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This is a very active Full Moon in Aquarius…and the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius) is in Taurus and Taurus energy squares Aquarius energy…adding some stressful energy and a bit of friction to this Full Moon. These last couple of weeks/months we have had several powerful events happening…in the United States and also throughout the World. With an increase in the Corona Virus, some businesses struggling and some States/towns bringing the mask mandate back. We are at times still in a survival mode…then a comfortable mode…even though things have been opened up. The Earth is also struggling with Fires and Floods etc.….it feels like the rug is being pulled out from under our feet again and again. No matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks/months have been, and still are..…..we now know that the Universe is getting very serious!
Don’t let this, and the events that are now happening throughout the World… throw you into fear! Remember….in Astrology…there is always a high side. You/we may not be able to see it at the moment….but know that it is there. The Universe is putting some things right in our faces…that need to be dealt with. It has been a challenging time! These energies are still affecting us and will be for a while…..but remember at this Full Aquarius Moon...the Sun is in Leo. Leo is about Love, Fun, Play, and the Child within…giving us a way to release some of these “heavier” energies during the next few weeks.
It is time to visualize what you want the world and your future to look like. Be careful and cautious as it is time to move….time to take action….on your own and within your communities (Aquarius)! It isn’t easy….and it feels a little hopeless at times…but remember if it is easy (this transformation we are going through) then we are not doing the work.
FULL MOONS ARE A TIME OF RELEASING It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. This includes the releasing of old ways of interacting within groups of all kinds. Releasing old ways of how we have treated our tribes, our communities, our groups and humanity on a whole (Aquarius)…..it is all of up most importance. Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you individually and also within your communities. What is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating? It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.
The Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are opposing each other. With this Aquarius Full Moon we also have a Leo Sun. The goal of an opposition is to bring into balance the 2 sides. In this case….bringing into balance the Aquarian Moon energy with the Leo Sun energy.
AQUARIUS IS ABOUT is about the power of community, humanity and our tribe. Those that vibrate where we are vibrating. On a more person level…Aquarius is about our relationship with society! It is about thinking outside the box and wrapping our minds around information that some might think is…….way out there. Aquarius is futuristic and the sign of the genius. Aquarius is about freedom and the honoring of that freedom……so we can move into that “big Picture” for the good of all humanity. Aquarius loves people of all kinds, and is willing to accept them into their tribes. Aquarius is also very intuitive….and has a sensitive nervous system that is being triggered by many of these aspects!
This Aquarius Full Moon highlights Community, our tribe, and all humanity. Aquarian’s are also known to march to their own drummer…..it is as if they spin in their own galaxy.
It can show us the big picture of how we can make the needed changes in the world by using the power that we have within our Tribe’s, our Communities and Humanity…with loving Relationships of all types…across the Earth. Signifying that the whole is always greater the then the sum of its parts. It is saying that our coming together in our communities in love and peace and not anger and judgment etc. ….can change the world! This Aquarius Full Moon is also about movement and change as we create the future!
LEO IS RULED BY THE SUN and the Sun represents our life force. Leo is about the big heart energy, thinking with our hearts, and sharing our joyful self expression. The majority of Leo’s…love to be on stage and to be noticed…….they love the applause. Some Leo’s would rather be behind the stage where they make the show happen. Leo’s love to have fun and are fun to be around. They are also quit creative. They like to play and be like children. They may also be the leader, and are often times represented as the “king.” Leo’s world revolves around them…. If they are in a relationship….the relationship many times….becomes their world.
LEO IS THE STAR AND AQUARIUS IS THE CREW: Kings and Queens (Leo) that have ruled with their Hearts, and made themselves “one with their people” (Aquarius)……have shown us the wisdom of the balance between Aquarius and Leo.
They are the epitome of what our Rulers of the World today…. should be acting like Now!
This Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to balance the self with humanity/community/tribe. This Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to balance the needs of the collective with our own personnel needs. Your focus needs to be on the big picture…..what your part is in the big picture…..and how it benefits the community and all humanity.
