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Mary Magdalene

In this channeled dialogue with Lacodemus, who is a Creator who is in the Creation Realm now, he tells Mary how her music has been heard on many planets and has been used to change process. He also explains how we, as Creator Beings created Novas, Super Novas and Galaxies through one thought and breathe.

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Lacodemus was channeled from the Creation Realm 

Lacodemus said, "It is what it is

and you are a creator being and you reach into your self and those sounds that you feel and emote with your music are eternal. Everything created by creator beings are all eternal and therefore they will stay in the universe forever until someone else picks them up and uses them and learns in themselves that a part of a creator being is a part of who they are.

But, they are maybe not a full creator being, but they can know a little bit about you from the music that they have gathered from you.

And I always loved your music always, and we did music together.

We used to get together with a few of us and
make music in the universe that was very
different than anything that had been heard
before. We would try to be unique and
outstanding. And we were there to do that and felt a great accomplishment, especially when some of the vibrations that we used would effect some plants or animals in other worlds or other scenarios that we hadn't even thought of.

Being Creator Beings, we can effect things some times without even knowing it. But then when we discovered it, it was a grand and new understanding for us all.

And you Mary, you are very musical as well.

You have a voice of an Angel. A beauty. A group of us would get together and you were in the group. And so, there for it was the most beautiful time and it will be again.

In the creator realm I could feel the smile on
your face. I don't have to see it because I can
feel it in the universe and in the galaxy. So

We create ourselves, our personalities as we
move forward in time and space, which becomes
one time and space. We become who we are
with the things that we create, the things that we
know, the creators that we know, so it may seem
like we are different, but it is only because we
are in a different karmic state than one another.
But, we are in the same Realm. We are in the
same place existence wise. But, we all have our
own personalities, and the way we want to
present ourselves to the world and to each other.
I can appear to you like a super nova or a galaxy,
but I am here appearing to you as a human. It
makes me a little giddy to know that I can do
this, but it is also very confining here and I don't
mind that for now, because I know that it is only

Mary asks Lacodemas this question, "So, you
can actually become a Super Nova right now if
you want to?" Lacodemas replied, " Yes, I am a
Creator Being. I can be whatever I want to be. "
So, you can just do that at any time. It is not
something that we did over a long period of
time? You can just do that at any time.
Yes, and then I can move away from it and it can
exist without me."

Mary expands on this thought, "And that is
exactly how I created the Ascension Portals in
the Pacific Ocean. I created the Central Portal
and then I moved away from it and it can exist
for eternity. So, I have done on Earth the same
things that we did in the Universe."

Lacodemus: "I am in service to many planets
and galaxies across the universe and taking care
of some populations and making sure galaxies
do not collide and energies don't explode at the
wrong time. Yes, I am a maintenance person. I
am a person of service, but also, I am a person of
giving to these entities what they need to survive
and what they need to grow.

And God looks over and says is it that you are
letting this planet or star supernova? And I
would say yes, because it will create in its path
another seven hundred stars from the gases that
are going to collect in that portion of space."

Mary: "These are stories I've never heard before.
On planet Earth, Joe and I worked on the
Tectonic Plates in the Pacific Ocean. We didn't
have anyone who could move tectonic plates in
a big enough area, but you can do that can't

Lacodemus: "Yes, Creator Beings can do that.
But we are not to be involved with the history
right now. These Earthquakes and things are a
part of the history that needs to be recorded
because they will bring about change on your
planet that are positive. There are those who will
try to move the tectonic plates but God will not
let them. So everything is set up the way it is
supposed to be. At this time all is well."

Mary:"We are always bringing into our music
the frequencies of consciousness of each event
that is taking place in the Universe regarding
Earth. We brought in the frequencies of each of
the Solar Waves of each of the Star Systems and
recorded them in sets of music called Parallel
Universe, Mother Ship, Sun Alcyone, Sun Ra,
Violet Flame and many other sets of music that
will contain the History of the Ascension of
Earth through Music.

