Healing Earth News: Science FINALLY Beginning To Study Gaia As A Living Organism!

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(editor's note: What??? Science actually beginning to consider that Gaia may be a living organism??

Let that big ol' smile cover your face and enjoy this
article from the University of Maryland.

I hope that you are now reading / listening to mainstream media with a more discerning eye; seeing the subtle truths and the possible implications for your future.

This week, I'll be phasing this segment out -making way for a new provocative focus which will be introduced after the 5.20.12 alignment.

There are people all over this beautiful jewel we call Gaia working every day to correct the damage we have done. They are doing the physical clean up
work, or putting the intellectual thought into solving these problems. Please join me in sending them all energies of love and support.

~All my Love, Boo)


Sulfur Finding May Hold Key to Gaia Theory of Earth as Living Organism


Is Earth really a sort of giant living organism as the Gaia hypothesis predicts? A new discovery made at the University of Maryland may provide a key to answering this question. This key of sulfur could allow scientists to unlock heretofore hidden interactions between ocean organisms, atmosphere, and land -- interactions that might provide evidence supporting this famous theory.


The Gaia hypothesis -- first articulated by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s -- holds that Earth's physical and biological processes are inextricably connected to form a self-regulating, essentially sentient, system.




Is Earth really a sort of giant living organism as the Gaia hypothesis predicts? (Credit: NOAA)