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Happy Cancer Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!! Happy 4th of July CDT!! In the chart of the United States of America…the Sun is in Cancer at 13 degrees…..and this powerful Cancer Full Moon Eclipse is sitting right on the United States Cancer Sun by degree…activating it! What it means is that “seeds” are being planted at the Core or Life Force (Sun) of the United States that will grow over the next 3 to 6 months. What seeds and what energies will play out? We don’t know for sure, but the Universe is making a statement that something needs to grow/change/evolve in order for the United States to continue to move forward towards higher Evolution. We each have a part to play in this process. This a powerful time to make intentions and manifest for Peace within the United States…and an honoring of everyone throughout the World!! Using the Cancer energies of…. Love, Nurturing, Caring and Protection. For ourselves, humanity, the Earth the World and the United States itself!
What a powerful statement from the Universe on this anniversary of the birth of the United States! Right now the United States (and the World) is dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic….along with protests, economic strife and a “New Normal”. This Full Moon Eclipse can enhance the already intense, chaotic, fear energies….that can give you the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. So be aware and navigate away from those energies and head to the higher side of things. These energies have been building for several weeks and months. We are at a turning point in the healing of the United States and the world….it is time to take action! We have to move through the current energies and lift them into the higher energies of Love and Peace. We have to move away from the energies of control, angst, fear, anger, division, labeling, bulling, name calling etc. etc. We need to watch what energies we surround ourselves, our words, our thoughts, and our gestures with. Everything is energy and we must use the High energies when we are using our words….our thoughts…our gestures to help defuse the energies that are bringing about fear, division, angst etc. We need to defuse these “old” energies that don’t have a place in the New that we are now co-creating.
The beauty of Astrology….is when you can understand about the energies that are affecting everyone in the World…as it gives you the ability to work with them to your and their highest good. It gives you the ability to navigate them better with a higher focus. It is not a time to go into anxiety/fear….but a time to be aware and navigate….with the help of your guidance.
We have been through a lot over these last several months…..both within our own lives and also throughout the World. The energies have been strong and a bit chaotic….and at times a little frightening (stay out of the Fear!). The World seems to be in a bit of a mess right now…..and it can be a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel…….but we know it is there. With this extremely powerful Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse…..it feels (Cancer Sun…part of the full Moon) like we are at a point where the Universe is asking….do you want to Evolve? Or do you want to give up and re-do it next incarnation?
This Capricorn Lunar Eclipse can be a difficult one for many….especially those with planets around 13 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer and also Libra and Aries.
These degrees will continue to be activated by upcoming transits throughout 2020.
ON THE WORLD STAGE….Capricorn is about the Government, Corporate America, all structures etc. and Cancer is about home & families, relationships and nurturing of humanity. These themes are being brought up not only in our personnel lives, but also in the US Government and Governments throughout the entire world. This was a major theme in the chart of the Spring Equinox…which is the Astrological New Year. It was a time when our personnel structures were being changed…as Covid-19 hit.
Things are being put right in our faces, right in our faces. Things that we no longer vibrate with…so we can see them….so we don’t miss them…..so that we are aware of the things that we want and need to be changed! It’s not easy to look at or feel some of these things…or have to deal with them, but transformation is not easy…if it is… then you are not doing the work! We cannot change things if we cannot see what it is that needs changed! I know this sounds a little like gloom and doom….but not really. We have the power within all of us to make some positive changes as we go through these next several months and more. We can send positive energies….love and peace…towards all the areas that are no longer vibrating with us. We can release all this “old” stuff that needs to go. Part of this shift that we are in (since spring of 2010) is giving us the ability to create the “new”. It is time from now through 2021 (and beyond)…to manifest and make intentions for the kind of World you would like to be living in! We are very strong, right now, at manifesting and intentions. The veils are thin and things can manifest in no time at all. Remember in the late 60’s….a popular intention was “make Love not War”. Manifest daily, and make intentions daily……for Peace and Love!! We are powerful….We can do this!!
These energies are revolutionary and transformative!
We are still in the “Shift”…..in times of great change…and everyone can feel it!
These changes and Transformations are helping us and all humanity to evolve. It’s a time of Radical Evolution!
