~ Karen Doonan ~ Creation of PERSONAL realities in the New Earth

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The energies are once more expanding and the resulting chaos is now also expanding, for those who are unable to accept that the old 3d earth is now dissolving the chaos IS the dissolving of this lower dimensional frequency creation.  I get lots of comments and feedback from various people who state to me that nothing has changed and ask me to “prove” what I blog and write about. It is not possible for me to “prove” YOUr reality for I am not creating it, YOU are.  In any one moment people experience the variety that is the human life experience, imagine if you will a cloudy day with rain showers, some of you will delight in this scenario, some of you will instantly lower your vibration in response to the clouds and the rain for ALL IS PERCEPTION.  One persons’s like is another’s dislike and so it is with the PERSONAL reality that YOU create within the New Earth.


I recently was in a cinema, on walking into the cinema with friends I remarked how warm it was, the heating in my perception had been turned up full and the theatre was too warm.  We sat down and continued chatting, then another person came in and sat in the row in front of us and remarked how cool it was in the theatre and kept his jacket on.  On first glance we were sharing the same reality, both people in the same room but this is not TRUTH, his perception and his reality completely different from mine on all levels.

The human logical mind has been TAUGHT that the human race share the SAME reality and this is not TRUTH, it is a widely held assumption and takes you out of the personal creation that you are manifesting around you at all moments. This is a DELIBERATE frequency, designed to help self police the old 3d earth and one that many are clinging on to. When people state to me how terrible life is etc it is an attempt by them to place this frequency within my energy signature.  The other person “assuming” that I will agree with them and by agreeing with them I will lower my energy signature. I am aware of this and I detach from this at all times.  I have blogged recently about a trip to the opticians where the optician kept stating to me over and over that she could find nothing “wrong” with my vision but that at my age I “should expect” my vision to deteriorate. So each time she stated this I dissolved it, my vision is 20/20 and has been this way for years, each time I visit an optician I can feel their frustration, the optician going as far as giving me a “prescription” for nothing as the computer did not allow her to end the visit without producing a piece of paper!!!

At each moment of this your human life experience YOU have a choice, that choice is often hidden and often the assumption takes over. It is not TRUTH to assume that the person standing next to you in a store for example is having the same experience that you are. It is not physically possible for they are not YOU, they do not inhabit the same human vehicle, have the same eyes etc etc and yet the human logical mind will continue to filter this out for the human race are TAUGHT to blend with each other at all times. The human race does not celebrate the individuality of each member of the human race, the human race are TAUGHT to find similar and stick with it. The creation of “groups” working to destroy the natural unity of the human race, yes we are all unique and that is what makes us so amazing. Instead we are TAUGHT to remain within our “groups”, by colour, by race, by gender etc, all working the opposite way to which it appears to our human logical minds. For all you feminists out there who come together as “women together” this separates you from the male, this separates you from your brother, your father, your uncle etc and creates division. The only difference between the human male and the human female being anatomical.

At this moment you are now asked to begin in TRUTH the creation of the life that YOU wish to live upon this planet. I can hear many of you instantly list the reasons why you cannot do this and all of them are not TRUTH. YOU create this life, you have full control over what you experience and your CHOICE of how YOU FEEL is key to all of this for that is what is creating you reality. To give a very simple analogy of how this works you need only look to the days that you got up and you felt below par. I can guarantee that your day went from bad to worse, as you felt worse then your PERCEPTION of what was happening altered and you would have ended up creating scenarios that reflected how you felt.

This is almost automatic in those who are what is termed “asleep”, they take no moment to become consciously aware of their choice and they look out with SELF to find someone to blame for said choice. This is a teaching from the old 3d earth and this is not supported in the higher frequencies. Many of you may be in chaos at this moment, in a holding pattern unable to see that the choice that you are attempting to make is not TRUTH, therefore it cannot be manifest. It IS that simple but the human logical mind will continue to look for the complex for the human race has been TAUGHT that life is complex.

So in response to those who challenge my view of the world, please continue to challenge it and also challenge your OWN created reality for ALL changes at ALL moments. ENERGY JUST IS and simply changes form, it does not die, as ALL is energy how you manifest with this energy is entirely up to you. Allowing others in your waking life experience to try to create FOR YOU also does not work for this is NOT TRUTH and is not supported, many are in limbo “waiting” for others to do things to help them, the only person you “wait” for at any moment is SELF and when this TRUTH anchors then nothing will stop you from creating the life that you dream.

It is to be noted that you dream the life into creation so pouring energy into the dream and taking the actions to manifest said dream are how to work with this, you do not simply wake up in a new life with a new reality, at this moment you are creating one reality as the old 3d earth reality dissolves. At many times the two are overlaid on top of one another, at other times there will be a void that you are asked to create FROM. This manifests in the waking life reality as a sort of limbo. At ALL times YOU are guided by your SOUL and I would guide YOU strongly to accept and acknowledge that YOUr choices are YOUr choices and your right as a human BEing upon this planet is FREE WILL therefore FREEdom is not only YOUr birthright it has to be YOUr conscious waking choice.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved