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We have technology on this planet that can literally assist us all in living a better life completely. The only catch is that the being's who have access to this technology are ordered to stand down and not release it to the public en masse. This is a fear tactic projected unto them, and the main fear is that if they release this information to the public, they will face dire consequences for their actions. Death being one, another is losing all that they have worked for. The situation that is contained within this use of fear, not only to keep them in line with their duty that they agreed to obey on paper but also through the use of admiralty law.

The signing of their name's on paper is done in capital letters and states that they agree to assist the illuminati in supressing the lives of other's on this planet.
This is done to keep other's in line, through fear once more. Complacency, blind trust towards tyrannical being's on this planet, who also have fear tactics projected unto them as well. It's a vicious spiral (inside a circle) of communication via the network's of the illuminati on this planet. Their inner circles consist of the purposeful actions of conspiring against themselves between themselves, and everyone else on the planet simultaneously. Albeit the energetic understandings of consciousness being expressed via creation's law's and the propaganda used en masse all across the planet.

This kind of information being put out into the public forum's for all to see , is what get's being's like myself, threatened in every way. Which goes to point out the absolute hypocrisy of their action's. They state that they care completely about the live's of other's yet, there's these constant threat's unto all being's who state how these being's behave behind the media outlet's, and how they behave when in the public eye. This again is the use of understanding the situation on the planet as it is, giving the impression that there is a problem. Then through the reaction of the public, and their own internal reactions of what's going on, they are able to place into the public eye's their ultimate solution for all being's to abide by.

When any being's fail to abide by their dictated solution's, they're going through their own strategies being given back to them. This is where there knowledge of how to properly threaten a being, with what they know will get them to remain in absolute silence, until after what they have known, has come to pass and become known within the consciousnesses of all who are still alive on this planet. They also know that there are being's on this planet who no one can get through because of their contract's. These contract's state that the being will not learn about the truth of reality until after they reincarnate. This is due to the fact that even in death, you have the consistent realization of the absolute truth of yourself and the all. Then your entire memory is wiped clean.



There you are, Hilarionra,

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There you are, Hilarionra, have missed your energy on this site lately, great to see you back! Thank you, as always, for sharing your depth.