It Is Beginning To Get Physical

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After years on this path of embodiment, I am so excited to feel the changes happening. Our physical world is shifting and despite how uncomfortable that can feel at times, my heart is dancing like Snoopy in his “happy dance” expression. It has been so long for our dreams and visions to begin to manifest in the physical. We are at the glimmering stage, not quite landed in but it is happening!

For me, I find that I cannot place myself in time. To look ahead, to make a plan, it is as though I am wandering in heavy fog. It swirls around me unless there is something that is mine to do. Then the fog clears, I follow the impulse and it happens. This could be awakening to book a plane ticket at 3 am or send a text message to someone at a certain moment. Things drop in and float out from my mind. Last month I forgot to pay my credit card bill, a first. Calendars do not hold dates steady as they once did. Things float and shift and I move with them. I am startled at times to find myself popping back into a space, having no idea where I have just been. Fortunately I receive guidance of when it is safe for me to drive or when I need to have the security of my couch and cottage to rest in as I dreamweave the new liquid love light into form.

fullsizeoutput_2d6aFor years, I was called to anchor certain frequencies and clear others. Now we serve more as conduits as all flows through us. We fill the grid lines with liquid lovelight and marvel at the beauty of this earth, as she lights up like a Christmas tree. I have felt such a sharp yearning at times for hearts that are dear to me. I reach out to them with a fierce longing to be in their physical presence to share our love. This alerts me that the time is rapidly approaching where many of us will live in our love pods with our loved ones, sharing a space where we can harmonize and breathe in a shared frequency of love. Oh my, it takes my breath away simply feeling that! We have longed for this for eons of time.

The time of completions is at hand. Reach out to everyone with whom there is any residual inharmony. They  may not respond in kind, it matters not. It is all about the love. I had a heart aching conversation with a sibling from my childhood. She has been gone from my life for decades. My heart ached for the hell that she is currently living. I witnessed her telling of it and watched my old “fixer” self arise. I wanted to rescue her, to make it right. The new way is so powerful. I sat with all of that in my heart. I felt the despair of so many, felt for those who suffer from mental illness, felt the pain in their hearts. I held it all and sent it flowing in love. My desire to take action dissolved as my heart had already done all that was needed. The old ways no longer work. We are responsible for ourselves. We are not to carry others. We are to release all to the “holiness of their path” in absolute honoring of each one’s choices. All are here to grow and learn. It is not mine to discern what constitutes growth for another’s soul. To experience hell, may be a chosen experience. It is not mine to know or interfere. The compassion arises to envelop all experiences in the flame of love. Allowing the pause, the space to hold what arises, to sit as the swirls of emotions settle, is mastery. It allows the truest expression to come forth to meet whatever is held. I feel such peace as I allow this.

One of my daily hearts that show up to remind me of how I am loved. I enjoy the various forms they come in. A bit of peel on the sink!

One of my daily hearts that show up to remind me of how I am loved. I enjoy the various forms they come in. A bit of peel on the sink!

Victimhood is departing. The old frequencies of pain and suffering are leaving. Many will choose death, as the earth has chosen to no longer support the lower frequencies. There are those who have paved the way, who will also depart, with an acknowledgment of a job well done. Others will stay to bridge the way to the new. I am one of those. I knew that I was here to make my physical ascension in this body when I first heard of the possibility in 1989. Oh how the years have dragged and flown. It is a good thing that in 2012, I did not know the distance still to be traversed. 2020 sounded so futuristic and unfathomable. Yet, here we stand on the cusp of great change in our physical worlds. We have been hunkered down on our own, scattered around the world, holding our flames alight. Now the reunions will begin. The new earth councils are being formed. We are being called to our new roles.

The river where the salmon was leaping upstream.

The river where the salmon was leaping upstream.

We let go of the old ways, the old motions that have felt hollow for so long. We are here to love fiercely and wildly. On my walk to the river yesterday, I saw a salmon leap out of the water, time and time again as it fought the current to make its way upstream. Most of the others had passed by last month. Yet, here was this straggler, making its way, its body shredded, falling apart yet still moving, still striving. I felt a kinship with her. She was intent upon reaching her home to lay her eggs as I am intent upon birthing the new creations. My womb is full despite my body feeling so worn. I am pregnant to bursting with the power of the lovelight that desires to be born.

As I walked back to my car, I saw something flash out of the corner of my eye. I looked up into the steady golden gaze of a coyote. He was ten feet from me on the path, stillness embodied. I greeted this wild thing in my own wildness. I laughed at the power of the energy exchanged, aliveness to aliveness. I went to take a photo but my camera would not work, it wobbled time after time as I attempted to make it work. Once I departed, the camera worked again. I smiled at that trickster, playing with me, making sure I understood the fun and magic at work. I do and I am glad!