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We have been through a lot over these last several months…..both within our own lives and also throughout the World.  The energies have been strong and a bit chaotic….and at times a little frightening (stay out of the Fear!).   The World seems to be in a bit of a mess right now…..and it can be a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel…….but we know it is there.  With this extremely powerful Capricorn Full Moon…..it feels (Cancer Sun…part of the full Moon) like we are at a point where the Universe is asking….do you want to Evolve?  Or do you want to give up and re-do it next incarnation?  

With this Capricorn full Moon…even though it is a powerful one…..we are being asked to get quiet, to go inward and think things over.  We are being asked to sit in stillness and seek clarity. Even though we are being pulled in many directions….we must go inward.  With this Full Moon we have Mars sitting with the South Node and Mars just turned retrograde at 4:05 pm yesterday (June 26th).  Mars is our action energy, the warrior, the pioneer, the crusader.  Mars is our passion and Mars gives us the courage to move forward in areas that we are unsure of!  That Mars energy now is retrograde.  It is time that you take it inward now and in the stillness, plan and create the things that you want to accomplish, things that you want to start and take action on.  During this Mars retrograde (until August 27th at the least…when it turns direct) you do not want to start anything new or take action on something you are just getting ready to start!   The full energy isn’t there.  You need to go inward, plan and create and then start the things you want to take action on after August 27th…especially if it is your passion!  Mediate….a lot!  Go inward, ask questions and Listen! 

We also have 6 planets (Mars, Saturn, Vesta, Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter) retrograde at this time. That is a lot of retrograde energy.   Bringing even more emphases on….moving inward, being still, thinking, being quite, and going within.  It is time to think a lot on a subject before taking action!  That is a lot of planets retrograde at one time and in each area represented by the planet!  The Universe is getting serious…. it is time to go inward!  

This is a very powerful Full Moon….. as we can see just by watching the news.  Capricorn is about the Government, military, Banks, authority and authority figures.  It seems that emotions could hit extremes…..both high and lows….and anything in-between during this Full Moon.  This Capricorn Full Moon is asking us to think and meditate on our future……    Grow up and realize that no one can rescue you but yourself!  It feels like we are being shown the areas of ourselves and within the world…. that need to mature!  This Full Moon illuminates the path…. where we are trying to balance our inner lives (Cancer) with our outer lives (Capricorn).  With this Capricorn Full Moon….we are also being asked to look at how we will provide for ourselves, our community and the world in general over the long haul.  The best way to do that….is through manifestations and intentions!!   Meditate on it…..and Listen!!!

Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you.  What is no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.

All Full Moon’s happen when the Sun and Moon are opposing each other.  With this Capricorn Full Moon we have a Cancer Sun.  The goal of an opposition is to bring into balance the 2 opposing sides. So this Capricorn Full Moon is about balancing emotion (Cancer) and detachment (Capricorn), Feminine energy (Cancer) and Male energy (Capricorn), intuition (Cancer) and practicality (Capricorn), home life/family (Cancer) and achievement/CEO/Corporate (Capricorn), subconscious and things hidden (Cancer) and bringing things out in the open and into your consciousness (Capricorn), being involved with your family/tribe (Cancer), and being directed by your jobs in the outside world (Capricorn) etc.     Meditate on the balancing….come up with some of your own ideas of what needs balanced around these areas of your life.  The universe is speaking loudly!  We need to bring ourselves, our relationships, and the world into balance……. as we continue to co-create the “new” during this shift……as we move towards our own evolution.

Capricorn is also about the wisdom of the Elders, all Elders including our Elder energy…the “Wise” one!   Cancer is the family… rather it is our immediate family or the humanitarian family.  Balancing these 2 energies is pivotal at this point, as we need to be listening to the “higher” knowledge from the “Wise Ones” …the Elders.  What do they know about keeping families together during rough times?  What do they know about taking care of our natural home…the Earth and her inhabitants?  How did the ancients and elders continue to move forward and evolve?  What was their secret?       Meditate and Listen!

This Capricorn Full Moon also is the last Full Moon before Eclipse season starts again.  It starts on July 13th with a New Moon in Cancer that will also be a Solar Eclipse!  We will also have a Lunar Eclipse on July 27th in Aquarius and a 3rd eclipse on August 10th in Leo….taking us through the greater part of the Summer.  This last Full Moon in Capricorn is giving us a peak at the issue’s that the Eclipse season will bring about.  Capricorn embodying the energy of integrity, respect…no lies, no secrets….and discipline with a little maturity thrown in …will help us prepare and navigate the eclipse season on a higher level!  

