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Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou | Athens, 2 Mar. 11

eloved family of the Light, human angels of the Christ consciousness, I Am Archangel Jophiel. I greet you through the Angelic Kingdoms and the pure consciousness of the integrated Christ which anchors now on your planet.

Loved ones, the light process taking place now in your bodies brings about root changes and updates to your DNA code. The light codings grounding now on the planet, on mother earth, are directly connected in a complete way with your emotional body and your mental body also.

Beloved, we know that the changes happening in your lives have some difficulties but we tell you that what comes now to you, the gift we offer you through the Angelic kingdoms of the Light is to make this leap and to immerse your being and your lower bodies, which are going now through a metamorphosis, in the Christ light in order to be transformed with the clear energy of the Divine, of the Father and Mother.

While the lower centers of humanity are cleared and your solar plexus, this energy will be grounding more and more in the lower dimensions of your consciousness and in the consciousness of the planet. The higher Light of your I Am Presence will anchor and will be established firmly inside you!

Corollary to this many things will change on the physical realm. The human relationships will shift to the best because they will be guided from the vehicle of the integrated Christ consciousness. We assist in this through the Angelic Kingdom and we support this process. The Christ consciousness is the one that will bring the new balance in the communities of men/women since it will be expressed through each heart, through every thought, through every emotion.

Loved ones, the energies of March are about to be very intense and will bring an acceleration to the ascension process. This acceleration is due to the DNA code activation as we said before, the codes of the integrated Christ which are grounding now in your four body system. This will give a boost on global level and the next massive awakening waves of all humans will begin. It will be a breath, a breath of peace and expansion!

I Am Presence & the Codes of the Twin Flame!

Beloved, at this moment where the energies change in intense rhythms and the heavenly Hierarchies of the Light contribute in the establishment of the new energy grids around planet earth, we prompt you to begin the anchoring process of your own Divine Presence on planet Earth. This call happening now is different from anything you have experienced before regarding the anchoring of the higher Light of who you are, your I Am Presence.

The Light codes coming now through the Angelic Hierarchies of the Light and the Christ consciousness, will anchor the I Am Presences and the codes of the Twin Flame, absolutely and completely on earth. The twin flame codes and the energies of completeness are spreading now on the planet.

Connect with this information on the higher levels of the inner dimensions and receive this Light inflow coming now for you. Through your I Am Presence you can ask for the balance and the completion of your Twin Flame codes since are available now to you from a new level.

When this process begins know that many things will change!

This is happening due to the unification of the dimensions during the ascension process. All dimensions are coming much closer and tend to merge and become one within the field of the integrated Christ which enfolds them. This unified state of the fields is known to you as the Mahatma energy, an aspect of the integrated Christ.

The Christ energy embraces all the dimensions and is not limited on any level. It spreads in all Creation and inheres in everything. The Christ consciousness is the consciousness of complete unconditional Love of the Divine. The Christ consciousness is the consciousness of Love.

The Star of the Christ Consciousness
A Meditation-Exercise from Master Sananda and Archangel Jophie

Along with the ascended Masters we bring forward to you a tool, an information you can work with this month. This information will help you to build up your energy, the Light you hold in your consciousness as you construct the Light Bodies of your I Am Presence, while you build your spiritual vehicles which will hold the new consciousness of the integrated Christ that you are.

So as you enter the field of silence during your meditation, visualize above your head a shining golden star. This golden star is the star of the Christ consciousness which guides you. See this star emitting a golden ray of light which descends in your field. Illuminating your mind and the going down till it reaches the center of the heart, and stops there. Breath in this ray, this energy coming from the star and let it spread in your heart.

As you breathe in and out, affirm “The Christ Consciousness guides my existence. The Christ Consciousness guides my existence. The Christ Consciousness guides my existence!”. And then see a greater Light being diffused, like a shower of energies, radiating from the star, showering you all over with golden light, down to the feet and below.

Surrender for a while in this energy and absorb the beneficial qualities through the Light of the Christ Consciousness. And then invoke the highest divine Light that you are. Say, “I invoke the highest Light that I Am, my I Am Presence, to anchor the divine consciousness and the energies, the new codes of the Twin Flame that I Am, now.” And after you ask, you will feel the activation happening in your fields like a flow of light, a vortex of energy coming down from on high, entering and anchoring on your crown chakra, and then diffusing in all of your body, in your aura. Breathe in, and give the permission for the process to be completed. Remain for some time in this field and absorb the blessings coming now for you.

This exercise will bring a further and stronger connection with the higher dimensions in order to help you in the next steps and the guidance you receive to be more clear and more complete.

Becoming the living expression of Peace and Balance!

Beloved light workers, know that we are next to you in your every step and we open your way to the ascension of your spirit within the heart of all-encompassing Being. Now, in this period and from now on it is of great importance for each one to attune every day with the energies of the Light.

This means to connect with the inexhaustible source of divine love, divine wisdom, divine power and then to bring this divine state of consciousness inside you. Becoming one with it. Be peace, be serenity, tranquility, love. And not just to think about it, but rather be it, becoming one with it, feeling it. Knowing yourself as such, on the here and now, in every moment. Do this alignment every day and spread this Light everywhere within, in your bodies; in your emotional body clearing out the lower vibrations, in your thoughts bringing calmness to the mind. In your hearts, in the soul and in your spirit.

