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Happy Cancer New Moon!! Happy 4th of July!! In the chart of the United States of America…the Sun is in Cancer…..and this powerful Cancer New Moon is sitting right on the United States Cancer Sun! Making this a powerful time to make intentions and manifest!! Using the Cancer energies of…. Love, Nurturing, Caring and Protection. For ourselves, humanity, the Earth and the United States itself! What a powerful statement from the Universe on this the 240th anniversary of the birth of the United States!
New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies giving us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.
This New Moon is in Cancer and traditionally the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, making this a very watery, intuitive and healing Moon. Cancer is about the Great Mother, the nurturer, and the protector of life. Cancer is associated with the feminine, and that all parts of our physical bodies along with the Earth are sacred. Cancer is about our emotional body, our families, tribes, and homes. The esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune which symbolizes that we are all children of the universe and that we all belong to the family of humanity. Cancer Feels everything! Cancer is about our emotions and our natural intuition. Meditate on this and create a healthy way to “get over” the things that are trying to hold you back….with Cancer, it is hard to let go! So this is a time to meditate on how to let go of the things that are holding you back…in all areas of your life… so you can move forward and be happy and joyful in life! This Cancer New Moon will stir a lot of feelings, and feelings let us know if something is good or bad. With the Water element of Cancer we are given the ability to adapt to, and be fluid, with the ability to discern what is healthy and what is toxic. It is important to monitor our feelings, and our emotions that are being brought up for us to honor or release. Pay attention to your body and your feelings this month. Your passion for life is ignited by your feelings. Mediate and manifest on this powerful Cancer New Moon, while planting seeds of emotional wisdom and well being. The Moon communicates with us through our right-brain…..imagination….intuition….visions…..and our Dreams.
Cancer being the natural psychologist is good at bringing up old emotional material….related to our parents or our “roots” in life. Cancer is like our umbilical cord that connects us with our home of origin. Where you started out life…..Home. For some, the “old homestead” is still around…..and for some it is not. When you think back…..the memories of your home, or your Grandparents home...for most of you… brings back memories full of warmth, love, connectedness, and family. This is Cancer. Family is there for each other…..when someone needs help or love…..Family is there. This is Cancer. Part of the Love within families is coming from the Elders, the Grandparents, the Great Uncles and Aunts…..they are like the glue that holds the family together. Listening to their wisdoms, advice, stories and memories…..that is Cancer.
Some of you don’t have those kinds of Family memories. Some of us are in situations where we are not getting along with our families…or our family members may be abusive in one way or another. It is ok to distance from them……we need to be with those that honor us and treat us with respect….we need to move away from those that are not vibrating and living in the energy that we choose to live in. Therefore we find that many people are making memories and sharing wisdoms with who they consider their “current families.” Remember….the definition of “family” is changing…..it is now including those close friends that you consider part of your family….the tribe. Sometimes it can also be because their family members live to far away to actually share on a more daily bases. Meditate on your family at this New moon and Manifest/Create ways in which you can honor and connect with your Elders (on this side or the other side)……How can you become a better Elder yourself. Pluto is about Transformation (and Pluto is opposite this New Moon) for you…for your family…for your place in the family….and all the wisdoms that are shared….but also for the family of Humanity !!
A Cancer New Moon is a time to celebrate belonging, family, and home. Home of origin, your home, the home you are creating/manifesting and your home on this Earth as part of Humanity…… Flow with this Cancer New Moon and come home to the Heart!
This Cancer New Moon is also emphasizing balance! Cancer itself is the sign most associated with the feminine and emotions. Pluto is associated with the male emotions. The Cancer New Moon and Pluto are opposing each other. All Oppositions are about bringing into balance the 2 sides. It is time to honor the Sacred Feminine along with the Sacred Masculine on both the individual and collective levels. In order to continue to evolve individually and as a planet….we must bring balance to the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. One is not better than the other. They are Equally Sacred!
This Cancer New Moon is also sitting with Mercury and Venus! This New Moon not only has to do with Families…..but with Venus involved…..it also has to do with relationships. All relationships, but mainly the romantic ones….many of which are intertwined in Family relationships also. Romantic ones…..it could be a time of romance, attraction and love….it can also be a time of moodiness, unworthiness, and sadness. With Mercury involved….the best way to work through the relationship side of this Cancer New Moon is through communication….speaking what you are feeling….and expressing your thoughts and emotions. Transformation ( Pluto) of all relationships….through communication (Mercury).
