Journal Entry 10.30.2013~ Letting Go of Baggage

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August Sunshine

In the process of writing a reply to a comment from the yesterday evening post, this piece started to flow out:

Ever hear of soul blue prints or etheric blue prints, as in life plan? Not exactly a soul contract as with individuals, especially as your family members. Still, there is a large group of very powerful, interesting beings who have seeded into every culture, religion, economic status, political party and / or belief system throughout the planet. Separated physically, but not separated from a soul (and higher) level. I’ve known this for quite a while. Call us light workers, energy sensitives, wayshowers, whatever, we’re here to “do a job”. We are Masters and the mastery and gifts will begin to rapidly come online. The Shift is supporting this. The breakdown of the old paradigm supports this. The energies of the Sun and the cosmic rays that flow through her, support this.

Now is the time to let go of the baggage, the conditioning, the belief systems, the ways of doing things from the past with the expectation that it will “be the same” in the future. Nothing, no thing will be the same. We’re passing into a NEW paradigm, one that cannot be limited or comprehended by one who is stuck in the old ways of thinking.

If you understand that most of us were specifically conditioned to remain in fear, to be small, to feel alone, to contract our energies and to want to leave the planet… primarily because just by being here you are a danger to the departing paradigm. Not a danger to yourself and not in danger from anyone, once you accept your power and live in your power.

In the first message from the Celestial Team in 2011, they stated: Your power is your Divinity. Pause and take that one in, dear ones. Your power IS your divinity.

And, although you appear to be individuals, you are not alone and you are supported. You are connected via the Unified Field of consciousness that is like a magnificent web of light surrounding this planet. You are connected to the councils of your home worlds. You are guided. You are loved. You are appreciated. You are honored.

Dark thoughts of wanting to give up and leave have been haunting the edges of my awareness, so these words of support, love and strength, give me courage to endure the present challenges. The incoming energies are awakening a magnificent being, a passionate being, one who is totally dedicated to being powerful, present and who demonstrates through her actions and presence to those who surround her in daily life.

We’re not here to change anyone; we’re here to be ourselves and in doing so, we demonstrate how to overcome despair, depression, anxiety, fear… all those things because we have lived through them and have come out unscathed. We have walked through the Valley of Death and have emerged back into the Light. We can now be the Love we are by being ourselves, accepting self without judgment, without resistance and without fear.

Ah, dear ones, my heart is on fire. My passion is stirred. I am feeling more alive than at any other time in my life here. Do not look outside of yourself for your savior; you are the One you have been waiting for. Seize the day, carpe diem, and BE.

Love and kisses, Eliza

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My blog post in the wee hours of the morning has the same energy of joy! I saw clearly how we were on the edge of the frontier, as far as we could go this time around  and are now riding the in breath back to the Creator. Woohoo! It feels so wonderful to know the pain and suffering is departing, freedom is wafting in the air and we are on the move. My heart is aflame with this freedom flame and love. Cheers to all of us feeling it and beaming it. Lovelight flowing.