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Welcome Beloveds, we are here once more to guide you through the life journey that you came here to experience. We ask that you once more process all our words and guidance through your hearts. We note that many are failing to do this and would ask the question why is it so difficult for many of you to allow yourself to FEEL? Many who read our words are still using their mind to create the life experience and we guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing.

In order to create chaos you must try to live in both parts of your body at the same time dear ones, those who oscillate between heart and mind will find parts of their life journey descend into chaos. This is due to the differences in vibration between the mind focussed life journey in which logic takes precedent and all things must make sense to the heart which is a higher vibration and will connect you to all others through the LOVE that IS. The difference in vibration is such that many will experience intense surges of chaos when they go from one to the other. One moment their life will make sense then the next moment they once again are within illusion struggling to understand their life purpose or what to do next. We guide you to BE dear ones, for the BEing is the key to creation of the life journey.

Many are still locked into the mindset of fear and death and destruction. This is created from the mind dear ones, we have guided previously on how the mind can take you down various paths, not all will come into creation but the mind does not know this. The mind can create infinite scenarios for you, the more you live in your mind the more scenarios you are exposed to and the more fear is seeded within your BEing. Much of what is being portrayed in the media across the planet earth is death and destruction. Many films that are made for entertainment have the theme as death and destruction and we ask who this would serve but not illusion? One tiny thought can run riot within the mind and take a human to various scenarios that result in fear being seeded. We guide you to strongly detach from the violence and death and destruction that is being played out around you.

We note that many humans play simulations of death and destruction for entertainment, many young people seem to be unaware of what is reality and what is fantasy when it comes to this entertainment and we guide that this is illusion at work. When you mind is filled with death and destruction then your mind will continue to work through the scenarios that have death and destruction as a theme. Who does this serve dear ones ? Does it take you into your heart where the truth lives or does it push you further from your heart as you begin to allow the seeds of fear to replant themselves within your very BEing.

The media use smoke and mirrors dear ones, the truth is what you FEEL, not what you see or hear on your screens. We guide you strongly to detach from the images and the words. They have an impact on a subconscious level that will allow the seeds of fear to germinate. Whilst you listen to the reports of death and destruction you move into your mind dear ones, this moves you out of unity and back into separation. You begin to see your fellow human beings as competition and the “enemy” whilst in reality they are part of the human race as you are. Many are deep in illusion believing that to attack they are somehow defending themselves. This is illusion dear ones. There is no need for attack if all would live from their hearts.

Those that live from the mind centred life experience will avoid their hearts most of the time dear ones please be aware of this. The human mind is exposed to more and more violence all the time across the planet and it is this exposure that is further creating scenarios in the minds of humans. Many will not pause to see how this FEELs for them other than it makes them feel anxious and afraid. They do not question whether what they are being shown is reality, they merely see and hear and digest. We ask you dear ones who this would serve? Why would illusion do this other than to hold your vibration at a lower level.
Fear is an emotion that lowers the human vibration, many are so deep in fear that they cannot see a way out. To go into their hearts to experience fills them with more fear and anxiety as they believe that more hurt will be uncovered. We guide you dear ones that the heart is where your truth lives, why would illusion seek to keep you from entering your heart ? To keep you in fear keeps you in control and contained dear ones. You are not here to be controlled and contained, the human life journey is about expansion dear ones, how can you expand and raise your vibration if you do not allow yourself to enter your heart?

We guide that we are here to help humans see through the veil of illusion. If our words trigger you dear ones then they are showing you what is within you. If you read our guidance and you feel anger and you feel negative then our words are a mirror to what is going on within you. We would guide strongly for you to go within to your heart and allow yourself to find the seeds of fear that are within your BEing. Where there is negative emotion and where there is a pool of anger there are seeds of fear.

Many do not or cannot resonate with our words at this point in their life journey and for those we ask that you come back to our guidance at a later time. If our words trigger anger so deep that you lash out at other humans then again we guide that this is a mirror to what is going on within your BEing.

All truth is not the same it cannot be as you are all unique. Therefore one human point of view will differ slightly from another, this is to be expected due to all experiencing a different life journey, even two humans witnessing the same event will have two different opinions and versions of what happened at that event.

This process dear ones is ongoing, ascension is not a destination it is a process. Many will descend as they ascend as their vibration will fluctuate and lower and then raise once more. This again is nothing to be worried about, it is to be expected. Humans have been kept from the truth for so long that when they begin to unlock the truth in their very BEing then dips in vibration will happen as they try to maintain a heart centred existence surrounded by others who may well be asleep and deep in illusion.

We ask all to hold the space for those who are just awakening or who are still asleep. Realise that not all humans need to agree with your truth for that truth to be YOUR truth. This is not a “One size fits all” scenario. Different humans living in different parts of the planet earth will experience deeper or shallower illusion at any one point in their life journey. We guide you to be aware of this. Many places across the planet are lighter or denser than others at any one time. The population across the world differs from country to country and this is also a factor in being around humans who are more awakened or further asleep in illusion.

We guide dear ones that to judge another is to be in illusion. Illusion will teach separation and hierarchy with those deep in illusion looking at another human being and deciding if they are worthy or not. Humans do not sit in judgement with other humans for we are ALL ONE dear ones. You cannot judge yourself and that is what you would be doing if you judge those around you. The humans around you are aspects of YOU. As a collective human consciousness they ARE YOU and YOU are THEY.

We appreciate and acknowledge that our words of guidance may trigger many reading them and once more we guide that if you are triggered then seeds of fear are present and we guide you strongly to go within. To find out where they are planted and weed them out. TO BE dear ones is just that. BEing is not found deep within the depths of anger or anxiety or hatred. These are teaching of the illusion and come from the base emotion of fear. That is the what humans strive to get past at all times dear ones, that is fear. Fear will have you seeing things that are negative when in reality they just ARE. Everything in the universe just IS dear ones, it is the human who interacts with it that decides if it is negative or positive, that view will depend on whether you approach if from heart centre or mind. The heart centre will show you truth and it will show you where illusion is, it will allow you to be aware of illusion but not connected to it. The mind will not show you truth it will take you further into the illusion as you fear triggers more and more fear and the seeds are planted deeper and deeper.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We are here to guide you at this time of chaos and moving from mind to heart centred life experience. We are ONE dear ones. Process all of our guidance with your hearts. The way forward is through your heart for your heart will show you YOUR truth. We will guide more in due course.