ECLIPSES ARE A POWERFUL PIN POINT OF ENERGY that affects your chart (and the Earth/humanity chart) in a certain area (around the degrees of the Eclipse – 13 degrees Capricorn), for up to 6 months and sometimes longer. It creates a “blip/wobble”, or a disruption in time, energy, and the natural flow of light and dark. It also stirs up what is in our subconscious, bringing it into consciousness. An Eclipse opens a portal to the Universe, where a stream of knowledge, new codes and information can be down loaded from the Universe along with Evolutionary instructions … into our consciousness and subconscious. It is like an upgrade. Eclipse’s can also affect the magneto-receptors in our DNA, along with radio waves, X-ray’s, etc., and they also affect our Pineal Gland. They also activate shifts in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth itself and all of its inhabitants. During an Eclipse, a portal to the Universe is opened and information, thoughts, ideas and Evolutionary instructions…. can be downloaded from the Universe at that time.
both your personal life, as well as the collective unconscious. Eclipses are accelerated catalysts, and they are either breakdowns and/or breakthrough events. Eclipses are doorways to alternative realities….They are like a Wild Card…you are never sure how it will play out. They also can trigger major events…good and bad….and often times are associated with the deaths of people in the public eye. It is a time to go outside (if you can) look up and connect with the sky. IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE ECLIPSE, it is ok…you will still receive the energies…..just be still and listen. It is a time to open to the universe, with your guidance, and Feel the energy and down loads as the portal is open during this Eclipse. It is a time to be quiet and Listen…..what do you hear? What visions are you receiving? What do you feel? If you are asleep or busy during the Eclipse….know that your Guidance will make sure you receive the down loads and messages that are important for your Soul growth…if you ask them. Then the next day….mediate and ask your guidance to bring to you what down loads and messages you need to know for yourself, and for all humanity, so we can continue to evolve.
THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL FULL MOON ECLIPSE….. as we can see just by watching the news. Capricorn is about the Government, military, Banks, authority and authority figures. It seems that emotions could hit extremes…..both high and lows….and anything in-between during this Full Moon. This Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse is asking us to think and meditate on our future. Grow up and realize that no one can rescue you but yourself! It feels like we are being shown the areas of ourselves…and within the world…. that need to mature! Adulting isn’t easy! This Full Moon illuminates the path…. where we are trying to balance our inner lives (Cancer) with our outer lives (Capricorn). With this Capricorn Full Moon….we are also being asked to look at how we will provide for ourselves, our community and the world in general over the long haul. The best way to do that….is through manifestations and intentions!! Meditate on it…..and Listen!!!
FULL MOONS ARE A TIME OF RELEASING. It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you. What is no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating? What is no longer working for your community…for humanity…for the Earth? It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.
ALL FULL MOON’S HAPPEN WHEN the Sun and Moon are opposing each other. With this Capricorn Full Moon we have a Cancer Sun. The goal of an opposition is to bring into balance the 2 opposing sides. So this Capricorn Full Moon is about balancing emotion (Cancer) and detachment (Capricorn), Feminine energy (Cancer) and Male energy (Capricorn), intuition (Cancer) and practicality (Capricorn), home life/family (Cancer) and achievement/CEO/Corporate (Capricorn), subconscious and things hidden (Cancer) and bringing things out in the open and into your consciousness (Capricorn), being involved with your family/tribe (Cancer), and being directed by your jobs in the outside world (Capricorn) etc. Meditate on the balancing….come up with some of your own ideas of what needs balanced around these areas of your life. The universe is speaking loudly! We need to bring ourselves, our relationships, and the world into balance……as we continue to co-create the “new” during this shift……as we move towards our own evolution.
CAPRICORN IS ALSO ABOUT the wisdom of the Elders, all Elders including our Elder energy…the “Wise” one! Cancer is the family… rather it is our immediate family or the humanitarian family. Balancing these 2 energies is pivotal at this point in history, as we need to be listening to the “higher” knowledge from the “Wise Ones” …the Elders. What do they know about keeping families/communities etc together during rough times? What do they know about taking care of our natural home…the Earth and her inhabitants? How did the ancients and elders continue to move forward and evolve? What was their secret? Meditate and Listen!
