Health Benefits of Animals

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Health Benefits of Animals for Children

Children with Horse

Do you remember being at an age where you were closer to your pet than any other member of your family? When the non judgmental behavior of your pet made you feel special and bonded? If you do remember that feeling of closeness, you probably already know how great pets can be for children. And if you’ve never owned a pet we can help you learn more about the amazing ways that animals contribute to a child’s healthy growth.

Research studies have indicated that :

  • Owning a pet enhances a child’s self-esteem. 

  • Having pets teaches children responsibility and respect towards other living beings.

  • Children owning a pet are more involved in activities such as sports, hobbies, clubs or chores.

  • Having an animal during therapy sessions or other animal-assisted activities/treatment shows significant improvements in the treatment procedures of a child suffering from an ailment.


  • Health Benefits of Animals for Adults

  • Woman hugging her pet

Ever wondered how a small little bundle of fur can add so much joy to your busy daily routine? The snuggling, the laughter and the unconditional love that pets provide can benefit you physically, psychologically and even socially.

According to the American Time Use Survey (2007), most employed people spend about 7.6 hours working on their normal working days. With such busy work routines, spending some playful time with your pets can help you reduce blood pressure and lower your anxiety and stress levels. Adults who don’t have kids can also learn the skills of nurturing and parenthood when a pet enters their lives. Studies also reflect the significant improvement that occurs among patients when pets are included during therapy sessions.


Health Benefits of Animals for Seniors

Senior with a Parrot

Bring new meaning and purpose to your life by adopting a pet or spending time with your neighbors’ pets. Studies have reflected that seniors with dogs go to the doctor less with minor health issues and they even have lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol as compared to non-pet owners. The companionship that pets provide motivates seniors to get more involved in daily activities and socializing.

Although having a pet requires a decent amount of dedication and commitment, seniors are often advised to be paired with adult dogs and animals that are calm and more easily manageable. Pets are extremely beneficial for seniors as they are  friends and just a pure bundle of joy.