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Happy Summer Solstice……Happy Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse! Wow what a day! 3 major events happening within 9 hours of each other….The Universe is speaking loudly!!

First we have the Summer Solstice happening at 4:44 pm CDT on Saturday June 20th and then 9 hours later we have a Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse!! This is a lot of energy happening….and with these events so close together the energies are blending. Intensifying together!

I will describe the Summer Solstice and the New Moon Eclipse below. Then I will talk about the aspects of both charts as they will be the same except the Moon in the Solstice chart is at 25 degrees Gemini conjunct the North Node and in the New Moon Eclipse chart the Moon is at 00 Cancer conjunct the Sun! The rest of the aspects in both charts will be the same.

The energies are very intense, a bit volatile, and chaotic at this time. They can bring in the feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted with a little bit of fear….stay out of the Fear! These energies have been building for several months and will continue to intensify throughout the Summer and Fall. Humanity and the Earth are currently at a major turning point in our evolution! The Universe is getting very serious and we need to concentrate and focus on our Hearts! Thinking with our Hearts…Listening with our Hearts….responding with our Hearts! Listening to what WE hear….not what others are saying….but what our Heart and Souls are saying! We need to stay out of the energy that can increase fear, anxiety, anger and division. We need to head towards the higher energy and wrap everything we can….including our words and actions….with the energy of Love, Peace and Calmness. Again...we are a Major turning point in the evolution of this Planet and all Humanity….changes need to be made for the good of ALL.

Being aware of this is the beauty of Astrology. When you can understand about the energies that are affecting everyone in the World…it gives you the ability to work with them to your highest good and the good of all. It gives you the ability to navigate them better. It is not a time to go into anxiety and fear….but a time to be aware and navigate….with the help of your guidance.

THIS CANCER NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IS the second Eclipse in a serious of 3…..that starts the Summer Eclipse season off for 2020. We had a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and then today’s Eclipse and the next Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5th. Yes right on the birthday of the United States! In the chart of the United States…the Sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer…..this Eclipse lands right on that 13 degree Cancer sun. More on that next time.

As we are in this Eclipse season of extended emotional intensity, chaos, transformation, with some possible upheavals…it is important to work with the higher energies of each Eclipse. This Eclipse/New Moon today is at 00 degrees Cancer and wherever that degree falls in your own birth chart is where you will feel the effects of this Cancer New Moon Eclipse (this energy will last for several days with the connection of the Eclipse energy that will last 3 months plus)! Because this is a New Moon Eclipse in Cancer…..there will be a lot of focus on our homes, family, relationships of all kinds, security, nurturing, our inner homes, our Earth, and our Home Land (Our Country)! This New Cancer Moon Eclipse has a lot of energies being activated around it including the Solstice…bringing in even more intensity and change.

Since the Summer Solstice happens first…..I will write about that now……

THE SUMMER SOLSTICE …(in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) happens when the Sun reaches its most northerly point in the Sun’s apparent cycle around the Earth. Even though the Sun seems to stand still for about 3 days….. the actual Solstice day…. is the longest day of the year. Astrologically it happens when the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer. The Summer Solstice has been honored throughout history with celebrations, parties, picnics, music, and gathering together outside, to honor Spirit, the Sun, the Earth… and all creation. The Chart of the Summer Solstice is like a symbolic map of the energies that will be playing out over the next 3 months.

Solstices function as energetic gateways. The Summer Solstice opens a portal to the Universe. Each Solstice provides a wider portal….for the downloads…. that are accelerating humanity’s evolution.

The Summer Solstice’s Moon is the only difference between the 2 charts of the New Moon Eclipse and the Summer Solstice. At the Summer Solstice the Moon is in Gemini conjunct the North Node in Gemini and also conjunct (out of sign) the Cancer Sun! This placement of all 3 sitting together at the Solstice accents the Gemini energy of the Moon and the North Node. Gemini energy is about the child within, children, fun, play, asking why-why-why, being inquisitive, duality, chatter, investigating to find the answer, youth. Perfect for the Summer Solstice! The Summer Solstice is a time to go outside (weather permitting) and play…..notice the flowers and the beauty….and enjoying the longest day of the year! When you pull the Cancer Sun into this conjunction of the Sun/North Node/Moon…..it pulls in the family, nurturing, and Mother energy of Cancer. Again pulling both the Summer Solstice and the Cancer New Moon Eclipse’s energy together….as they happen so close together and their energies blend.

