Harmonious Attraction

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Harmonious Attraction

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Immortal Music

The law of harmonics allows likes to attract. 
Crystal Magic Orchestra's 
immortal music was created in a manner where all
modes are harmonious. The music is layered in
dozens of harmonic layers over the top of each other
until there were enough harmonics of an agreeing
nature to become magnets for the harmonizing of
the stars, the spheres, the suns and the moon. This
universal harmonization reaches out into the infinity
of harmony - it attracts the infinite vibration of white
light to encompass the entire harmonious
relationship of harmonics to cause strengthening to
occur through the lining up of similar vibrations.

Just as this same lining up of similar vibrations allows
temples and shrines to have an in-rush of peace or
divine quality of healing - the alignment of
harmonious vibrations creates a vacuum of healing
when The Promise is listened to with earphones
placed on the head.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's 
music is for those who are trying to reconnect
to their original blueprint of the mirror image of
Divine Creation. The mystery of this music is in its
ability to give the mind a glimpse of infinity - a
reminder that there is a higher selfhood - a cosmic
being. Hopefully the music will make the heart less
content with the mortal boxes of non-reality and
cause the mind to begin its search for the Infinite.
The mind that has been in the bondage of the ego,
and fear of forsaking the old material realm will be
freed to travel beyond the time and space of the
matrix of illusions that separate our minds from
their native Oneness with Immortality. Once the
mind is freed from the limitations that set in motion
a spiral of annihilation of illusion, the creative
consciousness re-establishes the cosmic
consciousness of creative ideas and a spiritual order
far in advance of the surrounding time frame. The
contact with the cosmic consciousness releases the
divine intelligence, divine creativity and allows our
angels and ascended masters and guides to direct us
to follow the Divine order and manifest the Divine
energy of creation of all the heart desires. Every
perfect gift is the desire of Divine Creation.

It is our Divine right and our Divine duty to manifest
all things desired. It is the fulfillment of The
Promise. It is through Omnipotent absolute law that
all things needed or desired - all things that can be
conceived in mind as your highest idea are
manifested into being. The more of Creation’s ideas
that we manifest into being the more fully the Divine
Creator is being pleased and revealed. The belief of
being unable to manifest is a belief in separation
from the source of all manifestation. Jesus showed us
how to create as God creates. Jesus’ demonstrations
were a result of his At-One-Ment with the source of
all creation, which can only be placed in form
through the same vision as Jacob's ladder.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Immortal Music
is characterized by modal
chords arranged to create harmony through the
magnetizing of the Divine vibration. The vibration
frequency and placement of the chords polarize the
original blueprint back into alignment with the
Divine Reality.

The vibrations in Crystal Magic Orchestra's Music
are reinforced by
bipolar placement, which force the mind to look in
many directions at one time. The music strums
through the harp strings of the mind creating an
alignment of stars in the heavenly cosmos that allow
the angels to reveal the mystery of Divine Love’s
Promise to the listeners mind. The angels appear in
the immortal consciousness to disconnect the old
mortal illusions of finite being and reconnect the
listeners mind to Christ consciousness, revealing the
mastery of the universe becoming manifest as I am
that I am. The music of Crystal Magic Orchestra's Music
brings the outer
mind of man into the mysteries of the indwelling
spirit of the Christ Self.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Immortal Music
helps align our energies with our original
blueprint - the blueprint we all possessed before man
chose to leave the kingdom of heaven and attempted
to spread Divine Mind’s illumination on earth. A few
of the Divine Creator’s disciples kept their original
blueprints of God's perfect plan intact - but most
forgot their blueprints after being sucked into the
Matrix of Mortal Illusions.

Dr. Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)
Joe Barnett