~International Efforts to Make UFO Information Viral~With a Commentary from Steve Beckow~

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~International Efforts to Make UFO Information Viral~With a Commentary from Steve Beckow~

Ann sends in this cartoon: beneath it’s humorous surface, is it too another attempt to signal that the media will not toe the line much longer?

If you’d like to send something to a news outlet as and Maarten suggest and don’t know what to send, you may wish to consider passing along the article “End the UFO Cover-up,” to be found at http://stevebeckow.com/world-disclosure-day/the-ufo-cover-up/end-the-ufo-cover-up-2/


JUNE 28, 2011

by Malps, 2012 Indy Info

My friend Maarten Horst, from BBS Radio just sent me a message.

Here is a link to his radio show, every Monday at 7pm GMT: http://www.bbsradio.com/etfirstcontactradio/

He is emailing News Agencies with information regarding Disclosure of Benevolent Extraterrestrials willing to have Contact and help our civilization.

I am going to join him with supplying all the information I have concerning UFOs, decloaking, and the Disclosure Project. All reliable, solid, trustworthy types of information concerning contact with the Galactic Federation of Light and all Human / Galactic Beings.

I will ask them to make these public, so that the entire world can know the Truth about the fact that we are not alone in the Universe. The Universe is filled with beings full of love and light, willing to help us throughout this difficult time for Humanity as well as for the entire Planet.

Here are a few email addresses. I invite all the readers to join Maarten and me in sending information around Disclosure to these News Agencies. I will do this everyday, untill Disclosure has taken place !!

Love and Light