Aquarius is often referred to as the “new” age of enlightenment. Everyone is a star (Leo) in the new world, but humanity is the new Earth (Aquarius). We are all equal…..we are all one! Aquarius is about being interconnected…. One thing the Covid experience of the last year plus has brought about is that interconnectedness between family, good friends and neighbors. This is all very Aquarian!
Aquarian energy embodies the message of “everyone is created equal, regardless if they are pink, blue or polka dotted!” This Aquarius Full Moon is also about linking up with like minded souls….sharing thoughts, resources, etc. for social change and the good of all humanity (Aquarius). It is also a time to enjoy life….have fun (Leo) and gather with your friends and community (Aquarius) and Play (Leo)!
We are supposed to be coming from our Hearts (Leo)….thinking with our Hearts….expressing Love with lots of Play, fun etc. This Leo time (for the next couple weeks) is encouraging us to not only open our hearts, but to also make efforts to Follow our Hearts. Even if you have to take a risk or two.
Aquarius is about the community and humanity….which right now seems to be surrounded in chaos….but remember…..out of Chaos comes creativity (Leo). Aquarius is about everyone (community and all humanity) being treated equally and Leo is about Love and big heart energy! This Aquarius Full Moon (Leo Sun) is emphasizing these energies at a time in our History that it has been put in our faces that we really really need to look at this….in a higher way…..and come back to our Heart (Leo) energy for the honoring of everyone (Aquarius). We are in very transformative times….lets create the New, for everyone (Aquarius), with our Hearts (Leo)!
THIS FULL AQUARIAN MOON GIVES US THE ABILITY to make changes, and some of them “outside the box”… with lightening speed! Uranus (which is the constant of Change) rules Aquarius…..bringing about changes that come with the images of lightning bolts and earthquakes, along with much transformation. It also emphasizes the responsibility that comes with freedom…. You can change your life with this energy…… if you play your cards right.
This Full Aquarius Moon energy is about Change and letting go. It is about Revolutionary and Evolutionary changes…..
It can be a bit of wild Full Moon…just on its own. Uranus which rules this Aquarius Full Moon is all about change…and with Aquarius being about the community, humanity and the collective….watch for these areas to be affected the most. What is being activated within your community that has to do with everyone being equal? What is happening in the collective? Is Fear being activated again…if so, do your part to help others move out of the fear and head to a more peaceful energy. Think outside the box….what can you do to help yourself and others? This could be a time of break-through’s…..and a radical shift in how we handle things going forward.
The Universe is making Aquarius energy and all its meanings a main focus of this Full Moon, and the following Aquarius Full Moon…on August 22nd. Two Full Moons in the same sign (Aquarius)…the 2nd one is often referred to as A Blue Moon. This Full Aquarius Moon is here to stir things up. Time to Manifest and Listen!!
Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn 9 degrees away from the Moon and retrograde is asking us to think about the topic of authority and limitations that can reach a head during this time. Moon/Saturn connections can bring our feelings down a bit feeling a little depressed. This can also lead to feeling a little damped by the lack of rules, integrity and respect for our fellow human beings (Aquarius).
Uranus rules Aquarius….making this a dynamic full moon…very Aquarian and very changeable. Uranus is known as the constant of change and many of the changes can happen as fast and out of left field as lightening bolts!!
I wrote a lot about the Aquarian/Uranus energy above and since Uranus rules Aquarius….all of the meanings of Aquarius that I talked about has been doubled up.
Saturn and Uranus in the sky right now are in a square aspect which means that they are producing a lot of stress and friction energies when they interact….which they have been doing so far this year. They have trouble using these energies in an organized way because of the energy they create together and then the fact that they are in a Fixed square…meaning that fixed energy is very stubborn and not liking change and remember Uranus is all about change!
THIS FULL AQUARIUS MOON IS ALSO SITTING WIDELY BETWEEN PLUTO AND SATURN Pluto is the planet of transformation, revolutions (which Aquarius is also known for) and Soul transformation. Plutonian dynamics can be amplified with this connection to the Full Moon…power struggles, manipulation, stinging others (with words and actions)…mainly though jealousy (but remember you can also sting yourself)…fear… could all be part of this. Watch for this in your own personal life and also within communities, humanity and throughout the world. We want to stay in the higher energies all the way around right now. So be ready to defuse the more negative manifestations of this type of energy.
