How Did Trump Become President?

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I see many people around the world shocked that Donald Trump was actually elected president of the United States. I see people blaming racism, sexism, and ignorance as the main reasons Trump was elected, but if you look closer there’s a lot more to it than that.

You have to understand the current political environment in the US, the average person’s trust in their government and the media is at all-time lows. People know the government doesn’t represent them, and they’re hungry for change. People wanted something different, and Trump was offering that to them. Now I don’t believe that Americans are bound to only two options for president, but the majority of Americans have been convinced the two-party system is simply “the way things are,” so in their eyes they only had two choices, Trump or Clinton. Trump offered change, to “make America great again”, while Clinton was promoting the status quo.

Now to many, Hillary Clinton represents the corruption that is Washington DC and there’s good reasons for that. The wealthy elite found a really obvious way of bribing her, and anybody with half a brain could tell what was going on. The elite have given her and her husband $153 million in “speaking fees” over the past 15 years. She attends a fancy dinner, spends a little under an hour repeating a speech someone else wrote for her, and then gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. There’s no good way of defending this, and I shouldn’t have to explain at all why there’s a problem with wealthy businessmen giving politicians millions upon millions of dollars. These aren’t campaign contributions, these aren’t Clinton Foundation donations, this is money going directly into the Clintons pockets. That’s completely inappropriate, and if she had any integrity should would have refused the money. As a politician, that doesn’t make you look very honest, in fact it makes you look extremely crooked, especially to the masses who already don’t trust politicians.

The heads of the “Democratic” party, their wealthy backers, and much of the media didn’t seem to see any problem with this though. This should tell you how incredibly arrogant and out of touch they are. They did this boldly to an American people who were already quite pissed off at them, and expected nobody to mind. Well people did notice, and that’s a good part of why Trump got elected.

People are tired of being ruled by an elite that’s doing a really good job of screwing over the poor and the middle class. It’s no secret who is backing Hillary, so to millions she represented everything wrong with the country. This isn’t just to Republicans and “rednecks”, but to everyone who paid attention to how the Clinton family got so wealthy. The Clinton campaign and the media promoted this belief that she’s spent her whole life as a champion for women and “the people” while reality tells a totally different story. The elite have been courting the Clintons for a very long time now, and she didn’t get an executive position at Walmart by being a champion for the people.

Now I’m no fan of Trump, but I understand why people supported him over Clinton. There’s a divide in the US between the “liberals” and the “conservatives”. The liberal intellectuals like to treat the average conservative like they’re dumber than dumb. They’re stereotyped as racist, sexist, hateful and ignorant, so it’s no surprise most conservatives really despise the liberal intellectuals. To them, electing Trump as president is a big FU to some people who really deserved it. The liberals are supposed to be more tolerant, accepting, patient, and loving than the conservatives, but in this election I didn’t see much of that. Some of the Clinton supporters I had disagreements with were absolutely vile and I was told repeatedly what a moron I was for not supporting Clinton. If anything, I feel those kinds of tactics did more to drive people towards Trump.

I’m not really sure what the whole “liberal” and “conservative” ideals even mean anymore. Those terms are thrown around in such a way that they’ve almost become insults. In this election it was the Republican candidate offering change, while the Democrats were fighting to keep things the same. Just shows how flawed it is to try and apply two-dimensional thinking to something as complicated as politics.

As far as the Trump presidency goes, personally I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m the kind of person that put more faith in what a politician does than what he says, and because of that I don’t really trust Trump. He says he’s going to stop the elite, but he himself is a member of the elite and he’s friends with incredibly corrupt people like Hillary Clinton. She even sat front pew at one of his weddings. He says he’s going to bring jobs back to America, but he’s one of those globalists who profited directly from overseas labor. See why I have some reservations? Campaign promises don’t mean very much to me.

There’s a family name that gets mentioned constantly in conspiracy “theory” circles, the Rothschilds. They’re accused of manipulating the world’s governments and currencies while mostly keeping themselves out of the spotlight. Guess who’s connected to both Hillary and Trump? The Clinton email leak showed how close she is to a certain Lady de Rothschild.  Then there’s Trump, who was helped out by the Rothschilds back when he was in danger of losing his casinos. I bring this up because I see Trump-supporters claiming he’s fighting the elite globalists, yet I haven’t found a single one of those people that even knew he was connected to the Rothschilds.

Anyways, I didn’t write this to try and argue with Clinton or Trump supporters. My intent is to share information that might help them to see each other's points of view. There’s a lot of damage that’s been done to the psyche of the American people, we have become divided, and the last thing we should be doing is making it even worse. The “average Americans” have more in common with each other than they do with someone like Trump or Clinton, but people let political affiliation define and divide them.


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Bankers don't loose but, there is always a first time.

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All wars are bankers wars because they bet on both sides. Same thing goes in political circles. Everything may look all rosy as it did during "O's" first term. That shiny penny went dull really fast and stayed there. There may be a bit of a difference with DJT because he is disliked by both parties equally and nobody really knows what he is going to do. By now he may be realizing that he will not be calling all the shots as he may have previously thought. President is not the top of the food chain. When a president has gone rogue in the past there was always a state funeral. Is it any different now that USA inc is bankrupt and no longer functioning? This is uncharted territory. What happens if the hunting bankers become the hunted? The seas be treacherous no matter whom is at the helm. Sharks following this ship will likely be well fed and the plank will be well polished with fresh foot prints of sailors who dishonor this captain. But, the sharks are lawyers and poly ticks. Not sure what they will do with overboard failure. After all, overboard failure is a way of life for many of these on the Good Ship High n Mighty. We will all be in for a radical change when the Ship takes sail with the long lost Constitution at the wheel.  Arrrrr, when fighting Pirates, 'tis best to have a nasty Pirate Captain at the Helm.