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We are at the beginning of a New Year with this first New moon of 2021…and what an intense and powerful entrance it is making!  This is not a comfortable cozy New Moon. This New Moon sitting with Pluto is pushing us, at a Soul level (and a collective level), to transform and evolve!  This can be a period of Karmic endings…followed by exciting New beginnings.  With the recent current events happening…. there has been a lot of intense volatile events playing out everywhere with some sprinkles of revolutionary energies and ideas…which is actually part of our collective transition into a new astrological era and the powerful transformative United States Pluto return!  

This Capricorn New Moon is a powerful and transformative one!!  The Sun/Moon (the New Moon) is sitting with Pluto (the planet of transformation) and they are all sitting in Capricorn…and all squaring Eris (planet of chaos, wild card energy and discord) in Aries. We also have a major square between Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury/and Pallas Athena in Aquarius…all squaring Uranus/Mars/Black Moon Lilith in Taurus!  With all these major aspects and all this energy….that we have been watching play out over these last week’s…..we can see and feel that the Universe is getting very serious…. and the time to start moving forward towards the “new”  is now!  This is a time period of Radical Transformation and Exhilarated Evolution…for ourselves and for the World.  Remember…Pluto rules transformation and when you are doing Plutonian work….it isn’t easy, if it is easy….you are not doing the work!

As we say good-by to 2020 (we made it!) and look towards 2021……it is time to think back on how far you have come in the year of 2020…..and where you would like to be at the end of 2021. It’s been a challenging year!  We have had to adapt to new ways of thinking, new ways of  working, new ways of doing and new ways of  being.  2021 will continue to carry out the theme of Transformation and Change on all levels. 

It is also a year to expect and be surprised by the unexpected!  There will be some Chaos, at times some volatile energies, and Urgency….along with the feeling of unsettling uncertainty!  This year also has the ability to enhance a higher connection to our Higher Self and all our Guidance. It is also a year that we can grow and excel in, by taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us.    The Universe is giving us everything we need to manifest a good year….just Ask, Listen and then Create!

THIS NEW CAPRICORN MOON IS bringing us a lot of Capricorn energy.  One thing that Capricorn is asking us to do is to stay out of the Fear and turn our hearts and our feelings (New Moon) toward transforming (Pluto) the way we look at our future goals….regardless of how radical they may seem.

 It is very important…with this Powerful Capricorn New Moon energy to Manifest/Intentions!  As Capricorn is the one sign that can take the high Spiritual manifesting energies and bring them down to Earth and Ground them into reality……so that we can actually act on them and bring them into form!  Capricorn…the sign of “Manifestation!”  The sign of the “Wisdom of the Elders”… all Elders….including our Grandparents and Great Grandparents, other Elders and Wise ones.  The Indigenous Elders from all over the World.  Elders that have passed and ones from other Star Systems etc.   Connect with your Elders that are alive and those that are no longer in Earthly bodies….Meditate and communicate with them and Listen to the wisdoms they share with you! 

Then Manifest and bring into reality…a better and peaceful future for all!!

CAPRICORN RULES… the government, the military, the banks, corporate America, schools, all structures, traditions, integrity and respect etc. and emphasizes the Wisdom of the Elders!  Capricorn is about integrity, respect, maturity and to have the discipline to be able to focus on your goals, both worldly (the mountain goat) and for your Spiritual Soul growth (the fish tail). Capricorn is the sign of the Initiate!  Capricorn is about structures and the “old.”   So during this New Moon…..we are being asked to let go of the “old” that is no longer working….purge….clean out…..and move away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating.  Get rid of things that are not working for you anymore.  Do all of this with Compassion….and in the kindest way possible.  You are building a new structure… and it is You.  Build it with the highest vibrations you can and let go of anything that isn’t part of the new structure.  Capricorn is about mastering the material world…while embodying integrity and respect!  It is about where we have earthly ambitions that we eventually replace or merge with our Spiritual Service.

NEW MOONS MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE.  New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.  It is a time to connect with Source-God/Goddess-Spirit and ask those deep questions about life and your future. What does that Big Picture look like for you?

AT THIS CAPRICORN NEW MOON WE HAVE 11 PLANETS INVOLVED IN 2 MAJOR ASPECTS!  This is a very intense set up.  I will describe briefly down below.  These aspects are very tension filled…they are electrifying…bold/strong..intense and transformative.  This energy has been active over the last several weeks and will continue for several more weeks….

SATURN RULES THIS CAPRICORN NEW MOON…Saturn is sitting in Aquarius along with Jupiter/Mercury/and Pallas Athena.   So first…the Aquarian energy is the shift that we just moved into at the Winter Solstice, with Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius…signifying a 200 year shift into an Air cycle.  Aquarius is about the community, the tribe, humanity…it is about the genius energy and thinking outside the box...a lighter energy.   It has the energy of sudden things happening…like out of left field, with the energy of lightning bolts and earthquakes and a real focus on the People!   So it is important to notice that the Universe (at this time in our history) has put Saturn in Aquarius as Saturn rules the Government and Corporate America and all our structures.    Then you bring in Jupiter (higher wisdoms, international, master teachers, joy and optimism) and Mercury (our voice and how we think and communicate) and Pallas Athena (who is a female warrior who fought with Wisdom) and you put them in square (friction/stress) with Mars (the warrior, anger, passion, action) sitting with Uranus (the constant of change, rules Aquarius, thinking outside the box and the community/humanity) and you have a very powerful and intense set up.  This aspect could become volatile...or it could take some form of action maybe to help “the people”.   It is a time to stay calm and think before you react to things.  Stay out of the Fear…things are uncomfortable and chaotic…but we can surround them in calm and peaceful energies for all Humanity…everyone!  This Air energy cycle we just entered…gives us the ability to manifest and create at a faster speed. 

