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Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support you at this time of ever increasing energies and changes across the planet. Many of you are now moving out of the lower vibrations and moving towards higher vibrations. This is commendable and we send much love and blessings to you for the courage that you show in doing this.

The energies across the planet are changing rapidly and the veils of illusion are now beginning to lift, be aware that as the veils lift illusion is still there, it is fading and in some cases has evaporated but this may still trigger the seeds of fear that are within you. We guide you strongly not to buy into the media at this time. The media of the planet is feeding the lower vibrations and those still asleep are being influenced at all times by the media and the reporting of “events”.

Be aware dear ones that the truth will out. Illusion will fall, know that when a world “event” is highlighted it is illusion. All must fall so that the new age can be born, that a new way of living and of BEing can blossom. This is a time of trusting and faith dear ones and of processing all through the heart. The truth resides in your hearts dear ones, do not rely only on your eyes and ears at this time dear ones, for illusion can spin the veil across both. Your heart holds only truth and love, use this as a compass for the journey that you enter into at this time.

The energies and the vibrations across the planet change and shift rapidly at this time. The new moon that approaches will also heighten the vibration and we guide you to be aware of how this makes you feel on both a physical and emotional level. Many of you are working on moving the emotional whilst neglecting the physical, we guide you strongly that BOTH are needed to stabilise your energy fields. It is not possible to hold a high vibration whilst fuelling with over processed , empty foods or liquids. Many of you are attempting to do this and we guide you to be aware of illusion in relation to nutrition.

Each one of you is a master of your own health, look into your heart, listen to your body and listen to what it is asking for. Do not allow illusion to take you down the road of “have to “, “must”, this is illusion disguised as guidance that is in reality disempowering you through fear. Who else but YOU would know how to fuel YOUR body? When you hand over the reigns of YOUR health and nutrition to another then you disempower yourself. Each one of you is unique in physical make up, there are no two human bodies the same alive across the planet. Therefore you will each need slightly different fuels for those bodies. One size does not fit all dear ones despite what illusion tries to teach and instill within you.

We guide that good nutrition does not come at an expense, the illusion has taught that good nutrition is only available to those with the most income, we guide this is not truth. When we guide regarding good nutrition we simply mean foods or liquids that have not gone through chemical processes. Eating foods and drinking liquids that are as close to nature as possible with nourish your physical in ways that over processed, “enhanced” foods just cannot do. You are fueling with the light that is held by the plants, nuts, seeds, animals and fish that you consume. Each component was alive and drew breath, drew in the light that IS and you use this to fuel YOUR body. Chemical, mass produced, laboratory altered foodstuffs do not hold the light that IS and will not nourish and help repair your body.

Much is portrayed in the media across the planet as health when in fact it is illusion. We guide you to begin to get to know your bodies and your minds and begin to notice the effects of foodstuffs on both. This for many of you immediately trigger fear of “what if”, “I don’t know”, please be aware dear ones that this is illusion. YOU DO KNOW, for you are the captain of your ship. You are aware of how your body reacts, you are IN your bodies 24/7, how could anyone but YOU have this information?

Society as it stands across the planet is not sustainable, your banking systems, your monetary systems are out of balance. There is no way they can maintain the illusion much longer, we fully acknowledge how much fear this can instil within the human population and we guide you to look behind the veils. Process all the information with your hearts, if it does not FEEL right to you then it is not right.

We cannot guide with regard to timescales nor who or when or what but we can guide you to detach from the drama that is created to pull you back into illusion and lower your vibration. The vibrations are RISING across planet earth, this is giving rise to the veils lifting, the illusion is aware of this and is now attempting more smoke and mirrors. This is an attempt to germinate the seeds of fear which will lower the vibration. Stand tall in your power dear ones, hold the vibration steady and have love and compassion for all within your hearts. Those who are still asleep at this point need you to hold the space and have love for all. This will enable them to maintain the lower vibration but will also stop them from plummeting to an even lower vibration.

Do not be swayed by events that “APPEAR” to be happening. Many of you are beginning to realise that illusion can readily be presented as truth until it is processed by the heart. The eyes and ears of the human race can be fooled but the human heart cannot be. That is why we continually guide you re your hearts. Do not be afraid to venture into your heart, fear may try to stop you but dear ones, once entered into love will guide you. Allow the love that IS into your BEing, allow the love that IS to support and guide you during these chaotic times. As all moves and changes and is formed into the truth that IS.

Help one another, hold the space for those who are the vibration below you, do not allow the vibration to fool you into believing that those of a lower vibration are not you. You are we and we are you. All are at different stages of the awakening process, many of a higher vibration awaken those who are of a lower vibration and so the process goes on. This is not a hierarchy it is a spiral that continues up and up and up. The process is ongoing dear ones, the universe works in circles, humans works in circles, the spirals of energy are going upwards. Allow yourself to be taken up the spiral. If you fall then rebalance and retry.

The new world is here dear ones, the new world was ALWAYS here before your very eyes, the veils of illusion had you believe that it wasn’t, the veils of illusion will have you believe that there IS NO new world. Process these words through your hearts dear ones, you may not SEE the new world but you WILL FEEL IT. It is the FEELING that will show you truth, to live in your heart is to live the truth. We empower you dear ones to show you that you are all truly powerful. Do not allow the illusion to disempower you.

It is time to step out of illusion and live your truth, that truth is found within each and every one of you. Let no one define you dear ones, for in reality you cannot define the infinite. You are each a child of the universe, you are the universe and the universe is you. Let the light that shines within you illuminate the way forward for you, allow the light to shine wherever you are, it will help illuminate the seeds of fear that you must pull out, it will illuminate the shadows, it will illuminate the way forward for you. Many of you still put your faith in trust in those around you but put no faith and trust in yourselves, we guide you strongly dear ones to place the faith and trust in YOURself.

Within each and every one is the answer to every question you have, the answer to every “problem” that you have and the answer to YOU. Allow the answers to come to you dear ones, sit within the silence that is within you, move into your heart and listen. The answers will come to you if you listen. Look not outside of yourselves for illusion is outside of you, illusion is NOT within you, LOVE IS. Allow the love that you ARE to be your guiding light.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and guidance. This is a time of major change for humans across planet earth. Embrace the changes dear ones for they will free you, they will allow you to expand to be the infinite holders of light that you in truth are. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters in the love that IS. Join with us dear ones in experiencing the LOVE that IS, that we ARE and you ARE. WE ARE ONE.