Healing on all Native Americans completed, Plantary Healing Done, Ascend into 5D Happened.

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On October 17, 2012


I was asked by Black Hawk to do healing work on his tribes this past summer in July. I released the land and did a healing, I also did healing on the people of karma, all trauma. I felt many tears on my face from him. When we were done he was fill with joy.  Yesterday I went to my customer to do healing work on her and there be hold my customer was chosen to represent in the physical form to speak and accept all the work to do on all healing, forgiveness, to all parties involved, on all native American people that came to me to do a healing on all the people. They were all healed yesterday. He brought so many people for the healing to her home it was over whelming with energy.  There were just tears of joy flowing from everyone yesterday. It was very draining from this as I am a blue-Ray, I was transmutting all the pain and suffering last night and most of the today for these people.


Then after this around yesterday 4 pm during this session as we were healing the land and all of creation, and the planet, where some of these people came from. I was now feeling the earth start to tip to west and gravity pulling, as I then remembered to ask to have being shown I to  grab the blue and red crystals, I had put into place on Thursday.  I had put the red crystal in the north pole and the blue crystal in the south pole.  I now was being asked to bring them together to the center of the cord of the earth. When the were united in the middle of the core of the earth they turned purple. I then felt Gaia return to straight up, then to rebalancing, and aline her.

When I stood up the energy was so very different, I was grounded differently, there was peace, and love energy was flowing everywhere. When I left my customers house I could feel the calmness, and peace everywhere. We Made it, is what I heard. I could hardly believe what I was feeling.


When I got up today things were not quite right, additional work was need to reconnect to abundance for Gaia and humanity, and do an lineament of Gaia.


Blessing to all who are ready to receive and ascend in 5D




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Thank you for this, and i am assisting :) Love You Much