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Status update from Hatonn
The changes keep accelerating, on a personal and global scale
Once the events are in motion there is no stopping the progress that is being made
This is the plan and this is the intention and always has been
We have been working on the domino effect that is happening in northern Africa for decades it has been set in motion according to divine timing
Divine timing as a simplified explanation has required we wait for certain events to usher in these changes, some of the events include astrological events, solar activity, weakening of the darks positions, physical earth changes and changes to the mass consciousness
All of these aspects are interwoven and affect each other in ways that we can see from higher dimensions
Divine timing also decrees the next steps we are able to take, in all matters
We are currently present in full force in your galaxy as we await the next signals predetermined in the divine timing
We are also currently continuing cleansing and protection of the 4th dimension, as well as protection of the third dimension from the lower realms
Once these realms have been stabilized, and are fully secure, that is one point in divine timing to usher in the next steps
This is simultaneously happening with our work activating, training and delivering missions for those in this world whom have chosen this purpose
The Arcturian members of our federation have also increased contact with your world and have also begun training through the teachers and messengers, they are working on merging your physical bodies with your etheric bodies, which must be completed in order to ascend
The goal is and always has been ascension, not just personal, but globally and on scales beyond your current view points
The troops of love and light from higher realms have arrived to lift you up to raise your world into higher dimensions for the glory of all creation