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Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, we are the high council of orion and we come at this time of heightening energies to help guide and support you in all that you do. Many are beginning to experience heightened emotions as the full moon draws near and we guide you to allow these emotions to surface. We acknowledge that for many humans across the planet the surge in emotions triggers fear within their BEing and we guide that this is part of the process. It is part of the human life experience to have highs and lows of emotion, that dear ones is what you came to this planet to experience. It was not to keep tight hold of said emotions, burying them deep within to cause you pain and suffering, that was never part of the journey dear ones and it is due to many doing this that we are here to support and guide.

The human life experience was meant to be one of learning, of experiencing, acknowledging and letting go however illusion has stepped in with teachings that interrupt that cycle of BEing. Now many humans find it increasingly difficult to let anything go. All over the planet we see humans so wrapped in emotions that they are suffocating. Not able to acknowledge and release emotions or experiences and causing deep suffering to their very BEing. We send much love and healing to all across the planet and especially to those deep within illusion who even as we guide at this time are holding on and suffering.

There is no need for suffering dear ones and we guide you to allow the emotions to rise to the surface, there is no need for fear for emotion is just that emotion. It is to be acknowledged and let go. Do not allow emotion to define you dear one, you are experiencing a human life journey, many of you have forgotten the deep connection to mother earth and feel cut off and abandoned by mother earth. The connection was ALWAYS there dear ones, illusion has sought to hide it in plain view. Many humans spend little or no time out doors in nature and we guide that this was done to further the illusion of separation. Whilst many look out their windows at mother nature few venture into her depth. How many of you reading our words take regular time out to experience raw nature? How many humans stand in the rain and experience the joy of cleansing that comes from this? How many hide away indoors, connected to the latest technology, all the while feeling cut off, isolated and not worthy?

We guide you to look at this scenario dear ones and process what illusion is trying to teach through your hearts. The planet earth is a place where many parents do not feel their children are safe and they keep them indoors. That way they think they can keep a close eye on them, their children will be safe, many will say it is done out of love but in reality it is borne out of fear. Dear ones please go within and find the safety and security you need from great mother earth. She will teach you how to feel safe and protected at all times. Keeping your young humans away from their mother earth is disconnecting them, they in turn do not feel the LOVE that IS flow through their hearts as their connection to mother earth is not as strong as is should be.

We guide you strongly to view children at play, see how they interact with nature, children do not care if it is raining and they wish to play outside, they get wet and it does not bother them. Children are closer to mother earth as they have not has as much of illusions teachings of separation, we note that this applies to many children but not all. More and more children are being kept from play and nature due to the fears of parents around safety. We guide you to look at illusions teaching with regard to children and ask who it serves? Why would keeping your children inside and connected to technology to distract them help them connect to the earth?

We acknowledge that great fear is disseminated through the media with regard to the safety and security of children and we guide you to look at the smoke and mirrors used. To contain the children, to foster that sense of disconnection to the world around them, who does this serve? Think back to your own childhoods and the freedom in nature that you had, how does your own childrens’ childhood differ? When did the world change into the scary place that illusion teaches you that it is?

We appreciate that not all parents can allow children out and about unaccompanied and we guide you to visit nature often with your young people. Try to go outside, outdoors dear ones and FEEL the difference in your very BEing. For those of you who feel suffocated, who feel that they are drowning in the emotions that arising for them at this time please take a walk in nature, sit by the ocean, listen to the power of nature and allow mother earth to soothe you. We have guided previously about exercises and gyms and we guide once more that nature provides all that you need. Many humans are FEELing disconnected because they are disconnected from source. That connection is made by walking on the earth. Take your shoes off and FEEL the earth beneath your feet. Planet earth is walked by humans dear ones, yet many humans live and work in concrete blocks and wear the latest fashions, all the while not interacting with the ground beneath their feet.

