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Golden Wolf: Pass it On

by James Gilliland on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 11:28am

Golden Wolf
We have a funny way at looking at the Earth Changes. In the Japan event one elder said the Whale Brother/Sisters have spoken, high fiving it in the ocean. We have to not get bogged down in tragedy and fear. It blocks the lifeline and information from spirit. Great Spirit and all its helpers are watching this grand play knowing everyone is eternal. They watch some make it, watch some listening, and some not making it and not listening in full awareness of your eternal nature. When a soul does not make it and enters the heaven that matches their vibration they are greeted with a high five and great effort you almost made it by those in the spirit world. This is often followed by a great sense of relief and both belly laughing. 

For those who want to continue their journey in the physical and want to listen here is a heads up. Your Earth the grand mother and giver of your physical body is ascending, changing her frequencies and going to the next level of her expression.

This is a birthing process and not all births are easy. For some who listen and prepare the birth will be easier, for those who don't harder and some will find themselves birthed into the heavens. The most ancient of ancestors were from the stars. They are returning. Many of them and their structures are now molten rock due to the nature of what some call plate tectonics. Some of their more recent structures before the last cataclysms remain; which cannot be duplicated to this day. 
There are subduction zones where the plates are going under recycled into molten rock and zones where the Earth is rising again anew. The 9th Wave of change into unity consciousness, the solar flares, the Moon cycles, Galactic Core Alignments, planetary alignments and gravitational fields of large incoming objects all play a part in the expansion and movement of the Earth. The time compression where what used to take centuries will happen in weeks is at play, the sun cycles, CMEs Solar Flares, and the alignment with Hunabku Galactic Center are well explained by the Mayan Calendar and other Nations Prophecies. What is happening in Japan and many other islands is the movement of these plates. Many islands are going under some are rising depending on their location.

Whole continents like the ancient Mu or Lemuria are raising from underneath the oceans some ancient cities like Atlantis are being exposed due to the melting of the poles. Many of these ancient cities are 2,000 feet beneath the sea. Do you know why many Native cultures do not easily embrace technology? It is because those were their ancestors and in some cases extreme abuse of technologies not unlike today brought about their demise. 
The Earth you used to depend on to be stable will no longer provide that stability. She is being shaken, transformed, experiencing huge influxes of energy, the poles both magnetic and physical are shifting and it is time the lost ones awaken and listen to their mother. This is not the first time your soul has had this experience.

The ones who listened last time are the ones who's genetics remained. It is a natural process of cleaning up the gene pool of those who refuse to awaken. This is not to promote fear it is to move beyond denial of our physical bodies and their relationship to the Earth and Great Spirit. Time and a half is over. The grace period has ended. The reckless greed and tyranny due to the false belief in separation of your physical bodies to the Earth body and Spirit is coming to a close. Unity consciousness includes all Creation. It is time to listen, act through wisdom not fear, work in harmony with each other and the Earth. If she tells you to move, move. 
Golden Wolf