Important Information from The Earth Allies~ To Completly Awaken~ Be Open

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One of the major steps to your Awakening is that you must remain open and vulnerable. Being vulnerable was something your controllers taught you not to be. Just them teaching you what not to do should be proof alone that you should be challenging what they tell you not to do. This is the correct /Right Action path to Awakening. The best way to know that everything they taught you was lies is in doing the opposite of what they said was True [Except for the Golden Rule, Do unto Others as You Would have them do unto you, Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, Always Stand in a State of Forgiveness for Yourself and others, Love yourself and Love others as yourself]. Being Open and Vulnerable is the first step of letting go of fear. By letting go of fear, you drop isolation, separation, and all illusion that these even exist. Only in the dream did that exist. The dream is over. How do you Awaken? You wake up. For example, we, Mother God and Father God have also had this Experience, while sleeping, here in the physical realm, we do have dreams, especially when the illuminati Psychics were after us. As Aware Beings we recognized immediately that it was a dream of illusion, and instantly awoke out of it. This is what True Awakening is for you. To Awaken from out of the dream of illusion, you simply just wake UP. Let go of the dream, and you wake UP in Love.


Take a Moment and go look in the Mirror at your own face. It interfaces with the Divine Matrix, which is the Higher Grid, also the Holographic Reality that is Multi-Dimensional. Recognizing your Face, YOURSELF. Is recognizing or also reconnecting into your own Divinity. It is the Conscious experience of recognizing your Divinity, Your Love, and Your Uniqueness that is inside of you and nowhere else. Then you can remember, reconnect, and recognize your Love is interconnected with US and the Love that is this physical realm. The Physical Realm is also the Holographic self aware matrix of Light that is Energy. Conscious Atoms, are Consciously aware of your awareness, whether you are or not. The Step to going from unaware/unconscious to Conscious/Fully Conscious is the RECOGNITION of the Love within you as it is. Allow all feelings, to meet you in your Heart. This is the step of recognizing the Love within you. This very same Love within you is also directly interconnected to the Atoms and The Love they are, that is The New Physical Realm, that is Love everywhere Present. This is "The Kingdom of Heaven", Kingdom of God/Goddess, Multi-Dimensional Reality. This is You Being you Equal to the ALL.


Love The Earth Allies