So during this Cancer New Moon….we have Pluto opposing the New Moon/Venus/Mercury conjunction (all 3 sitting together)..…and now has pulled them all into the Cardinal T-Square! Pluto (planet of transformation…only caring about the transformation of your Soul and the Soul of the Earth), is opposing or sitting across from the….Cancer New Moon (Sun/Moon sitting together) which is also sitting with Venus (feminine energy, love, romance, creativity, attraction) and Mercury ( our voice, our mind, writing, teaching, communication).
What does this mean? With Pluto opposing the New Moon, Venus and Mercury…..Pluto is asking to transform how we speak/communication and what we write about (mercury) and to look deep into our Souls (Cancer new Moon) before sharing our information….. We need to look at our emotions for intuitive clues as how to speak and talk our truth….how to walk our talk. How to think with our Hearts…(Pluto with a Heart on its surface)! Remember that Pluto is bringing about transformation of things that are deep in our Soul’s Cellular memory..….things that are uncomfortable to look at…..but that must be released and healed. Then you add in Venus….the energy of Love, creativity, romance, and the feminine energy and the transformation of relationships become up front….how we speak of them and within them. How our Love is treated and how and who we decided to give our love too. Are they representing Equal give and take? Is the Sacredness of the Feminine and the Masculine Sexuality being honored?
All of this is then pulled into the Cardinal T-Square by Pluto. This only intensifies the energies…..as Pluto and the New Moon/Venus/Mercury all square Uranus (sudden and unusual things happening, lightening and earthquakes energy, constant change, humanity, outside the box thinking)…accenting the energy of Change and being able to see that big picture…..now with the guidance of Pluto transforming through the Heart……Transforming through Love! All of this sitting in Cardinal energy…..energy of Change, Birthing of New, and Urgency….with transformations!
This is a powerful T-Square we are moving through with this New Cancer Moon. With Pluto opposing the New Moon/Venus/Mercury and Squaring Uranus! It is saying that our world needs to change. The Cancer Moon takes care of Mother Earth…..but are we? This square very well can trigger that even more. Are we taking care of Earths Water? The Cancer New Moon is very Watery….. she is asking us not to waste the Water….not to damage the Earth and not to pollute the air. Our World has to Change! It is time to fix what is no longer working…..to move away from things/people/and places that are not resonating where you are now resonating in all areas. Although moving away from people/places/and things that no longer vibrate with you and to make changes in your life is not easy. Evolution and resurrection happens when something dies (or changes) and then “the new” begins to form….through profound and radical transformation!
This powerful Cancer New Moon is also sitting on the Ancient Star Sirius. The brightest star in our night sky. Mystic Alice Bailey has called Sirius “the great star of initiation, and “the source of wisdom.” Esoterically, Sirius is considered our Spiritual sun, helping to direct the awakening of humanity. This is an area to meditate on….and to listen to what you might receive as you connect with the Ancient Star Sirius!
Remember…..with this New Moon being part of the Cardinal T-Square…..there will be a lot of changes/lessons and things being put right in people’s faces….so they can see them…..and most are happing through relationships of all kinds….Family, Lovers, Friends you love dearly, and even work relationships…….There is still that constant of change (Uranus) that is also playing havoc in relationships. With the Cancer New Moon opposing Pluto, there could also be a lot of power struggles with others, and within yourself. Be careful and cautious in how you speak also…
What needs changed or transformed in your life? What area is in need of creating something new, or a new way of handling things? Are there situations you need to move away from gently? Is there someone you need to distance from in the most compassionate way? Is it time to make changes in your family…..the way the family handles things? What changes do we need in the collective, the world? How can we nurture ourselves, the Earth, humanity and the Universe as we make these changes? Take time to mediate and above all…. Listen.
With this Cancer New Moon it is a good time to create new initiatives around your family, and new higher ways in which to nurture them. This is also a time to think about relationships and how you can nurture them, in the higher ways….not enable, but to nurture…..this holds true with self-nurturing also. It is a time to take extra care of our bodies, our food, our families and the Earth.
Meditate during this New Moon….. rest and nurture your body, as old emotions are released. Go sit or walk near the water and take time to Listen…..what do you hear? What thoughts are coming to you? What beautiful scenes come to you as you co-create your own reality....as you co-create the “New” Earth…..
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2016 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.
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