ALSO WITH THIS CAPRICORN FULL MOON ECLIPSE ….even though it is a powerful one and a very noisy one…..we are being asked to get quiet, to go inward and think things over (both the Cancer Sun and Mercury retrograde encourage this). We are being asked to sit in stillness and seek clarity. Call in your guidance and listen to what thoughts, visions, etc. that they may give you. Even though we are being pulled in many directions and things are chaotic….we must go inward…Meditate and Manifest very positive energies!!
We also have 6 planets retrograde at this Full moon Eclipse (Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athena) and when planets are retrograde it is a time to go inward (in each area that the planet represents)...think, meditate and plan in these areas. So it is a time to re-think our views, our actions, our plans…and make sure they help us move forward into a higher more evolved place then we are in right now. Every time we change our energy….it reflects on the outer World!!
THE MAIN ASPECTS OF THIS CAPRICORN FULL MOON ECLIPSE consists of 2 major aspects….one a Cardinal Grand Cross and the other is a Cardinal Square. There are 9 planets and the Sun and Moon involved in these 2 aspects!
THE CARDINAL GRAND CROSS…is one of Astrology’s most intense and challenging aspects…and it involves the Capricorn Moon and the Cancer Sun (the Full Moon) with retrograde Mercury and Vesta sitting with the Sun and then Mars/Chiron in Aries squaring them along with Juno in Libra also squaring them. Cardinal energy is about change, birthing of new, and urgency! Square energy is about friction and stress.
I WILL BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE CARDINAL GRAND CROSS…The Full Capricorn Moon itself is widely conjunct the Capricorn Group of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athena squaring Eris…..but I will describe that energy in a bit. The Capricorn Moon itself is also described in detail above. We also have the Cancer Sun (described above and it is part of the Full Moon) sitting with retrograde Mercury (our voice…how we think) and Vesta (where our fires burn the strongest and service). The energies of Mercury and Vesta blend with the Cancer Sun…saying that when we think, talk, and share our knowledge we need to use the Cancer energies of nurturing, love, intuition and taking care of family/friends and the Earth …along with our passion to be in right service for all humanity.
Juno in Libra is also part of this Cardinal Grand Cross and Juno means commitment/contracts. Since she is squaring the New Moon Eclipse. The friction and stress of trying to get people to see that we need to commit to the energies and messages that this Full Capricorn Moon is saying to us (refer to the Full Capricorn Moon’s meaning written above) and we need to do it now!!!
Mars and Chiron also squaring this Full Capricorn Moon is a very powerful statement from the Universe. Mars (warrior energy, action, courage, taking steps/moving, anger, passion etc) is saying we need to move now….we need to make some major changes and take action on them in this pivotal time in History…and these changes need to be healing to the Earth and all Humanity (Chiron)! Chiron is about healing…he was the Healer of the Gods. With this placement of Chiron…it is about the Healing of Humanity, each of us, and the Earth. So grab your courage and take some steps forward and move…. in the healing of the World and all Humanity!!
This Cancer energy/theme has been emphasized over the last several months…with the Spring Equinox and the last Cancer New Moon Eclipse on June 21st. The Universe is putting quite an emphases on all the Cancer energies (talked about above)…. to make sure that everyone starts to understand what it is that we are moving towards! Remember….we are all one! And the Universe getting extremely serious and wants us all to realize this and start to move towards it rapidly. Not only for ourselves, but for all people….all countries….all humanity and the Earth herself!
THE SECOND MAJOR ASPECT OF THIS FULL MOON ECLIPSE is that of the conjunction (or group) traveling through Capricorn..all retrograde and consisting of Pallas Athena/Jupiter/Pluto/and Saturn. All of them squaring Eris in Aries! I have talked about this group and energy several times over the last several months….
They are all sitting in Capricorn energy (described above). So we have Pallas Athena (the female warrior who fought with knowledge) sitting with by degree Jupiter (master teachers, travel, published authors, collage and spiritual knowledge, gypsy energy, joy, expansion, and optimism) sitting with Pluto by degree (planet of transformation, deep Soul Work, intensity, the occult, sex and the taboo) sitting with Saturn (ruling Capricorn…Government, military, corporate America, all structures…wisdom of the Elders) and all of these energies blending together. WOW! So if you think of each of these planets individually using the brief description I gave…you can see those energies playing out in the everyday world out there….you can see a lot of it on TV or other news outlets. You can see Pallas Athena energy out there…Pluto energy out there…etc. That is a way to get a feel of all of these individual energies before you try to put it all together.