At this Capricorn Full Moon we have Saturn sitting right next to the Moon.  Saturn rules Capricorn…emphasizes even more, the Capricorn energy!  You may feel some restrictions at this time, but it is also a good time to set boundaries! You may also feel a little “down” as Saturn/Moon can be a little depressing at times. Setting boundaries with those that don’t treat you with respect, integrity or are lying to you etc.   During Mars retro especially….go inward and think about all those things that you know longer are willing to put up with and start thinking of the boundaries you are going to create and take action on once Mars goes direct!   Saturn sitting with the Capricorn Moon right now will give you the strength and discipline to get things arranged in your mind so you are ready to take action when Mars goes direct!

This Full Moon with Saturn sitting with it….also is forming a Cardinal T-Square (stressful energy, and friction)    with the Cancer Sun and Chiron (the wounded healer and teacher).  The Cardinal (birthing of new, transformation, urgency, and change) T-Square is quit powerful with this Full Moon.  I believe this wound that the Universe is wanting us to heal…has to do with the handling….in many areas… by the/all governments (Saturn and Capricorn) where the People have been wounded by a lack of integrity, respect, restrictions, lies etc…and as we heal these wounds we can teach others, ourselves and future generations how to move away from that kind of energy and move into a healthier, respectful, and calmer future!

Pluto also in Capricorn is opposing Mercury/Pallas Athena.  Pluto (the planet of transformation, intensity, passion and power) is asking that we transform how we treat and talk/communicate with others!  In relationships of all kinds!  Especially family relationships….and remember that not all Family relationships have to be by blood.   Pallas Athena (the female warrior) sitting right with Mercury is saying that it is time that the feminine stand up speak and be heard!  Now is the time.  Pluto opposite and activating Mercury (our voice, talking, writing, communication) is saying that this practice of communication, especially with the feminine or minorities, without respect and integrity needs to transform into the higher energies and the old way’s need to Stop now!   We are all one….and we need to start being responsible in doing that! 

At this Full Capricorn Moon we also have the North Node (our own and Humanities Souls intent) in Leo sitting with Venus (love, creativity, romance, beauty) and the South Node (past lives…the old unhealthy ways) in Aquarius sitting with Mars retrograde!   Wow….it is as if the Universe is saying…it is time to release the old unhealthy ways we used to treat our Tribes, Communities and all Humanity (Aquarius South Node)…. and move forward into the Leo (love and big Heart) North Node with Venus.  It is time to come from the Heart and move into Love…real Love for all.  Our Tribes, our Communities, and all Humanity need this Love….Majorly now!! Meditate on this and make some long term plans on how to bring this about as you go inward during Mars retrograde.   Be thinking of new ways to bring the Big Heart energy out and the Love energy out to all….when Mars goes direct! 

Just remember that this can become a volatile time that we are currently in (even with Mars retrograde)….and it can also be a time of preparing to take positive action…when Mars goes direct…on ideas you have, passions that you want to pursue and then putting this energy into making them happen.  Stay out of the anger and the drama (both your own and others)…..stay out of the fear and negativity.   Call in your guidance to help you navigate these energies to the higher ends.  Focus on Manifesting your Own reality, equal give and take in communicating between others, governments/countries and then manifest Peace throughout the World!

Take time to meditate at this Full Moon. It is time to be quite and go inward!  Take a breath and relax…think…meditate…   Ask your guidance for direction and let them know that you trust in their guidance. Remember that we are being given everything that we need…. to move forward into our new reality. Look at what has come up into your consciousness during meditation…. What do you need to release….. so you and all areas of your life and relationships can heal?  Start moving towards the higher energies…..where things are vibrating were you are vibrating……start moving towards your own Soul energy

Remember…..the “Shift” is not over yet…..we have a lot more to do and lot to discover.   It is time to look at the ground beneath your feet and see where it is heading.  It is time to weed out the seeds….that have started to sprout from all our down loads and activations…..that are no longer part of your future.  It is time to accept, on all levels, responsibility for your actions and your thought forms....within your own lives and how they affect everyone within the World.  Above all….remember that we are being given everything that we need…..just ask!! 

It is an important time to take care of yourselves with all this very uncomfortable and intense energy.  If you feel exhausted….rest!  Try to be active and do things that bring you Joy.  Remember everyone is feeling these energies, and we are all in this together.   Everyone is supper hypersensitive during this time.  Acknowledge this in yourself and in all those you come in contact with…..it will make navigating the times a lot easier.

Think and meditate on everything the Universe has given you, all the knowledge and the nudges…listen!  Ask for guidance on what you should release.  Focus on coming from the Heart (Cancer Sun and Leo North Node) at all times.  The “new” is about thinking with the Heart !  

Connect with the Full Moon energy and Manifest and create balance in your life and all areas of your relationships.  Create balance in your community, humanity, the Earth and throughout the Universe.   Meditate and Listen to what you hear……what you are seeing, what you are feeling, and what you are “getting.”  Manifest a beautiful reality and world.  Manifest Peace and Love.   Meditate……be silent, focus and Listen!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2018 Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 


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