~How to become the change you want~

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We've followed the Sun, the radiant heart of our star system, out of the transformative depths of Scorpio. We're journeying now through the starfields of Sagittarius, where an eternal miracle of joy, blessing, and abundance is about to unfold in the Universe around you -- and within you.

Sagittarius is the part of the sky suffused with the vibrations of abundance, gratitude, generosity, and a deep knowing of the fundamental goodness of life.  No surprise that it's  home to two of the most sacred spots in the Cosmos-- the source energy of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and the fathlomless mysteries of the Great Attractor,  which we are moving towards faster and faster.  

As the Sun and the Moon move into the same degree of Sagittarius at 7:23 p.m. EST, the ancient mystery of the Sagittarius New Moon repeats itself.  Somewhere deep within you, the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes and takes to the sky.  

It's time to spread your wings and soar.  Here are yur navigational directions:

* Celebrate your return to life. The great star Antares, one of the four "watchers" over the Cosmos, infuses this new beginning with great power.  Known in the Deep Time as the Heart of the Scorpion, Antares reminds us of the great  transition we have made -- larger than we can even know at this moment in time.

*INurture yourself with great tenderness, knowing that you are loved adn cherished bky the Universe iteslf.  This New Moon's ruling energy -- Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver -- is now vision questing through Cancer, searching for any blocks to your ability to fully receive the free flow of grace.  Jupiter 's blessings are overfowing when he is in Cancer, where he is exalted. Earlier today,  the Blessing Giver aligned precisely with  the transformative energy of Black Moon Lilith.  As their vibrations merged, Jupiter healed and blessed the shadow energy  that Black Moon carries -- the pain that emanates nto our lives from the core fears and early wounds buried deep within us. 

*  Claim the life-changing wisdom of your heart -- and begin to live more deeply from it. Two asteroids carrying the long-banished energy of Persephone and Psyche -- pivotal feminine figures in human consciousness -- have just merged their energies. One of them is Persephone, the innocent maiden within you whose destiny is to be transformed into the queen of the invisible realm and its life-renewing mysteries.  Persephone is the first divine being who divided her time and her role equaly between the visible and the invisible worlds. Wherever she is located in your birth chart is where you greatest potential to renew and regenerate your life can be found.   

Psyche is the first mortal woman to bcome divine immortal.  It was not for her skill, tlanet, or any achievement that Persephone became immortal.  Rather, it was her willingness to follow the truth of her heart and to risk all for what she loved – even when led to attempt the impossible.   Psyche did not “win” her immortality.  Her devotion to her heart’s truth softened the heart of the Divine.  Wherever she is in your inner sky is where you can discover the transformative power of your own heart. 

*  Free your heart, free your mind -- and break through. With a trine to both the Sun and the Moon,  Uranus, the Csomic Awakener, invites us to immerse our hearts and our souls in the energy of breakthrough.   We are not in Kansas any more.
Here are keys to claim this new moon's  cosmic  power of breakthrough:

* Nurture yourself as tenderly as you can. Let the energies of fire and water guide you in calling your heart and your spirit back to vibrant, robust, joyous life..

* Open your heart with gratitude for the gift of regenerative power you are being given at this very moment. Saturate your gratitude with as much generosity as you can.   Discover what the ancients knew -- gratitude and generosity carry cosmic power. Consciously expand your ability to receive -- and to give.  And know that they are two sides of the same cosmic coin.

* Step into breathrough.  Try it.  Before you go to bed tonight, take one daring step.  When you wake tomorrow, choose another.  And another. Become the change you want to see in your life and in our beautiful, fragile world.

If there was ever a time to equip yourself with a cosmic perspective on your life, it's now.  We're reaching a turning point in our extraordinary journey -- and it's not over by a long shot.  You'll ride the exciting, challenging, and powerful energies of 2014 with much greater skill if you understand what's on the horizon. 

We're making a shift that's bigger than we cn know.  The weeks and months ahead will be dynamic and full of turmoil.  With Venusin Capricorn and Mars about to enter Libra -- for the next eight months! -- we will have at least five planets in the dynamic, change-making cardinal signs between now and March.  And two of htem are Uranus and Pluto! 

What we've learned over the last 18 months, though, is huge.  we're about to discover that we now know how to dance with these energies.  These are waves we can ride.  This is a gift of cosmic power that we'll never get again -- and it's our birthright to accept it.

May the days ahead be rich with blessings and  breakthroughs for you!

Love and blessings,

Star Sister
(aka Marcia)