This music might not be appreciated by the
people who are on Earth now, but when those
who come begin to investigate who this planet
Earth was that they are moving to or visiting
they will find this music by Mary Magdalene
and they will listen and say, oh, my. This is the
music of Mary, and she recorded the entire event
through music. This will be a glorious discovery,
just as it will be when they discover the books
written by Mary that describe what she came to
Earth to experience so that she would be able to
add new layers of understanding when she
returns to her Creation Realm. The Universe is
always in awe of music created by Mary and her
Crystal Magic Orchestra Team.

I am the one who reaches out and inhales in the
frequencies of all of the pieces of light and
sound in all realms of their being. My Twin
Soul, Joe absorbs the rhythm and variations and
becomes the instruments that create something
new to go with the frequencies in order to make
them more interesting to listen to.

It is all about creating something to go with the
music. You always have something that is
growing. Look outside of your window. Are
there many different things growing. There are
many things growing and it is part of the
symphony and there are things dying and that is
a part of the symphony too. The flats and the
sharps they come together and they make a
beautiful sound. And it is universal tonality. The
way things should be. And the way they blend
together and how they disenate together, but can
be of the greatest of sounds in the universe that
can strike in your hearts the emotions of great
things that are happening far away.

You and Joe have the same perspective as I do at
many times. Your music is like water colors in
many ways because it blends together but once
you see it then you know what to do with it. You
are an artist in many forms. And as a Creator
Being you are a great artist. We all are. But, as a
human, you are a greater artist than many. The
colors that you evoke in others, not only sounds,
comes from you, but evocative colors, evocative
feelings, and the love and sexuality and
sensuality that is who you really are and the
things that you have felt within yourself that rise
up from this atmosphere and out into eternity. It
is not just a small thing that you do, but it is
eternal. This music, these colors, and the way
things are conceived.

Once an emotion is struck within a human, will
they ever truly forget it? The Akashic Record
that records it. Their subconscious records it.
The Soul records it. Beautiful.

And when you reach into your own Soul do you
not find that it is attached to the collective? The
Over Soul of many. And when you speak to your
own Soul, will it not say We Are Here.
Wonderful. It is a lesson that humans do not
even know yet. And here is knowledge that you
know now. The Soul is connected and can speak
to humanity as a collective.
Thank you

Only for you. And Love you dearly and we will
be together for eternity.

There are many Planets who built their entire
culture around music because it is the Universal
Language in many ways. It effects every being
and every culture when we hear music it is the
only thing that is of the Soul that speaks directly
to the Soul. Words can do that, but only in a
certain intonation and vibration and only in a
certain sequence. But music can reach many
many more in a greater and deeper way.
Mary asks Lacodemus what planets are most
familiar with the music of Crystal Magic

Lacodemus answered, "Planets that come to
mind that use music for a greater method other
than just within itself is the planet Korsafen.

There are planets that listen to your music now
because that was one of your intentions. So, they
have grasped onto that intention because you as
a creator being can send your intentions into
worlds and let them understand.

The planets Lecifar, Dua, Kira have heard your
music and have taken it with them. I am the one
who told them to listen to your music.

Telepasaides is on a different kind of time
perspective. It is a place where many believe a
new kind of thought process is being born. I
believe you visited there, Joe.

Yes, you were there a couple of times and you
have made your impact there. Telepasaides also
has your music because you have been there,
and every where you go, you make music, and
every where Mary goes, she makes music.
Reality is so tiny where you are. But it is so vast
where we will be.

We will see you again in a year or two in Terra

Please come and listen to the music of the
Creators. We will be returning to the Creation
Realm to make new music in just a few more
years after we spend some time in Terra Ha,
where we will visit our fan clubs of the universe
and give some live performance on the planets
who love us greatly.

It is this music that will turn us into light so that
we can blipp off this planet and return home.
You can use this historic music to help you
move through this ascension period in the most
balanced and harmonious way by getting your
very own Eternal Life Album.

We have always Created pieces of the Universe
together with other Creators. One of our closest
musical creation partners is Lacodemus. We
have created millions of Symphonies for God to
feel and experience. We have created a
Universal Orchestra where we strive to create
new forms of Sound and Creation that were
never known before. We have been a part of this
great Crystal Magic Orchestra who creates from
the Crystals the color and the sound and the
rhythms of the Universe.


Mary Magdalene