at the fork.  - - - You are in the ascension now.  When you give intent to start vibrating at a higher level and start taking these attributes on, you are on that path.”



My Birthday!

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This day is not only significant because it is my exact birthday, but I remember my uncle telling my mother she needed to have me on this day. I wasn't supposed to arrive until September, but I ended up making my appearance on 8/17/1987. 


My entire life, I grew up with the knowledge of the Harmonic Convergence and its significance. I always thought it was kind of a cool story, but never really read much into it. Within these past 25 years, I have to admit that I've noticed (lets just say consecutive coincidences) that are kind of hard to ignore. I'm not going to pretend I know exactly what they mean, but lets just say I do feel a shift and I am excited for the years to come.



I'm august 16th 1987 :)

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A group for people who were born during the first global meditation for world peace, the Harmonic Convergence, held August 16th through the 17th in 1987. I, josh, was born on 8-16-1987 on the side of Mt. Shasta, aka "where the heavens meet the earth," and this has attributed to my being different in nature, an INFJ; a rare personality type, an intuitive feeler and thinker that knows I am a spiritual being enjoying this human body.

It would be my honor to meet any of you, even if only briefly. I already met an older gentleman that was on the mountain the day i was born giving talks about the ascendant energy, the wave of souls (some say 144, 000 but why limit or label)?

I feel a call, but i'm very secluded and i'm reaching out any way i can.

here is a facebook group i made, its newish, nobody on it yet. want to try and keep it to just people born during the convergence, but anyone who is of love and wants to heal this earth is welcome.