THIS NEW MOON ECLIPSE IS about…..ECLIPSES ARE A POWERFUL PIN POINT OF ENERGY that affects your chart (and the Earth/humanity chart) in a certain area (the degrees of the Eclipse 00 degrees of Cancer), for up to 6 months and actually longer. It creates a “blip/wobble”, or a disruption in time, energy, and the natural flow of light and dark. It also stirs up what is in our subconscious, bringing it into consciousness. An Eclipse opens a portal to the Universe, where a stream of knowledge, new codes and information can be down loaded from the Universe along with Evolutionary instructions….into our consciousness and subconscious. It is like an upgrade. Eclipse’s can also affect the magneto-receptors in our DNA, along with radio waves, X-ray’s, etc., and they also affect our Pineal Gland. They activate shifts in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth itself and all of its inhabitants. Eclipses are accelerated catalysts, and they are either breakdowns and/or breakthrough events. Eclipses are doorways to alternative realities….they are like a Wild Card…you are never sure how it will play out. They also can trigger major events…good and bad….and often times are associated with the deaths of people in the public eye.

IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE ECLIPSE, it is ok…you will still receive the energies. It is a time to open to the universe, with your guidance, and Feel the energy and down loads as the portal is open during this Eclipse. It is a time to be quiet and Listen…..what do you hear? What visions are you receiving? What do you feel? If you are asleep or busy during the Eclipse….know that your Guidance will make sure you receive the down loads and messages that are important for your Soul growth…if you ask them. Then the next day….mediate and ask your guidance to bring to you what down loads and messages you need to know for yourself, and for all humanity, so we can continue to evolve.

NEW MOONS mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies giving us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. Even in a very urgent and chaotic time of many changes….manifest a peaceful and beautiful existence for all! Be sure to stay out of the fear….it can be hard at times, but it is so very important. Manifest Peace and Love!

THIS NEW MOON ECLIPSE IS IN CANCER and traditionally the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, making this a very watery, intuitive, nurturing, and healing Moon. Cancer is about the Great Mother, the nurturer, and the protector of life. Cancer is associated with the feminine, and that all parts of our physical bodies along with the Earth are sacred. Cancer is about our emotional body, our families, tribes, and homes. The esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune which symbolizes that we are all children of the universe and that we all belong to the family of humanity. Cancer Feels everything! Cancer is about our emotions and our natural intuition. Meditate on this and create a healthy way to “get over” the things that are trying to hold you back….with Cancer, it is hard to let go! So this is a time to meditate on how to let go of the things that are holding you back…in all areas of your life… so you can move forward and be happy and joyful in life! This Cancer New Moon will stir a lot of feelings, and feelings let us know if something is good or bad. With the Water element of Cancer we are given the ability to adapt to, and be fluid, with the ability to discern what is healthy and what is toxic. It is important to monitor our feelings, and our emotions that are being brought up for us to honor or release. Pay attention to your body and your feelings this month. Your passion for life is ignited by your feelings. Mediate and manifest on this powerful Cancer New Moon, while planting seeds of emotional wisdom and well being. The Moon communicates with us through our right-brain…..imagination….intuition….visions…..and our Dreams.

CANCER BEING the natural psychologist is good at bringing up old emotional material….related to our parents or our “roots” in life. Cancer is like our umbilical cord that connects us with our home of origin. Where you started out life…..Home. For some, the “old homestead” is still around…..and for some it is not. When you think back…..the memories of your home, or your Grandparents home...for most of you… brings back memories full of warmth, love, and family. This is Cancer. Family is there for each other…..when someone needs help or love…..Family is there. This is Cancer. Part of the Love within families is coming from the Elders, the Grandparents, the Great Uncles and Aunts…..they are like the glue that holds the family together. Listening to their wisdoms, advice, stories and memories…..that is Cancer.

Some of you don’t have those kinds of Family memories. Some of us are in situations where we are not getting along with our families…or our family members may be abusive in one way or another. It is ok to distance from them……we need to be with those that honor us and treat us with respect….we need to move away from those that are not vibrating and living in the energy that we choose to live in. Therefore we find that many people are making memories and sharing wisdoms with who they consider their “current families.” Remember….the definition of “family” is changing…..it is now including those close friends that you consider part of your family….the tribe. Sometimes it can also be because their family members live to far away to actually share on a daily bases. Meditate on your family at this New moon and Manifest/Create ways in which you can honor and connect with your Elders (on this side or the other side)……How can you become a better Elder yourself. You don’t have to be old to have Elder energies/wisdoms.

