Intervention targeting the Black Goo from Chemtrails

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3/31/2017 2:34 pm
i heard about black 'goo' today being sent by chemtrails... that is literally black and is draconian (off world) in substance... I asked if I had permission to address the goo and transmutate the substance, so that it is instead LOVE AND LIGHT that is being spread upon the airways.

I am humming at this moment the specific frequency that is targeted at the 'black goo', which will transmutate it into LOVE & LIGHT. That is good. this will be a permanent repair.

this substance (black goo) is different than the 'usual' chemtrail combinations that have been sent upon populations world wide, hithertoo.

I have 4 more minutes to sustain this frequency.... which means it may be complete by 2:40 pm.

Q: Will this transmutation reverse what black goo has already been dropped upon specific and non-specific target recipients? YES

Q: What is the range of this transmutation repair of the black goo? WORLDWIDE

Q: Who is answering my questions at this moment? JESUS

It is 2:41 pm...
Q: Am I finished transmutating? NO. KEEP GOING.

I know those guys don't have watches... I know I've quit wearing my own watch... so it is understandable that they may have informed me incorrectly as to the 'finish' time.

It is 2:42 pm
Q: Am I finished transmutating? YES.

Oh. Good.

Q: is there something more that I am to 'do' at this moment in this category of intervention? NO