ALSO AT THIS CAPRICORN NEW MOON….we have a Cardinal (birthing of new and urgency) square (fiction and stress) between this New Capricorn Moon sitting with Pluto and in a square with Eris (chaos, wild card, discord)!   Again these aspects…energies are about transformation (Pluto)…at both our core (life force) represented by the Sun and our emotional core (represented by the Moon).  This also includes the life force and the emotional core of the collective!   Transformation of the relationship  within ourselves and within the collective!  

AS YOU CAN SEE…THESE 2 ASPECTS INVOLVING 11 PLANETS  IS ONE OF THE MAJOR HAPPENINGS OF 2021….   It is as if we are starting the year off with a bang!  That is a lot of major energy happening all at one time!   The Universe is defiantly showing us areas that need to be upgraded…changed…and transformed in ways that is uplifting and caring for all Humanity throughout the World. 

THIS COMBINATION OF BOTH GROUPS OF PLANETS…can be very stressful along with the energies of change, transformation, urgency, chaos, past life experiences, and a bit of hard work.  It also can bring about great achievements and recognitions….and can give you the ability to be courageous and take the steps needed to make the changes that need to be made.   You may feel like everything is happening at once and all over the board…..and you may also feel very focused and accomplish a lot!   Things will probably feel a little chaotic…but remember….out of Chaos comes creativity!   This is the energy that will be activating not only yourself, but everyone everywhere and the Earth herself! 

We are in a period of change/transformation with these intense aspects.  It is a very active situation that could become either volatile….. or let us initiate a good cause with passion.  These aspects demand that we take responsibility for our own actions and recognize the consequences of our choices. They also want us to head to the higher side of all the energies and by asking our guidance to help us….we can achieve that goal!

REMEMBER THAT IN HONORING ALL RELATIONSHIPS (THE CAPRICORN NEW MOON) we also need to honor the relationship within ourselves.  The relationship of the everyday mundane realities, and our Spiritual realities symbolized by the Capricorn goat with the fish’s tail!  They need to be balanced….they/we need to appear as one!   There should be no separateness.   When we evolve into higher Spiritual realities and energies…..it is something that should be with us all the time!   It becomes us!    We don’t separate them…..we don’t go to work and be another person and then come home and be a Spiritual person.  We have to embody the spirituality on a daily bases….everywhere we go….everywhere we are…..everyone we meet…. will see us as a whole Spiritual Soul based person.  This won’t be easy……but this is part of this shift.   Speaking and showing the truth of who we are…..  By being our true spiritually evolved selves, we will attract people to us……they can feel the higher energy and then they will want to be a part of it.   We help others evolve spiritually just by embodying our higher energies all the time….and by just being who we are!  This is a very big part of this Capricorn New Moon conjunct (sitting with) Pluto (transformation at a Soul level)!

With this Capricorn New Moon……The Universe is asking us to face our greatest fears….to face things that we haven’t wanted to look at (rather recent or in the past)….face our shadows (our less desirable qualities)……except them…. move through them… so we can transform them into the higher energies, as we become part of the “New.”  This is a very powerful time….with lots of changes leading to transformation.  Even though things seem to be “out of control” in the World….we are in a time of Radical Transformation and Exhilarated Evolution…and we have an important part to play in this transformation!  Meditate and Manifest and Listen to what your part is…that you came here to Play! 

All changes are for the Good……We are being provided with everything we need to do the work that we came here to do. This is a time to be still and to listen.  Open up to and acknowledge what you are feeling, hearing or seeing.  The veils are very thin now so ask for guidance from God/Goddess, Creator, Spirit, your Angels and Guides.  Let’s create a beautiful reality for the Earth, for Humanity, for Community and for Ourselves. 

With this Capricorn New Moon...we are being asked to become aware of our power, as we create and manifest with every thought we have.  Again it is time to get our “Ducks” in a row.  What is it that “We” want to create and bring to this “New” that we are co-creating?    Direct that power from the Heart as you mediate and manifest on this Capricorn New Moon.  Meditate on how things are transforming and changing in the “Real World” to the “New World”, and how we are now moving into areas that we have never been in before.  Remember to focus on the Heart and create from the Heart!   The Heart is the new brain!   Create a beautiful World for you, your community and all humanity. This is a very very powerful New Moon.  Create and manifest your future, set down your goals for the year.   Sit with yourself and Listen !!!!    Listen to your guidance….Listen to your Soul. 

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2021 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved. 


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