The Cancer New Moon is also very Watery….. she is asking us not to waste the Water….not to damage the Earth and not to pollute the air. Our World has to Change! It has to transform (Pluto opposition) it is time to fix what is no longer working…..to move away from things/people/and places that are not resonating where you are now resonating in all areas. Although moving away from all of these things that are no longer vibrating with you and to make changes in your life….is not easy. Evolution happens when something dies or changes (Pluto transformation) and then “the new” begins to form….through profound and radical changes and transformations! If the changes seem easy…..then you’re not doing the work!!

A Cancer New Moon is a time to celebrate belonging, family, clan, and home. Home of origin, your home, the home you are creating/manifesting and your home on this Earth as part of Humanity…… Flow with this Cancer New Moon and come home to the Heart!

THIS CANCER SOLAR ECLIPSE IS SITTING WITH THE NORTH NODE and being squared by Mars! Mars (warrior energy on gray side, Passion and action energy on the high side) adds a lot of energy that can activate things going either way. This is a powerful aspect. Mars is asking us to move….take action as you co-create the “new normal” . So we have the Cancer New Moon…explained above and the North Node in Gemini…also explained above and then you have the Sagittarius South Node also being squared by Mars. So Mars is asking us to be like that child and take action on asking questions…asking why-why-why on things that you have a passion for. The North Node is saying….look at both sides because of the duality of the Gemini…ask for the truth! When you add in the Cancer New Moon….Mars is also asking us to take action on things that need to be brought out in the open and looked at…that have to do with our family’s, clan’s, home’s and our thoughts on how to nurture and care for our Family’s, community’s and the Earth in the New Normal. We are unfamiliar with a lot of these ways and it can leave us feeling a little off balance…as we are being activated in the evolution of taking care of each other. Mars is also squaring the South Node….past things that we didn’t quite right in past lives and now….. and on the gray side of Sagittarius is the preacher that believes his own preaching (pathological lying), using philosophies and untruths for their own gain, etc. Sagittarius on the high side is the Truth Seeker…the master teacher, the philosopher that helps people reach their full potential etc. Mars will be activating the grayer side so that we can see it…in ourselves and others so that it can be healed and released.

We also have a tight Cardinal Square at this New Moon Eclipse! It involves Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athene/Saturn all sitting tightly together in Capricorn…..all retrograde (time to internalize and think about how you are going to take action on the high side of all this transformative energy when these planets all move forward. This Capricorn group is squaring Eris! Eris’s energy is about chaos, wild card, discord and jealousy. Creating another intense aspect…activating the energies of radical transformation and exhilarated Evolution! So things are a bit more off balance….a bit more chaotic, a bit more competitive and a bit more Urgent…..with this Cancer New Moon Eclipse. The Universe is getting very serious!!

The Universe is putting quite an emphases on all the Cancer energies (talked about above)…. to make sure that everyone starts to understand what it is that we are moving towards! The Cancer energy is also help soften the intense energies of some of the major aspects in the charts of the Summer Solstice and the New Moon Eclipse charts. Remember….we are all one! And the Universe wants us all to realize this and start to move towards it rapidly. Not only for ourselves, but for all people….all countries….all humanity and the Earth herself!

These are major aspects, at this Full Moon Eclipse, that can be very transformative on the higher Soul/Spiritual levels, or it could become controlling, manipulative, into power and may spout violent emotional out bursts on the lower levels! If you don’t move, you can’t evolve….and the evolution of your Soul is the ultimate goal! Stay out of the fear and take the opportunity to take a step any step just start moving in the right direction.

This may sound like a lot of doom and gloom….but really it isn’t. Knowing the energies that are surrounding you… helps you make better decisions and better choices. It gives you an understanding that many others don’t have….helping you navigate the energies better. Remember we have a powerful piece to play in this game (this incarnation)…..we can manifest and co-create our future. Don’t forget that in these chaotic times…..we are more powerful then we think…. when we connect with the high energies, Source, Creator, and our Guidance!!

Meditate during this Cancer New Moon Eclipse…..rest and nurture your body, as old emotions are released. Go sit or walk near the water and take time to Listen!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.

Cathy Lindsey
Astroeyes Evolutionary Astrology