I Am Uëÿmæx'œ a light warrior and this is GRinD could be useful for some

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Keep in mind this was from april 8th 2012 and sry for all the space's and everything posting this from my phone. We find in the one to all, space is either taken, or all stolen never blackened, its the cycle of creation
Ultaihymæxtreme, falls into keen, running affected by what could be unlimited, never to be there again until the very end
its the start of the end, the never ending wants to break the cycle so it never comes back but wakes up in the end, again 
55 doubles the trend to shift the unseen, with furthest limits of Uëÿmæx'œ placed out invisible through war, the sealed is  opened, When The big, is to none, they Realize into the fall,
its the brick wall, living dead, roaming endless seas, neutralizing the senses limited for beeings
socio loosing focus of living in the Feed, ajusting the wakenn up, in, the, spine.
Grinding up, one of the insane outter lines , in our, neutral state, of, karèð'èkded, minds,
Its letting life GRinD, cost in the lost of duality, allways searching ourselfves, loosing steer, waiting for the up'äwakening,
they take control, frozen or hardened by cold, til'l the new Iowækìning,
two see both after one, once that fits in the scene for the ones splicing R'Ríèxeð gènes,
pattend hand under electric ground, to be the sound making it crown. Down into where we see up as the ground.


The last fits into scene For the ones under lightning Down should be on the ground amplified by many of sounds, 


erthquakes, in hearing the materialized Mæié'lœxièñ
Theyre, neutral states, of, karèð'èkded, minds, letting the life GRinD, while the user falls into lost of mind, with the no repair, loosing the sights, 


The machined, quaked up, to let creation repair the living GRinD.
To pride eyes into a life GRinD. Metamorphing the primal sound


Open up for lies see the difference between the two buy's making it better in eternal eyes, and freeing our lives GRinD.

its not the one inside, we are looking for but makes up for going to realize (FINALY REALIZED) haha
We are the one of knowing that limitless now unexplainable working in the place inside where we live at the core in peace


knowing knowledgeness æckróekèñïnð omàêÿœ low to go into primal in mode the primal pr鵜mæaèl
 mode of awækñíœÿò living a dream full of human beings its the place where we need to be part of interpretation of creation,

why ðóéì ñòtingless its nice to see ayeëiﵜåmækto come from the place to manking as living in peace for the things that we do not need,
everything makes possibility ameeliority living life with the mekœpæño its the blind runnind in my shine showing off in the sky four hundred,
 Now to be the awakend in the nights, crashing in life of endless extra states of incredible beings its the fun to go trew managing nothing in meaning passing on the indestructable


 newtralized lives in my miniopassjïñoièzeða meaning if you live by yourselft you will need to manage, to come to higher states of being


The more worries gets thru u rigêzyæòñðo what is express to me its amazing planes of new looking in the now explainable to be on to reality is not what I use knowing in the neverless imaginable for the broken in the place of mind there sense are cut to a very low meaning, I can now utilize with the third and see
Utilized reality with my eyes I can see in other ppls lives I can be where I want you do what it is to do in making of bringing the mights of the place where it is not allways good as it can always show the end of time of your line making an nation full of ppl in creation to awakend the minds lost all to the kinds they where in the making of making a ration It was like they
knew to be in the ditch the open minds where allways in the creation of living in the realm a new wikênamâiauor utopia to manking making some new groupes in this without the new waves of creating the needs to anoye by making things as ignorant as beeing the creation this is how they need to live because it will be a feast at the end when it never ends walking in the time of space will be the key to make for them a better life the universe is ballanced until the moon kicks off because im donne here im going up to new grounds.


hidden light workers

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Some of us has great potential when awakend, but keep on getting attacks from dark entity's. This is a reason we are known to work this way.