~Illusion, Sensation, Tranquillity, Ascension~

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~Illusion, Sensation, Tranquillity, Ascension~

2011 October 25
Posted by Steve Beckow

We seem to have emerged from the era in which the dark ones, as SaLuSa calls them, created an illusion for us which we willingly inhabited and which contained the seeds of our doom.

That illusion was built from bricks such as the idea that death was the end, that our religious leaders represented God on Earth, that some races were superior to others, some religions inferior to others, and so on.

Within that illusion, the “masters of the universe,” as they thought of themselves, crafted a plan to depopulate the globe, bringing numbers down from 7 billion to 500 million, and enslaving the rest.

They used world wars, pandemics, toxic vaccines, chemtrails, weather warfare, GMO-engineered foods, financial warfare, false-flag operations, erosion of constitutional rights, and various other strategems to subdue us and then planned to kill us off in a nuclear World War III.

Although we can see the shreds of their organization still proceeding with Plan A, as if nothing has happened, behaving like brainless dinosaurs, their momentum has been largely stopped and their ranks greatly thinned. Soon they will be extinct, what went around coming around for them.

In their last dying days, they’ve abandoned illusion and are concentrating on sensation instead. Each day we hear sensational news in their attacks on President Obama and we largely take these up and run with them. They make sensational claims about Gaddhafi now that he is gone, continuing to stir the pot. They create rumors about comet Elenin, coming earthquakes, the end of the world, all very sensational and obligingly we take these up as well. We consider ourselves savvy lightworkers but we play into their hands again and again, as far as I can see.

We aren’t used to setting the agenda. We respond as if hit by an electric charge every time a new rumor is floated. But I think it’s time to start setting the agenda.

I continue to receive requests to post on matters like comet Elenin, Niburu, this rumor, that rumor, But the destruction of the underground bunkers, the rebellion of the nations against the Illuminati’s financial empire, and 11-11-11 approaching should either raise our vibrations quite a bit or make it that much more difficult for the dark to operate, especially on us.

And in light of these events, I’m not going to be posting more of the Sorcha Fall-type sensationalism that continues to float around these days. None of it has come true. How much bunkum do we need to be fed before we stop battening on it?

It’s time to set the agenda of peaceful consolidation of the people’s re-assumption of power in the world. Last March we held World Freedom Day, perhaps six months to a year too soon. But next March, we will have world freedom. I’m sure of it. And it’s time now to start acting like a free world, I say.

So I’m asking us to remove our attention from the illusion and sensation that the dark ones have been so feverishly selling us and to place our attention instead on the peace and tranquillity that the higher energies are making available to us. We can still take back our world from a peaceful and tranquil space and we can probably do it sooner than otherwise.

Yes, the FDA will continue to try to stop the transport of raw milk and do away with vitamin supplements. Yes, many government bureacuracies will try to take over the Internet, suppress free speech, and all the other gimmicks that would have been our fate had they succeeded with Plan A. But it’s all futile and no longer warrants our fearful attention.

What does warrant our attention is Ascension. Getting ready for takeoff is what I suggest we focus on now. And that means getting our fellow passengers on Spaceship Earth also ready for takeoff – the ones who’ve carried the karmic burden of starvation, ill health, unjust imprisonment, molestation, exploitation, and so on for the rest of us. We’re going on a journey and everyone who is of the Light and chooses to go is coming along with us.

We’re now the decision-makers, whether or not the men with batons and suborned reporters have seen and recognized it or not. It is time for us to begin acting with honor, patience, and dignity, as befits the victors in the war against the Light and the dark, victors who know that we fought for everybody, even the souls of the dark.

Remove your attention from the rumors and sensations. Calm down. Help your neighbors. Love your enemies. Compose yourself. Get ready for liftoff.

It’s time for us to set the agenda.