Interview with Christopher Doyon of Anonymous

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We've had some controvery previously when posting about Anonymous, and I wanted to clear up the position of the GFP upon their organization. We support Anonymous' effort to make the world's secrets known. Love has nothing to hide, while fear tries to hide Everything, but there will be no more darkness when the Truth is there for all to see. While we support Anonymous' vision, we don't necessarily support every action by those identifying themselves as members of Anonymous. Some of their actions are done out of hate, and this is not something we can endorse.


The major corporations, those "too big to fail" monstrosities, are very afraid of Anonymous. It's terrifying to them that even though they can buy off the most powerful governments in the world, these same corporations can be brought to their knees by some 14 year old kid on a $300 computer. That's the power of a Human Being over an illusionary entity like a corporation.


The following is a selection from the interview:

Q: What do you say to people who believe Anons are just cyber-terrorists?
Basically I decline the semantic argument. If you want to call me a terrorist, I have no problem with that. But I would ask you, “Who is it that’s terrified?” If it’s the bad guys who are terrified, I’m really super OK with that. If it’s the average person, the people out in the world we are trying to help who are scared of us, I’d ask them to educate themselves, to do some research on what it is we do and lose that fear. We’re fighting for the people, we are fighting, as Occupy likes to say, for the 99%. It’s the 1% people who are wrecking our planet who should be quite terrified. If to them we are terrorists, then they probably got that right.

‘I think eventually we’ll win. I’ve always believed that right will always prevail’

“Information terrorist” – what a funny concept. That you could terrorize someone with information. But who’s terrorized? Is it the common people reading the newspaper and learning what their government is doing in their name? They’re not terrorized – they’re perfectly satisfied with that situation. It’s the people trying to hide these secrets, who are trying to hide these crimes. The funny thing is every email database that I’ve ever been a part of stealing, from Pres. Assad to Stratfor security, every email database, every single one has had crimes in it. Not one time that I’ve broken into a corporation or a government, and found their emails and thought, “Oh my God, these people are perfectly innocent people, I made a mistake.”


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