A Journey In Nature

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Several weeks ago, I was taking a walk not too far from my home. As is often the case, I looked for a different path to enjoy my daily walk. For some reason, it seemed that something was nudging me to explore a different course, that quite frankly I was totally unaware of. It seemed the closer I came near to this path, the more intense the nudge became. So without resisting, I started my journey. As with many of the paths near my home there is that immediate connection with nature, because of the trees, wild flowers growing everywhere, birds, etc... Unlike some of the other paths I've journeyed during my daily walks, this one was relatively short. It was a slightly downward path, with a sharp right turn. And immediately, when I made the turn, I was struck by an amazing image. (The picture below.)

My first impressions is often from an artistic point of view, So when I witness the image of this barren tree, it was and is a live sculpture to me. On this particular day I had neither a camera, phone, or tablet to capture the image I was seeing. So I promised myself I would take a picture of it on another occasion. Despite not returning immediately, actually several weeks went by when I did return, and captured the image above. Even greater than the nudge that led me to make the original journey, was a feeling of being held, being forced to really look at the image carefully, as well, as completely. And when I stop resisting, so to speak, this is the image I saw:



Yes, that was an overwhelming moment. Not just because of the visual image. Even more so because of the spiritual image, and lesson. This lesson is about my journey, and perhaps in the uniqueness of your journey you will experience a benefit as well.


The Beginning Stage:


As I think of my journey, this is the stage that I started at, and remain. For the better part of my life, for whatever reasons or processes, my world unconsciously was ,in some respect, a world, belief system that existed outside of connection. While connection with all of the Universe is great sounding and a wonderful thing, the truth is, failure to embrace self connection, makes it impossible to connect with anything. Over time one becomes barren, even though there is a higher level of conscious connection constantly in existence. For me it reached a point that I could no longer resist listening to the inner voices of the 'Soul'. And though I have consciously embarked upon my journey, it doesn't mean that I've instantly removed the 'Barren Tree of Illusion'. Nor does it mean the presence of spirit has ceased to remain perched looking deep into my soul seeing if I have & is growing in the light of enlightenment regarding real self realization. Seeing if I'm growing in loving unconditional as the I Am, and connecting with all the Universe. Seeing if peace is more than an idea, but a real reality in my life because I'm peaceful to myself, and all of the Universe. Seeing if I exercise the power of constantly growing into the I AM, as well, as the power to emit fully, as well, through the I AM. Spirit is perched looking into my soul to see if I've begun the process of calcination, growing the proper heat to dissolve all the barriers that have, and may hinder ongoing growth along my journey. The more I grow in my journey, more I will be prepared to embrace all the stages to follow.