Heart of the Jaguar and Other Gifts

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Gifts from the Four Directions

Tuning into the Incan Peruvian Medicine Wheel, it is a way of learning with the four directions and four animal totems can offer universal wisdom. The animal totems are archetypes, and as archetypes like Tarot cards display; they offer up a panorama of inner understanding via meditation upon discovery. The practice of meditating with the medicine wheel is not in worshiping these animals, but working with them as indicators which tell an inner story exposing what spiritual wisdom wants to be presented through one's consciousness. Yet these and all animals are honored as are other life forms, two legged, four legged, winged ones, plants, and humans. We see you and honor you and our connection to all life. The following is a personal perspective on the medicine wheel arriving in a meditation experience. The Serpent in the direction of the South begins the exploration.

Serpent: Awakening Consciousness

The gift from the Serpent in the Medicine Wheel is the offering of a vision. The vision is the Serpent slithering up the branches of the apple tree, and it slithers up with its mate, its opposite, together to the higher branches. The position in the higher branches sees from the perspective of the Eagle representing how the higher self perceives, which sees its connection to all life. The rising of the Serpent energy is the result of the kundalini rising in the body, the Ida and Pingala Serpents which are energy channels that come to the Mouth of the Serpent in the human skull, which is at the top of the spine in the back of the head where the energy of awakening reaches to the crown chakra. This makes the human a bridge between their soul self which is in turn connected to divinity, and their human embodied self.

The energetic union, as a divine convergence of opposites within, the raising of kundalini energy of the masculine and feminine, gives birth to the awakening of consciousness which is the blooming and flowering of the tree. At this point, an image of Isis with the two Serpents rising comes to my mind's eye. Parthenogenesis, the priestess from ancient times who was whole and complete unto herself comes is recalled. She gives birth to consciousness (or a physical being, though I see it as a metaphor.) The word Isis is within the word parthenogenIsis. The message is "I AM whole and complete unto myself." What a beautiful encoded message - we are reminded of our inherent wholeness. I sense that the word healing will be replaced by "wholing" or becoming whole, in the future.

Inner Alchemy and Abundance

The tree bears fruit, like the Tree of Life that bears fruit to give back to all life. Thus the Tree of Life is a symbol of creation, and creation giving back to itself through its fruits. This tree is also a bridge between earth and heaven which we are inspired to be...reaching to incorporate the higher perspective of our soul so that we may flower. Flowering represents thriving and having all that we need. The tree could also be seen as abundance, abundance for all.

The awakening that is birthed through the energetic mating within a person, called the "heiros gamos", the divine marriage within. It is symbolism for the inner alchemy, as is this whole vision. The vision of the flowering of the tree with the result of the alchemy within, the marriage of the yin and yang channels rising up and awakening the being. The tree represents an individual human, fractal and also the collective, and that could be the collective of all humans or even all of life. As the tree of life bears fruit with this new consciousness, it creates abundance with food for all who wish to feast. Those apples fall to the ground and thus become seeds for even more trees, fruit and abundance. Awakening within seeds the collective for more awakening, more fruits and abundance. Awakening consciousness is like seeding the consciousness of abundance and sharing to all. Awakening consciousness is the consciousness that wants to share the fruits of creation with all of creation, and this consciousness loves and honors all life.

The new Golden Age is based on the flowering of this consciousness and with it abundance consciousness so all may have everything they need. I see how the seeds for this consciousness lie dormant in everyone to be awakened so we may all taste the fruits of creation together.

Jaguar: the Heart

The next animal in the medicine wheel is the Jaguar. The Jaguar assists in emotional and mental processing. The Serpent helps us shed and to awaken and to be in our bodies and to notice subtle vibrations of the Mother Earth plus our connection to her. They can work together to release emotional baggage that needs releasing. In order to process emotions, one needs to delve into the shadows of the self. This takes courage. The message today from the Jaguar was that she “courage”. She is big hearted and her heart expands into and beyond everything, and does this in every dark and scary place she enters. A jaguar is fearless and not afraid of the shadow or the dark of night. One is safe when there is a vibration of love around them and in making her heart big, there is not polarity opposition energy of anything or anyone coming up against her. It dissolves in the love frequency she emanates. She expands the heart to encompass all. Thank you, Jaguar, for that gift and offering of understanding.

Hummingbird: Tasting the Sweetness

The Hummingbird is the one who goes from flower to flower, tasting the nectar and sweetness of life. The Hummingbird has many experiences and moves quickly, enjoying the journey. The message from Hummingbird today is “Even if you have had difficult, hurtful or painful experiences, you are encouraged to find the sweetness of every experience, the lesson and the good things from it.” There are always silver linings to everything we taste and experience. Also, the other gift from Hummingbird, is to move on from experiences to taste something sweeter! She does not linger in any one place for long. She wants to taste them all! The Hummingbird energy feels light and joyful.

Flying High with the Eagle

The Eagle is flying high and seeing all from neutrality. The Eagle has integrated what the other animal totems have offered forth, as inner wisdom. Imagine flying with the Eagle and peeking at yourself down below and at the situations you have in your life, with complete neutrality. "Ah ha" moments may come as you see it in a new way. You loose the attraction and repulsion (ie energetic charge) to anything going on in your life (compared to how you usually experience it.) There is isness and acceptance in your life and all the situations you are facing or have faced in the past that you gaze upon. The gift of the Eagle is to be able to look at scenes in your life from that perspective as if you were flying above. The safety from the distance allows a new vision, the vision of your soul experiencing you. It helps you to move through the world holding the feeling of your soul self experiencing your life. A meditative energy, which is an energy fully connected to the expansive feeling of the Higher Self is there looking down at you. Yet, at the same time, you experience this feeling as you in human form. I hope that makes sense as it is beyond words to describe easily.

Also, the Eagle vision is key to moving through energetically to a place of forgiveness for what has happened in the past, and then that can be let go of as you spiral into the Serpent again who will help release anything. The animal totems of the four directions work together and are here to help us and show us what may help us on our journey.

This sharing was inspired through attuning to the Inca Medicine Wheel and its four animal totems. Thank you to the Serpent, the Jaguar, the Hummingbird, and the Eagle for their messages, visions and gifts. Thank you for allowing me to share these insights. Let this be an invitation to you to see what your soul, animal totems, the medicine wheel and inner guides have to share with you!

Many good wishes, Shivrael

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