The heavenly kingdoms are not separated from the field of the earth, they are not separated from humans and the rest kingdoms of the earth. The balance in your consciousness, the harmonization of your energies, it is attainable and it is something that can be done especially in this period of ascension, where the vibration is rising and you are embraced in the energies of Love as they are held in the fifth dimension.

So while the planet is transiting to this field of Light, where duality does not exist, you need to choose, to make your inner work and the work with your consciousness in order to hold yourself in the new field of light that is coming. This is a choice you are called to make.

-Which consciousness do you choose to embrace?

You can choose the consciousness of love which prevails in the fifth dimension and where you are now entering to as a planet or you can choose to remain in a consciousness which embraces the perspective of the third and fourth dimension where in their biggest part at this moment are distorted, full of separation and pain. You are the ones who will choose, we just tell you that now is the opportunity since the process of transition can take place much more easily this period.

In the previous message we gave you we talked on how important is the daily work of purification. While the energies of the lower consciousness are being released out of the energy bodies, and from the physical body, the recordings and the memories in the cells and the human DNA, is extremely useful the daily contact with the energies of purification.

When you release the bounded dynamic which is captivated in situations, people or facts, then a part of your power returns back. The passing through this course to break the old patterns might seem difficult, bringing doubts to the mind, uncertainty for the future and feeling the resistance on your bodies. Know that this purification is happening on many levels and through entire incarnations. Apply and light practices you know and can empower you and release yourself.

Preparing for the Light Inflow. On course for 2012!

Loved ones, the orchestration of the Divine Plan for your planet this year holds in store great and root changes in the structures of society and in human relationships. The era of Light is unfolding while the Divine Light is grounded through the channels of the Spiritual Hierarchy and supported by the Galactic Hierarchy, the Angelic Kingdom, the Planetary and Cosmic Masters and all beings of the Light of Infinity. You have entered the final alignment for the ignition of ascension, the climax of 2012 where the energies will reach the zenith.

In that period the earth will receive even more influence from the close planetary systems, from stars and also from other galaxies which connect with this process. The etheric web of ascension is almost complete. That moment the Universal Logos, the Christ and the Galactic Hierarchies of the Light will ignite the web for the complete transition of earth and the rest planets that will ascend along with the Earth.

The inflow of Light you will receive that period will have great intensity and force. This is the reason you are being prepared now so intensively and you experience powerful changes in the DNA code and in your physical bodies. You are carefully prepared in order to be able to hold in your field the energies that are about to anchor and flow in that portal. Your nervous system needs to be upgraded.

So your physical body, the emotions, the thoughts need to be purified and enter a new level of harmony, alignment and peace. To find your center and to be unmoved on this, so when that moment will come, the energy of ascension to give you the boost and to elevate you up and beyond in order your consciousness to anchor once and for all in the higher fields and to remain there. This dynamic is something is building up. It will be a great blessing for your planet.
Applying the Perspective of the Heart!

We would like to talk to you a little bit on how you see things regarding the situation now in many countries of the planet. Loved ones, you would have observed through the Media the different views they present to you and the different groups of people. We bring to you this example in order to give you another perception about reality. Even in the country you live, at the land you reside, there are many different ideas on how things are and you can see this very clearly through the (tv) programmes in the way they present the situation to you.

Watching a tv channel, you see for example the difficulties that a country is facing and in what difficult situation these people are. You switch to another channel and you see that people are doing very well, having fun and are joyful. On another channel they show you that there is hope and something starts happening from a group of people. In this example, three different channels are showing you three different things or views.

Each one looks on what he/she wants to look at, and so they translate and create their reality. Depending on where do you focus your energy and what you observe, then you will attract it since you align with it. We are not saying that what happens are not happening.

But we caution you to be more careful with your thoughts, the pictures you hold in your mind, the emotions you connect with those pictures. The beliefs you hold inside. What is your spirit and your heart telling you about them? Are they beneficial for you? Do they harm your system?

If they are beneficial they will bring joy, freedom, inspiration, creativity, opening and expansion, then keep them. If not, then do something with them. Release them, change your view and replace those thoughts, those emotions with a joyful perspective as it is brought now, that moment forward by your heart to you. As an alternative solution, another reality presented to you from the Spirit. And when you recognize that perspective the Spirit brings to you, then chose it, chose that reality and pull it in you. In the heart, in your reality. And so it will be!

Beloved souls, the lessons are coming this period to each one, in order to achieve the highest evolutionary level in this incarnation, because as we told you, this is your opportunity, and you have chosen it long before, to experience it and achieve it. The Victory of the Light is with you. While the intensive lessons of self-mastery and self-empowerment are presented now so to complete them, we wish you for this month patience, calmness and balance.

Through the Angelic Kingdoms of the Light and the heavenly origins of the integrated Christ, I spoke truly.

Archangel Jophiel.

Channeling from Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou| 2  Feb.11, Athens

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