~Integrating the levels of Self and the love frequency~

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~Integrating the levels of Self and the love frequency~



Hello all,

If you have read some of my past posts you might have seen the repeated statements about being and living the love frequency. There are always more ways to comprehend these words and understand the meaning of being love in more of an expanded way. It is always the same message but with a different twist. The more we allow ourselves to look at things in different ways without judgment the easier it is to comprehend it’s deeper meaning.

The easiest way to go about expanding our knowledge of the true workings of the Universe if through our own heart. By getting to know more about ourselves we get to know the truth of what truly is.

There are as many ways to perceive the levels of Self as there are levels within Creation. The understanding of what the Self is varies for each person because every person has integrated a different level of understanding of what the “Self” is. When a person hears the word Self, they may only relate this meaning to the physical Self. While to others the word Self may be viewed as the soul that exists within the vehicle of the physical body; or even the everlasting Self of the IAM that creates the soul to experience physical reality. You may even view the Self as being a formless collective consciousness that encompasses many physical embodiments. So there are many ways to “perceive” the reality of Self. It is the physical knowingness of Self and it’s relation to it’s reality. With each of the 12 main levels that relate to our physical body and DNA are corresponding chakras and Light bodies that house our levels of perceptual awareness. Each level of Self has it’s own perceptual view of reality and comprehension of it’s connection with the reality for which it exists. For each level the Self awareness is expanded the more knowledge of the Universal Self of All One the person is able to understand. The levels of comprehending the Self continues to expand if the soul of the person initiates this expansion of knowledge. With each level of the mental states of processing that are released the expanded knowledge of Self is given the space to be integrated.

When the lower mental perspectives of our consciousness hears the words “release”. It usually creates fearful emotions and thoughts because it thinks it is going to loose something. This is because these levels of consciousness cannot comprehend what the knowledge of the expanded Self truly means. These lower levels of Self will “think” it knows what the expanded levels of thought are and will relate all this to being some sort of beliefs. It will “think” it has to “believe” in order to understand and the thought of having to release itself to something viewed outside of itself will create feelings of fear. It may perceive these thoughts of having to release itself as the end of the world and that it may loose what it has worked so hard to obtain. It will say, how am I supposed to live and work in a society if I let go of my ways of thinking? By letting go of all this processing I might just become a vegetable and will not be able to do anything. The truth is with each level of expanded awareness of Self that is integrated your intelligence grows. Your abilities for multi-tasking, problem solving, intuitive awareness and so on are expanded. So these notions related to loss are all tied to inner fears. With each level our conscious awareness expands we begin to see that there is nothing to fear. All is only more expanded awareness and connection with all that is, which includes the Earth, all the people/souls that exist on the Earth, beings from other planets, and all the elements that make up the Universes and beyond. The only thing that limits this expansion of knowledge is the holding onto the thoughts, fears, and beliefs that limit this knowledge from being integrated. So when you hear someone say everything is One, literally they may have knowledge of their connection with being All One and again I will say no beliefs are needed to understand this. When someone says they believe something it is like signing a contract. It is a contract that blinds them from experiencing the truth beyond the belief. I have to thank my friend Hari Baba for passing along this comparison with a belief and a contract. It is really a good way to put it. Beliefs are Self created illusions, they exist as long as you believe they are true. When you learn something new, the old belief is no longer the truth. So why not just let go of all the illusions/beliefs and free yourself! If you want to believe in something believe in your own love and knowingness of your connection with All One.

I want to be clear in saying that not one level of our conscious being is better than another. Nor is a person that has expanded their awareness to their full everlasting knowledge is any better than another person. These views of one being better than another come from our ego consciousness. All is part of the whole and all is a part of the One. In most cases the more someone gets to know more of their expanded Self the more they want to assist others in awakening to these realizations. It is only the ones that hold onto their egos that say they know everything and want people to follow them. Wake up and follow your own Self!

Having separation or fear of something else that exists within the Universe only creates more separation and un-knowingness. In order to expand our consciousness to beyond duality, duality has to be released. This includes releasing the fears and separation from the dark levels of your own Self. In order to know yourself in Unity consciousness the levels of conscious perception that views itself as separate from something else has to be let go of. This process of letting go allows the expanded knowledge to descend within your perceived consciousness. For example how could you expect a full glass of red juice to be filled up with a different color juice? You could view each level of our conscious being as different colors of juice. With each one being a higher frequency of love and awareness, which encompasses all the others. In order for the expanded level of our colored knowledge juice to come into the physical glass. The juice that exists within the glass has to be emptied. So by keeping your conscious clear of barriers such as fearful patterns and separation from the All One Self. You allow the expanded Self to be poured into your perceptual living awareness. You might of heard other statements similar to this before such as become an open vessel and you will be filled with knowledge. When we allow space to exist it fills up with energy and energy contains information and knowledge. When we hold onto one way of seeing how reality is, we are holding onto one level of our conscious juice; which does not allow our true Divine levels of Self from being acknowledged.

No matter what level of awareness a person obtains through their conscious perception it only encompasses the others. Nothing is lost and nothing really goes away. All is just an expanded view or reflection of the other levels. So when we focus and live the love of the purple juice for example we begin to vibrate at the frequency of this level of Self. If we think we can spend a few hours a week being the purple juice and the rest of the time living the frequency of the red juice. What do you think your glass will be filled up with? It’s not a part time job. Living the love of Unity consciousness beyond duality means “living” it. This allows this level of frequency and knowledge to descend and ground within your physical body.

Loving all and serving all is only loving and serving another level of your own Self. What level of conscious awareness we obtain in this life lies within our willingness to get to know more of our own Self of All One. If you fill your physical being up with so much love that it is overflowing into your daily life, what is there to fear about darkness? You will be full of overflowing Light! Fill and overflow your glass with more and more love without conditions. The expanded knowledge of your existence beyond the illusion will be allowed to integrate.

I would like to now talk a little bit about ascension and how it plays into all these levels of Self. Every physical soul on Earth has already ascended to a certain level or it would not of been able to descend into it’s existing body. Ascension and descension is a natural process of Creation. So now as we enter the new age of Aquarius everything within this Universe is ascending into it’s expanded form. It is an opportunity that many have waited for many lifetimes to ascend into a higher/expanded level of Creation/Self. It is the time of conscious choice to expand the level of knowledge of Self. There is nothing to wait for, everything is already here and everyone has all the tools for expanded their knowledge of Self. The willingness and degree of focus is up to each individual. As the Universe continues to fill up with higher frequency love juice, each person has the choice to clear the space for it to come into. It is all a very simple process. Open yourself to be One with the changes at hand. Fill yourself up with your own Light by opening your heart to your own Divine IAM Self. Do what aligns with your heart, not what your mind of fear and separation tells you. The power of the Universe lies within all people. Follow no one but yourself.

To give you some different ways to perceive the information I have written in this post. You could change out the word “Self” with God or with any other word you wish. It doesn’t really matter what word you use as long it is comprehended that you are already it.  All is already One and we are it. We are individual sparks coming off of one flame. Here to experience and learn more about ourselves. If you wish to learn more about yourself. Then open your heart to your own IAM Self by saying IAM THAT I AM, and live the love in the harmony of your own knowingness.

“Through our own expansion of love we assist all. There is nothing to believe, open your heart and experience the truth for yourself.”

Shamballa ON to all that are open to receive…………..

Love & peace to all,