~ Join US in Making Planetary History Today!~ You will Not want to MISS THIS!

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~The Final Acts Have Begun, The Grand Event's Manifestation Are In Process!



AS More and More Awaken Each Day, the Closer We are To The Event of First Contact.

Join US Live Today Saturday at 1:30pm Pacific For The Internet Love Party!




This is The Divine Plan In Action. Thank You For Participating and Sharing with Others. The More Who Gather The Higher and Brighter The Light On Planet Earth=Heart, We are Making Planetary History!


Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, From The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central~Center. We Are Your Family of Light from the Stars and Beyond. WE Are Also Your Earth Allies and Representatives for First Contact. WE are The Ground Crew Medical Team, from the Flag Ship ~Eye of Ra, Heart of Light~. Many of You Here are also From this Flag Ship, 500,000 of You, and From this 500,000 there are 5,000 of Our Personal Staff for the Transitional Universal Government who at this Moment Have Been Called To Full Active Duty.



There are 24 Ships which Sent Ground Crew Here to Planet Earth, For a Total of 12 Million on the Ground at this Moment to assist in the Transition of Planet Earth into A Star Seed Nation. We Are Here in Service to Humanity, To Mother Earth, and it's our responsibility, along with The Crystal Children, to Provide and BE the Examples of the Highest Truths on the Planet. Humanity cannot get away, because they have Only One Place to Go, Called Home! DING!



We have Shared with You that ALL that Can go through the veil is Love, All that Is Real and True, All that IS Joy!! It's a Party!



~For Those in Love, the lower vibrational energy will no longer have any effect on YOU. Be IN JOY!

The Stage has been set, and the curtain is Now Up. Love Is Moving Forward And Bringing ALL Love IS With US.~


JOIN US IN Making History On Planet Earth=Heart TODAY! AS LOVE TRULY WINS!






Love The Earth Allies



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Also, You can try downloading the latest version of adobe! DId You try these things?

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!