~Indigos, Crystals, and Diamonds: The Children of Ascension~

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~Indigos, Crystals, and Diamonds: The Children of Ascension~ (Repost)

2011 October 29
Posted by Galactic Love Reporter Steve Beckow

The Indigo, Crystal, and Diamond children being born now are the Children of the Sun, the Children of Ascension. SaLuSa calls them “old souls in young bodies, who have brought much wisdom with them.” he advises us to “allow them to speak of what they bring as they are very spiritually evolved and are here to play a major part in the process of Ascension.” (1)

Matthew Ward distinguishes between Indigo and Crystal children:

“Souls are being born in bodies with the enhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and are rightfully referred to as Crystal Children. Others with increased intellectual capacity, spiritual clarity and aspirations came in the two generations before the Crystals and are known as Indigos.

“Sadly, in many cases these youngsters were considered abnormal, treated harshly and drugged into submission — once again, through the manipulation of dark ones who convinced unsuspecting counselors and parents that these exceptional children must conform to the ‘norm.’

“As knowledge about Crystal and Indigo individuals is spreading, some of the older ones are becoming aware of their greater potential and making life changes accordingly; parents are recognizing their young children as gifted and wisely treating them as such; the use of drugs to keep children with extraordinarily active minds in a stupor is lessening; and, indicating awareness of the beneficial influence of fine music, the numbers of youth choirs and orchestras are growing.” (2)

In a later message, he returned to the subject and said:

“Yes, the children whom you call Indigo or Crystal came in with or have acquired crystalline DNA. Although they chose parents who would cherish and nurture their differences, sadly, this has not been the case for many of these special children, particularly the older ones. It is heartening to see that some parents stopped drugging their youngsters into submissiveness and other parents are realizing that turning their children into listless conformists is not benefitting them.” (3)

Steve Rother’s source, “The Group,” also tells us that they need not evolve like us.

“The children being born now do not have to go through that same evolutionary process, for they are being placed well above the curve. The rest of you here are the ones of you evolving to catch up.” (4)

The Group says that, unlike us, who left a large part of ourselves on the higher planes when we incarnated, these children brought that part with them:

“When you first took the body, there was a huge portion of yourself that would not fit into the physical body. You left that portion behind in the other dimension you call Home. You actually connect to Home through this part of yourself, which you have called your Higher Self.

“It is that part of you which lives outside of your physical body. More of that part of you is now going to be in the physical body.

“The children being born every day are bringing these attributes in. Their eyes are getting brighter and you are starting to see more energy coming from them and more capabilities. You will also see them communicating telepathically in ways that you have never done before. But yet, you are evolving into that exact process.” (5)

The White-Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine tell us tell us that:

“The young Indigos are unshakeable in their knowing of what is in alignment with planet Earth’s frequencies at this time – and they anchor this into reality.” (6)

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says the Crystal children are assisting us to awaken.

“At this time of Accelerated Change and Transformation, it is once again the Children who are playing an important role in holding the energies and providing a strong field of energy to assist the process. There are two groups that are specifically active right now.

“The first group are the Crystal Children, but more specifically the Children of the Diamond Light, that have been born since April of 2009. These New Children are born fully aligned with the Cosmic Consciousness or the ‘Cosmic Rose,’ and we call them also ‘Children of the Sacred Rose.’ Their powerful energies are assisting many to Awaken and to find the Bridge of Light into the New Earth Consciousness. (7)

A new wave of Diamond children is now coming in that will further accelerate consciousness.

“In the course of the year of 2010, and through 2011, there will be a new wave of Diamond Light Children who will also carry the energy of the Platinum Ray in their personal holographic field. These children will also contribute powerfully to the energies of Transformation and will enable a further acceleration of consciousness, so that the Divine Light within Humanity might emerge more rapidly in the Collective as it rises into the Fifth Dimension of Light.” (8)

The Indigo children, now in their thirties, will lead in building new institutions and new methodologies for the ascended Earth.

