***INTEL*** GFL Schedule of events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012 Through Sheldan Nidle

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***INTEL*** GFL Schedule of events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012 Through Sheldan Nidle



This data obtained from Sheldan Nidle Webinar #26 April 22, 2012


You can find this and more Thursday, April 26, 6 to 7:30 p.m. PDT

Sheldan Nidle Updates



Mid ~ Spring 2012

* Mass Public Arrests
* Announce New Banking System
* New Government In Power
* UFO Disclosure


Summer 2012

* Trial Dates Set
* Release Of Secret Technology
* New Business & Financial Infrastructure In Place
* Meetings With Earth - Based Members Of Space & Spiritual Families



Looks like a big agenda for

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Looks like a big agenda for the time frame announced......here is hoping there will not be more disappointment with a time frame given and then not happening....

If You read our Updates

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Then You Will Have no doubts.......... Also Why Not Be the Change and Help spread the word


Also, If You are aware that we have been holding the Transitionary Governemnt meetigs now for 2 Months.


All Events are inevtibale~ Love The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Charging for the Webinar?

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I can't believe there is a charge to find out this info....This info is supposed to be free to all. AM I wrong in saying this or what?  Why must you charge?




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He does charge for His Webinar's, but we are also attending these and he is in line with our information. This should be the least of your concerns Love. We will pass along all information here at the Press which is a Free Information Site. All Our Love, The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

PROPOSED Timeline Scenario

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Do YOU work for nothing? If so, how do you survive? Everyone needs to have food, clothing and shelter in order to survive, including Lightworkers.


Also, there is a FREE 20-min. preview of the webinar on Thursday, May 3rd, at 6 pm PDT. You can get all the information you need from that preview. If you are interested, you need to register for it at the http://www.paoweb.com site. Click on the "Galactic Events Schedule" on the right side of the page.


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What comes from GOD/Love is Essentially Free .

If it is Given Free to you , Share it Free to others . After all we are not speaking of industrial or commercial products ...

We are speaking here about Freedom , Light , Humanity , Life and the Future of Planet Earth .If you want to eat , why dont you try WORK ,   like every other human beeing does ?

charging for the webinar

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I was taught that you never charge for the Truth.  When you do, it becomes distorted....

Very Well

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Very Well Said ! That's the Truth !When someone , who suposedelly "works" for the Light , asks me for money , i instantelly Know where it comes from ...

Information for FREE for those in the know

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DRAKE & Deatra have been the PRIMARY info providers ever since this came out and it is FREE. Their website is www.freedom-reigns.us


I agree that this info is FREE to everyone who KNOWS where to get it. Others like to profit off of taking information from so called "Secretive" sources and peddle it to unknowledgeable gullible people. If they really wanted what is good for our country, wouldn't they offer the info up for FREE? I educate people EVERYDAY for FREE. BECAUSE I want to give my children a better world to live in. The money system is going to collapse anyway, so all their ill gotten gain won't mean a hill of beans.


As my Dad once said, "Watch what people do, not what they say."


I rest my case.

Information for FREE (?) for those in the know

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To each his own. I disagree. And Even Deatra and Drake ask for donations. And they may be in a better position financially to do what they do the way they do it.


"Judge not lest you be judged." Judgement KILLS and has no place in 5D.


Everyone has something to contribute and everyone is free to partake if they feel to or are able to. But NO ONE should be pounded on for how they contribute to the whole. If you do not like it, then just don't go for what they have to offer.


I rest MY case!

Disclosure is going to

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Disclosure is going to happen, but to avoid frustration and getting worked up over a data and wasting are enrgies in that why, I reccomend just sending love out during meditation 10-15min a day and have some patience. The wait will just make it tast sweeter all the more sweeter when we get there, like needing a wee.


Lol the problem with this time frame is its past mid spring, theres only one month left in this season. Maybe they mean next year

PROPOSED Timeline Scenario

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The post was incorrectly broadcast. This is the Proposed timeline scenario, NOT a cast-in-steel one. And, in my view, it should never have been posted because it then gives the bad guys targets for interfering with the rollout. The timeline is predicated upon no out-of-the-blue interference which would obviously change the timing. Anyone with half a brain would recognize that. We are ALL creating the timelines with our thoughts and, if  we want things to unfold smoothly, we have to keep our visioning on what we want to happen while not bringing undue attention to our strategy.


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According to other sources no time has been given and it was only expressed in 'sometime within'....


The powers that 'were' will not be able to tell who's in the know, and will be taken unexpectedly.  Other sources are involved...not just the ETs.  :D  The actions are being taken, and no one will notice until the news crews, who were invited, get the video of the arrests.  Let's just send love and protection to those who are risking their lives because there has been 14 deaths already, in this operation.  


I say...send the 'light forces' much protection. :)