Here We Are, Just To Be

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To get to hell you have to suffer, suffering is the mind pretending to be something, lol. Heaven is just love being present and aware of now, always.

If you can convince a mind to believe something the mind feels right a home, while life is more real, yet harder to control with fear.

When people learn that just living "their" life is also benefiting the all, then well... well, then... "THEN" AS NOW ALWAYS.

You can't teach a donkey to be a mule, but you can get a donkey to make one.

Funny thing about the past, you can't ever go back because consciousness is always now present, a whole bunch of nows expressing creation as a living experience. And here we are just to be it.

People trust in fear more than love for fear is what they were told to be. LOL

Another funny thing, when now is present the all is very busy being present within the now.