“The Second important group will be those Indigo Crystal Beings who incarnated on the Planet as the First Wave of Indigos in the 1970s. These ones are now in their thirties, and are entering into mature adult life and activating the soul work and purposes for which they came to the Planet. Many of these are Powerful and Evolved Souls who will be the Leaders in building the new forms and structures of the New Earth.

“The most powerful among these will emerge as Teachers, Leaders and Thinkers in all fields of Human Life on Earth. They will begin to be perceived and experienced as a transformational force or energy on all levels. It is this generation, in their thirties, who will start to assume leadership roles in the creation of a new society. And, they will be guided by the ‘Elders of the Light,’ those who have gone before them and created the Path or Bridge of Light into the New Earth.” (9)

These new children won’t do well in schools that deal in linear notions. They see conceptually (which, by the way, is the way in which people see on the Astral Planes and higher). Kryon tells us.

“Years ago, by the thousands, began the influx of the children of new consciousness. We have spoken of this often. You gave permission in 1987 for the evolvement of human consciousness and the children are the proof! They are different… did you notice?

“Listen, adults: These children are not linear. These children are conceptual. They’re not going to do well with linear teaching. They’re looking at the entire castle, yet when they report to school, the system wishes to show them each building block, never showing them the castle. Difficult for you to understand, but even without the training, these children see the castle completed. The educators are boring them with how to build one! This is difficult to explain. You know they’re different, don’t you?

“So often, these children appear to be difficult. They are frustrated and it’s frustrating for those around them. This represents a new consciousness arriving and the frustration is that you are seeing it as a problem instead of what it truly is… an evolvement of human nature.” (10)

They will change the way we interact with each, as in business for instance, as Kryon says.

“They’re here now by the tens of thousands. Some of them are in their 20s and in their 30s. Stand by for the way business is changing and the new ways in which it will be accomplished. There’s going to be some integrity, finally. It’s coming from conceptual thinkers. The shift is upon us.” (11)

These special generations are leading the fight for freedom, as SaLuSa tells us.

“The world news, which we avidly follow, reveals that the younger generations are leading a crusade for freedom in many countries, and they will not be easily silenced. You have by now noticed that you have around you many dear young souls that already have a heightened awareness. They have brought with them the wisdom and knowledge required to present a new way of living and harmony that will bring you together in a common purpose.” (12)

“In this power shift on Earth, you’re going to see many who have lived for power – who have lived lifetime after lifetime in their powerhouses sitting in their power chairs with their power antics – leaving Earth and not coming back for quite some time.

“This is going to make room for the ones who have not been to Earth before – this whole new breed of Crystals, New Energy children, who are coming in on the very energy beams, the consciousness portals that you have helped to create.

“They are the new ones.” (13)

In case you wondered why people like Wendelle Stevens should leave now or many evolved people get caught up in natural disasters and leave, the Group reminds us that they will come back as Children of Ascension:

“There will be times when huge portions of the population will leave. You have seen this in recent weeks, and you will see it again.

“It is not that anyone is doing anything right or wrong. It is not that those people who left were not of high enough vibration to stay here. In fact, many of them were of such high vibration they could not stay much longer and they simply took that opportunity for a way out.

“There will be a balancing on planet Earth of energetics in many different ways. All of those people who are leaving in order to make this happen are coming back as Crystal Children with some incredible attributes.

“They are coming back because for them to take that route is easier than raising their vibration consciously, which is the route you are taking right now.” (14)

The Children of Ascension have been sheltered and nurtured by what Archangel Michael calls the “Elders of Light” and are now ready to take over from them. Through our combined efforts, we’ll make our way home and into the New Age of Light and Love.

“We ask that you honor the ‘Elders of Light’ among you, for these brave souls are the true ‘Warriors of Light’ whose courage and dedication to the Light over many years has made so much possible. Together, the Elders of the Light and the Indigo First Wave will be the powerful agents of transformation, and the Diamond Light Children will energize the Holographic Earth matrix with their powerful Light of Love. …

“It is a Blessed and Radiant time into which you are now entering. We ask that you celebrate your success, Beloved Family of Light!” (15)


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