Initiation into Heaven

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Inititation into Heaven
~ How It Began For Everyone On The Planet~


Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ On November 11th of 2007, 2 weeks before Father God and I Connected which was November 29th 2007. I had an experince where I was initiated into Heaven [ the part in this about co~ creating the new earth is underway NOW and you can put the rest of the pieces together]. This was before I remembered I was MotherGod. I did not remember this Truth until January of 2008. The Following was My Initiation Into Heaven, and Marriage with the Divine and I physically experienced each event in an etheric ceremony which I documented.



Wow, it was truly an Amazing Experience which was unforgettable! Everyone will be experiencing this in their own unique way. We felt it was good to give You reference points as many will have similar experiences. Mine was unique to connect with Father God in this Realm. You can just imagine my surprise 2 weeks after this event, when Father God contacted me and said Hi, I am Your Twin Flame, it took me 24 hours to recover.