Then add in the Square to Eris in Aries (forming a Cardinal T-Square with the Capricorn group above) and you can understand some of the wild energy that is out in the World today. Eris (Chaos, discord, jealousy, competition and wild card energy) and you can see that the Universe is saying that the energies of radical change and revolutionary Evolution is at the for front! With Jupiter being part of this Cardinal T-Square…there is that ability to expand these energies….even the ones that we really don’t want to expand. So focus on the Joy and Optimism of Jupiter in this aspect as we don’t want to visualize the expansion of the chaos, craziness, gray side of the energies. So things are a bit more off balance….a bit more chaotic, a bit more competitive and a bit more Urgent…..with this Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse. The Universe is getting serious!!
These are major aspects that can be very transformative on the higher Soul/Spiritual levels, or they could become controlling, manipulative, into power and may spout violent emotional out bursts…on the lower levels! Pluto only cares about the evolution of your Soul and the Soul of all humanity… and it will bring situations about to “help” you on this path. You can no longer ignore or move out of the way of the transformations that Pluto (and Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas Athena and Eris) are trying to give you. You have to see them, acknowledge them and work through them. Again these transformations will have a lot to do with the Cancer/Capricorn energies talked about above.
Remember that Pluto’s intensity and power is what pushes you forward….makes you move. If you don’t move, you can’t evolve….and the evolution of your Soul is the ultimate goal! Stay out of the fear and take the opportunity to take a step any step just start moving in the right direction.
Knowing the energies that are surrounding you… helps you make better decisions and better choices. It gives you an understanding that many others don’t have….helping you navigate the energies better. Remember we have a powerful piece to play in this game (this incarnation)…..we can manifest and co-create our future. Don’t forget that in these chaotic times…..we are more powerful then we think…. when we connect with the high energies, Source, Creator, and our Guidance!!
JUST REMEMBER THAT this can become a volatile time that we are currently in and it can also be a time of preparing to take positive action,…on ideas you have, passions that you want to pursue and then putting this energy into making them happen. Stay out of the anger and the drama (both your own and others, along with World Wide)…..stay out of the fear and negativity. Call in your guidance to help you navigate these energies to the higher ends. Focus on Manifesting your Own reality, equal give and take in communicating between others, governments/countries and then manifest Peace throughout the World!
This Eclipse along with the current energies that have been intensifying over the last several months will activate changes in both ourselves and the collective. These energies feel a little urgent, very intense, and a bit chaotic. During these turbulent times… people are a little on edge, anxieties are flaring, and most of us feel like we are totally exhausted….even when we have had plenty of sleep. Our bodies are trying to incorporate all these unusual and intense energies…..at times bringing in the feeling of being over whelmed. Notice how these energies are playing out in “real life”…our own life…the political “life” and the World “life”. Remember that Earth is also receiving these energies and has been purging in her own way with Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes etc.
Take time to meditate at this Full Moon Eclipse. It is time to be quite and go inward! Take a breath and relax…think…meditate… Ask your guidance for direction and let them know that you trust in their guidance. Remember that we are being given everything that we need…. to move forward into our new reality. Look at what has come up into your consciousness during meditation…. What do you need to release….. so you and all areas of your life and relationships can heal? Start moving towards the higher energies…..where things are vibrating were you are vibrating……start moving towards your own Soul energy. It is time to accept, on all levels, responsibility for your actions and your thought forms....within your own lives and how they affect everyone within the World.
It is an important time to take care of yourself….with all this very uncomfortable and intense energy. If you feel exhausted….rest! Try to be active and do things that bring you Joy. Remember everyone is feeling these energies, and we are all in this (Shift) together. Everyone is supper hypersensitive during this time. Acknowledge this in yourself and in all those you come in contact with…..it will make navigating the times a lot easier.
Connect with the Full Moon Eclipse energy and Manifest and create balance in your life and all areas of your relationships. Create balance in your community, humanity, the Earth and throughout the Universe. Meditate and Listen to what you hear……what you are seeing, what you are feeling, and what you are “getting.” Manifest a beautiful reality and world. Manifest Peace and Love. Meditate……be silent, focus and Listen!!!
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.
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