How to Pray: Prayer is a mystical process, not an intellectual one by William Bezanson

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How to Pray

The way that many have been taught with how to pray is to make petitions to God in the form of “Dear God: Please make Jane better,” as an intercession when Jane is sick. That method is sub-optimal. If God is omniscient, as we are often taught, then surely it already knows that Jane is sick. Why does God need reminding from us, doing nothing until we remind it and beg it to correct the situation? And how do we explain the case when Jane does not recover, but gets sicker, or even dies?

Do we carry on, praying in the same ineffective way as before, gambling on the outcome? Or do we do the intelligent thing and observe the failed experiment, examine the premises of our prayer model, develop a new model, test it, and eventually find a model that works better? Discover how to Pray effectively.

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There is much more to effective prayer than what is commonly taught.  One place to start is using the  violet flame.  Adepts and masters have used this for longer the than the earth has been around.  Look it up.  Also, prayers can be more effective when you ask a saint or archangel for assistance in carrying out your prayer.  Regular prayer and asking for guidance on how to make effective prayers will often yield surprising results.  Master in heaven are masters, for one reason, that they learned how to make realistic, powerful prayer.  Just reading the bible won't do it.  Read up on the power of spoken word.  A lot can be accomplished using these techniques alone.  St. Germain brought the violet flame to earth.  He is among us now, and his methods are very, very effective in changing your world and my world.