Saturn we talked about above…so apply that to this Full Aquarius Moon sitting with Pluto along with Saturn.
PLUTO IS ALSO PART OF A CARDINAL T-SQUARE WITH ERIS AND MERCURY…WHILE PULLING THE MOON IN Pluto is in Capricorn (government, corporate, all structures, CEO’s etc.).
Eris is in Aries (warrior, pioneer, action, courage, anger, passion).
Mercury is in Cancer (nurturing, mother energy, intuition, home, family)
Square energy is that of stress and friction. You can grow through a square…but it isn’t easy. This aspect can bring a lot of fast moving change. Some with unexpected surprises…good and maybe not so good…keep it on the high side!
We have talked about this ongoing Cardinal Square/T-Square for a long time…but depending on the planets involved….the themes, lessons, and energies become different. This time it is pulling the Aquarius Full Moon in. Indicating that some of the transformation energy has to do with our mothering, nurturing and intuitive energy of the Moon and being in Aquarius it is about the mothering and nurturing of our communities and all humanity! Think into the future (Aquarius) and create some new ideas…bring in something new to focus on that is in the big picture (Aquarius) that not everyone can see. Remember Eris brings about a Wild Card energy and Chaos and out of chaos comes creativity! We also have Mercury (our voice, teaching, talking, writing, sharing our information) in Cancer which is our natural intuition and Mercury being our voice! It is as if the Universe is saying..it is time to share you intuitive knowledge….teach it, talk it, write it, You tub it, etc. etc. and start creating higher energy things to share and new ways to get the community/humanity importance out to everyone. Take the power (Pluto) to say what you need to say (Mercury) to friends, community, humanity (Aquarius), in a new creative way (Eris causing chaos) in the nurturing, intuitive, loving energy of Mercury in Cancer!
WITH THE FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS …there can be changes that are happening all around us…..but we can also see the big picture and know what needs to be changed and head in that direction. We can even manifest that the changes are made with ease and grace! These energies are revolutionary and transformative! We are still in the “Shift”…..in times of great change and at a turning point in our Evolution…and everyone can feel it! These changes and Transformations are helping us and all humanity to evolve. With Aquarius….remember that the main focus is not just on yourself…..but on others…..the Tribe…..the Community…..and Humanity
We have been through a lot of downloads and changes over the last several months. We seem, at times, to be surrounded by chaos and situations that are being put right in our faces….right in our faces so we can no longer dodge them…..we have to deal with them. At times it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. But for many of us…..we can see a little of that big picture and we realize that all the chaos etc. is giving us the opportunity to create our own reality. Out of Chaos comes creativity! We have been down loaded with many “seeds” many “new ideas”. It is time now to start weeding out those seeds that are not healthy for you. Get rid of the seeds that are not growing the way you want them to grow…..or that no longer serve your “new” vision of yourself and your version of the “New World”.
Mediate on ways to release some of “the aggression”…. and the “I have to have it my way”…. types of energy, along with the “unstableness we feel with change. “ Intensifying desires, determination and social reform are all part of these energies. You may find yourself wanting to be out in the public a little more and, enjoying or participating in community events, with this Aquarius Full Moon….therefore being part of the change, as you start to balance your own needs with the needs of others.
The World as we know it….does not look the same as it has and we are not sure how this coming year/years will play out. That is ok…remember that we have to stay out of the fear. We are supposed to be creating a NEW World…a new way of being and we can’t do it on an old foundation. The Universe is really serious about changes…that we as a human race….need to be making. The Universe will also help us along…if we Ask!
Time to Meditate and to Manifest a better and peaceful World and life!
The Universe is very very Serious…but will help us through. You just have to ask!!!
Be willing to accept the changes happening with gratitude…. knowing that you are being given everything you need, to support your Soul Growth. Visualize something new and different, wonderful and magical, for our new world, and the new you. We are still co-creating this “new” world. We are all one! Mediate……and Listen. Manifest and create
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
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