The moons energies will continue to heighten and we guide that many of you will feel ill at ease at this point. We guide you to go within and to find the seeds of fear that are bubbling away and weed them out. For many of you the fear is FEELing the emotions, many of you will have endured years of not FEELing until the energies have started to thaw you out. We guide that this is not a natural state of BEing for a human. To feel the same way everyday with no up or down is not the natural way for a human to BE. Many take medication prescribed by the medical profession that leaves them in a state of numbness, this is done so that they can continue to function but we guide it does not allow you to LIVE dear ones. So deep is the teaching of illusion about FEELing that many choose to stay in numbness not realising the key to recovery is to FEEL.

Pent up emotions will grow and grow within the human body and they need an outlet. Many fear crying yet this is the most simple and effective way of cleansing the emotion from within. Tears heal dear ones and none should feel unworthy for crying. The illusion teaches that to cry is to be weak and we ask who this serves. Why would crying be sign of weakness? Why would illusion seek to stem the flow of tears and contain them? For not to allow the tears to flow is akin to building a dam dear ones, one in which the tears continue to swell but are held in check. This takes vasts amounts of energy that lower the vibration of the human. Allowing the tears to flow will allow the emotion to be released and the vibration to heighten.

Human BEings are not vessels for storage dear ones, despite the teachings of illusion on this subject you are here to experience and move through the life journey. At no point is it written that you fill yourself up with emotion, dam it off to yourself and then try to live. That will clog up the energy system of the human and may lead to dis-ease and illness as the body tries to cope with the stored emotion the best way it can. We guide you to cry when you are sad, shout when you are angry and allow it all to flow. Anger is the emotion that often comes before tears for many across the planet. This anger stems from fear to show the emotion. We guide that anger would not be an issue for so many if they allowed themselves to cry and release.

Why is the human race so angry dear ones? Why are they so contained? Why have they stored all this emotion if the reason for them coming to this planet was to experience emotion? These are questions to take into the silence with you dear ones and then listen to the truth that your heart reveals to you. The anger is borne out of decades and decades of repressed emotion. Humans are expected not to react, to continue to work and “get on” with things in their lives. Even when experiencing the transition of another human little time is given to move through the process of grief. All is focussed on work and fitting in and doing. Once more we guide that you are human BEings for a reason and you did not come to this planet to work and not experience.

Many humans live an existence that revolves around giving continually, they have been trained by illusion that their role is to give and not to receive. This has caused major imbalance across the planet as many do not know how to nurture themselves. Many are wrapped in layers of guilt around taking time and space to nurture themselves. Yet without this nurturing, this topping up of their energy system many would burn out, fall to dis-ease and illness as their body tries desperately to let them know they are out of balance. Do you see our analogy dear ones, do you see why illusion creates the scenarios that work against your very BEing?

We guide at this time to allow rest and nurturing of self dear ones. Go with the emotions that are playing out, if you would like to be on your own and to sit with yourself then allow this to come into BEing dear ones. We guide against the illusions teaching of putting on a brave face and carrying on. If you need to be alone with no one else around you then that is what you need. Feel no negative emotion about this, this is about YOU dear ones and getting back into the balance that is YOU. Many fear spending time alone and we guide that this once more is illusion teaching that somehow you are strange because the whole world is one big merry go round. People who spend time alone to connect with themselves are viewed by the illusion as odd yet in reality we are never alone dear ones. For WE ARE ONE.

Let us explain this further. A human to be alone in the life experience is to take time out to connect to source, this human is not alone even though they have no humans around them. This is a different scenario to someone who FEELS alone, disconnected. Do you see our analogy and do you see the difference in the scenarios. Humans who take time to connect with the deepest part of themselves keep the connection strong. Humans who spend lots of time and energy trying not to be alone have seeds of fear. They have not made the connection deep within and believe the teachings of illusion that to have no humans around them means they are separate and alone.

We guide all across the planet that you are awakening at faster and faster rates and we hold much love and blessings for each of you within our hearts. More and more humans are connecting to truth and FEELing the ONENESS that IS. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. YOU are not alone dear ones and never have been, awaken to the truth dear ones and reconnect with the LOVE that IS. We love you, we have always loved you, WE ARE ONE.